Father speaks out after daughter found dead in mom’s freezer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT -- The father of two children found dead in their mother's freezer is speaking out.

Alex Dorsey said he didn't understand why Mitchelle Blair suddenly stopped letting him take his two daughters for visits two years ago, until this week.

"Two years," Dorsey said. "Every time I asked she was never there."

That's when police found one of their two daughters and Blair's son dead in a freezer in her apartment.

Blair allegedly confessed to killing her son Stephen in 2012 and their daughter Stoni in 2013.

Dorsey said Blair would tell him Stoni, who would have been 15 now, wasn't home.

He would then talk to his oldest daughter, who is now 17, at the door.

Dorsey last came to Blair's porch, which has now turned into a makeshift memorial, about seven months ago.

Dorsey said he was paying child support until he lost his job. Now, the state is trying to take away his rights to his 17-year-old daughter.

A petition says he abandoned his girls, failed to take legal action to obtain parenting time and owes $39,000 in child support.

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    • markxneil

      Didn’t you know? When a woman is at fault , a man is still to blame. Just look at the comments below. Or for aninstitutional level example, look up judge Stong’s public statement in the Campion case a few years back. National Post did an article on it.

      Notice how the comments below ignore the fact that courts cost money, especially for men, who don’t get legal aid for custody hearings, like women do for support hearings. Notice how they ignore the fact he was without a job and in arrears over $ 39000. Where do they think he was going to get the money to go to court? They’re too busy making hateful assumptions and condemning men and fathers that they can’t even manage to see this man as being in pain.

      There is absolutely no compassion for men in today’s society, and the courts reflect that.

      • Kara

        Wrong. Wrong on all counts! I never once mentioned a damn thing about $$ NOR courts. To go 2yrs without once hearing their voice, seeing them leave the house, question a neighbor/school/relative etc is where my anger comes from! I don’t care if I gotta go to jail to just make sure my kids are okay, after a week or two at the most of all of a sudden not being allowed contact whatsoever you’re damn straight I’m doing SOMETHING! My girls are my entire world and no man or woman would ever be able to stop me from at the VERY LEAST getting confirmation my kids are ok. Period. No argument you give me will justify any man or woman allowing that kind of time to go by without so much as a peep all while claiming to be a caring parent!

        • markxneil

          And you don’t think for a minute that any of those actions can’t earn him a restraining order, if not stalking, harassment and/or abuse charges?

          “I don’t care if I gotta go to jail to just make sure my kids are okay”

          And then what? What good are you in jail? How do you protect them from there?

          “My girls are my entire world and no man or woman would ever be able to stop me from at the VERY LEAST getting confirmation my kids are ok”

          The fact is, he still had contact with one of his children, the eldest daughter, and she didn’t give him any indication of the others being dead. Why exactly are you condemning him for being deceived? There are no protections for men’s custody, and the (domestic violence) laws actually assist women in denying men their access… a simple “I’m scared” is often enough. And you know it, don’t you. I suspect you’ve done the same to your ex, and now call him deadbeat because you were effective at it.

          “No argument you give me will justify any man or woman allowing that kind of time to go by without so much as a peep all while claiming to be a caring parent!”

          But you’re a woman… you’re privilege ensures you’ll never need to face that dilemma, doesn’t it? It’s why you can condemn men, why you can justify showing so much disdain and hostility, rather than compassion, for a man who’s forever lost his children. and worse, deeming his crime of being a victim of alienation as equivalent to HER MURDERING THEIR CHILDREN. How sick do you need to be to make that comparison? How much have you got to hate men and absolve women to put those things on par?

          • DeboJenkins

            You keep making excuses for this man and there is none. 39k behind because he didn’t go to court and have it adjusted, he didn’t go to labor ready like I did, he didnt grind like I did! No one ignored that fact, we just see through it. btw, I’m a dad who went through the legal bs to make sure my kids know they can count on me! You are absolutely right, for a man like this there is no compassion, so sinful for me to say that, but I am so angry at this situation I don’t know what to do! You are wrong… Somewhat concerning him talking to his older daughter. He went 7mo w/out going over there! WTHeck, his babies Oh Jesus his babies… I was freaking homeless when my son’s mom tried to do this to me and you know what, it didn’t work! I have 100% access and now I’m a network engineer, why? Cause I cared and I did it for them. He is a dead beat and would have been better off hiding in the hole he had been in for the past 7mo’s!

          • markxneil

            “You keep making excuses for this man and there is none”

            Don’t mistake my dismissing your and Kara’s assumptions as making excuses.

            You try to equate your own situation with that of others, but ignore the fact that not everyone has an ex wife so accommodating… and the fact you could ever regain some level of custody after being homeless, demonstrates she was so. I’m curious, was your ex such a sociopath she could kill your children and store them in her freezer for years? If not, then your personal anecdote does not apply.

            “Somewhat concerning him talking to his older daughter. He went 7mo w/out going over there”

            At which point both of the other ones were already dead, not that his eldest told him that, but I don’t see you condemning her ether. Seems only men are deserving of condemnation in your world. A woman kills two children, and you’ve got to rage against the nearest man? WTF is wrong with you that you can’t hold these women responsible for their own actions?

            “He is a dead beat and would have been better off hiding in the hole he had been in for the past 7mo’s!”

            And the kids would still be dead, and you would still be an asshole failing to condemn their murderer, or the courts that made it so easy for her to accomplish, instead raging against the father, who didn’t harm a hair on their head

            I also find it a little unbelievable that you went from being homeless to an engineer with 100% custody. Seems like a convenient narrative to me.

          • harleychick754

            Well said Markxneil… too many dads are subjected to fines, contempt charges, jail time.. more fines.. IF the so much as ASK to see their kids.. the courts see to that..

        • Catherine williamson

          Spot on cara. No one can justify not seeing their children in days, months, years and then claim to care. Unfortunately these children were abandoned and abused by both parents. Sadly they never stood a chance.

      • gypsyprincess art

        I agree. There needs to be a more even playing field for both sides for parents. And I am owed back child support as well. But when a guy can afford beer a minster truck and the expenses for hunting and recreational activities he should be able to work and pay support as in my case where guy worked for cash and state couldn’t do a thing since no proof of income for him. Many who do pay and want to see their kids cannot and are ordered to pay more than they earn practically-those who dont work or know the system get offpretty cheap

      • Pam

        The courts are biased..no freebies at all for the men.. once the women are in the system, they are coached as to how to screw the DAD over even more.. that coupled with the Family Court Corruption.. a man has no chance..

  • Sonny

    Wow!! Take it out on Him now? What kinda F’d up world do we live in? & I can almost bet money that this sick B!£€H will get off easy by Pleading Insanity or Blaming some Childhood Problem? Tons of People Balme there up bringing for all there Problems! Take responsibility for your Actions People, stop blaming the world for your problems! There shouldn’t even be a trial in these Cases, just Hang or Fry the People like this & save us Tax Payers the Financial Burden of paying there way through the rest of there lives!!!!! Just end it for them!!

  • DeboJenkins

    You know what, I’m sorry but it is his damn fault just as it’s the states damn fault. This is some clown type stuff right here. You mean to tell me you were wondering for 2YRS!! Why you couldn’t see your baby?!?! WTH?! Men of America, please concern your self with your kids and be aware of your freaking rights. Because the mom wouldn’t allow you to see your kids is not. I repeat, is not a valid reason!! Everything about this story is sickening and my heart is broken for all the children involved. OMGoodness, I can’t even believe this, 2 freaking years!! and the last time was 7mo’s ago! I’m so pissed at him just as much as I am at the mother. He could have prevented this by taking an active role. No what he did was take advantage of the fact that the mother wouldn’t relinquish responsibility of the kids. the whole 2yrs he did what he wanted to do and his children were an after thought. I’m done!!

      • deboJenkins

        Really erica? That’s the best u have? Tell me what about my comment was dumb? This guy had not been there to protect his babies, u freaking tell me how I’m dumb! $39k in back support. No visits for two yrs and the last time he was at the door was 7 mo ago. You’ve got to be kidding me, I wish my children’s mom would try to keep me from my kids! There are laws for that. The mother is a hideous beast, but he is complicit in what ever happens to those kids cause he chose to not be there! Now he want custody lol, ok, keep forcing those tears. Where the hell where u two yrs ago when your baby was In danger?!?

        • Dawn Thomas

          Unfortunately, as a fathers’ rights advocate, I know first hand that what you think, and what reality is, are two different things. I understand the public is led to believe that a father could win such a battle, legally, but it rarely happens that way. Fathers pleas are ignored, often enraging the all powerful mother further and further, who is free to take it out on the children, as well as the father.
          I have witnessed tens of thousands of such cases. The public must become aware of this human rights violation and pressure the States to correct it. As it stands, the States makes huge profits from the fatherless industry. The amount of Fed. funding they receive, based on child support ordered, is a huge incentive to remove fathers from their children’s lives. Do not be fooled any longer. Educate yourselves.
          I would be happy to provide factual info. for anyone who desires to educate themselves on this most serious of human rights violations.

          • DeboJenkins

            I get what you are saying about how laws are against dads. However, I am a dad and I did go through this same situation twice! And I be damned if someone can tell me there is nothing a dad can do cause I did it. Most of the time dad have issue cause they wait years to do anything about it. You can’t do that, the court will see you as abandoning the kids. Then some dads won’t do that. And Dad that has been there since day one will see their kids after a break up when following the law. Even dads that have been out of the picture for some time. The court will take it slow in those situations. This is not hearsay I have been there, I went through it. this is why I have no sympathy for this man. He should have been there, he could have done more!! I was there, I did more and I have my kids on a regular basis, there is no excuse!

    • Dawn Thomas

      The unaware and mislead public thinks that fathers have some way to assert their rights. That is incorrect. The Courts and State are in the profitable business of destroying fathers to get the Federal funding monies they become eligible for, by removing fathers from their children’s lives. They consistently ignore the ‘rights’ of a father to see his children, but will jail him for getting behind on child support, (sometimes, as in this case, paid to a monster from hell who is torturing his children.) This father had already learned the ropes and was aware that he had zero power to do anything but to pay her child support. Those are the sum total of a fathers ‘rights’. Period. Anyone judging this man is either ignorant or evil.
      These demon spawn women are fully aware that as a ‘mother’, they are untouchable and above question. The children are ‘their’ possessions, to do with as they wish. We as a society enable these monsters to torture these children. Equal parental rights laws are needed. It is time fathers are allowed back into the families.

    • Kara

      Thank you! I couldn’t agree more!!!!!! You’d have to shoot me to stop me from having my girls in my life. 2 years????? I’m sorry but he allowed that to be okay because he was a “when it’s convenient for me” part-time parent. Until he proves otherwise, and he’ll have to have some MONUMENTAL proof, he’s as guilty as she is for failing those precious children and being a protector!

      • Dawn Thomas

        Had he broken into the home to see his children, he would have been arrested and jailed. And yes, he would be shot if he pushed it to that point. One can either obey the law or be punished.

        • Kara

          Wrong. To go 2yrs without once hearing their voice, seeing them leave the house, questioning a neighbor/school/relative etc is where my anger comes from! I don’t care if I gotta go to jail to just make sure my kids are okay, after a week or two at the most of all of a sudden not being allowed contact whatsoever you’re damn straight I’m doing SOMETHING! He himself said all of a sudden she cutoff contact etc. So its not like he was never involved, therefore he accepted that by allowing more time to go by and not acting on it. There’s no argument in the world you’re going to give me that justifies his part in not protecting them if nothing more than to JUST ensure they’re okay and alive. At the very least. He’s accountable for failing those children. I hold the “mother”, I use that term very loosely, in much severe levels of accountability and feel she should be put to death but he also owns a small portion of accountability as well. My girls are my entire world and no man or woman would ever be able to stop me from at the VERY LEAST getting confirmation my kids are ok. Period. No argument you give me will justify any man or woman allowing that kind of time to go by without so much as a peep all while claiming to be a caring parent!

        • DeboJenkins

          You know what Dawn, that statement you just made about if he had broken into the house. TO me that is a cop-out, why do people always go to illegal actions to support why a dad couldn’t take care of his kids. There are laws and procedures I followed and other dads can follow to be successful like I was in staying in my kids lives. Like I said before, I was homeless when this happened to me, but I grinded through it, seeked help and implimented a plan. Do not be deceived by lazy incompetent parents. There is a way if you chooses shake the leaves up the leaves on the path.

    • Jason LaCroix

      It is absolutely without reason that any parent should have to go to the lengths that are expected from the so called family courts. As if this father hasn’t taken a beating already. To further denigrate him is also without reason. The custodial parent committed murder. She is the one who should be taking the heat.

      • markxneil

        “The custodial parent committed murder. She is the one who should be taking the heat.”

        That’s what astounds me so much by their comments… their rage seems entirely focused on the father. The fact it was the mother who murdered these children seems entirely to skip their notice. I can’t fathom any reason to explain this

  • T vineyard

    The state is charging the Dad for abandonment. Seems a bit rediculous. And back child support for dead children hmmm just something wrong here. This man has lost two children. Let him have contact and help his 17 yr old.

    • Julie Rambow

      If it were common practice to actually use professional psychologists trained to assess, identify, and treat family dysfunction with early interventions – v “family” courts/lawyers/GAL’s – this whole thing could have been avoided. Kids need both parents on the scene, but this just happened in NH and both parents were living at the same place in a nice neighborhood. Truth is, mental illness knows no boundaries, so parents should be screened when any knowledge of dysfunction raises to the level of filing claims in family court. In NH, it seemed to be a history of abuse/restraining orders. It is not recommended in psychology that restraining orders be used against psycho/sociopaths, (seriously devoid of empathy), bc you can’t change that as it is from structural deficits in the brain. On any account, who’s left in this family needs therapy and they need each other now more than ever. It is definitely a parental rights story for legislators to consider! God heal them!

  • Hailey

    The living children need to be with their dad end of story! This ceases to be about money, the kids need family! That this is even in question is ludacris!

  • Petra

    Let’s not blame anyone but mom for this. Regardless of what anyone else did or didn’t do – mom killed these kids. She was such a monster that the kids who made it said nothing, no doubt out of fear. There are lots of shoulds and coulds that come into play here. The ONLY one that matters is that mom SHOULD not have killed her kids. NO ONE else is to blame for that. Only she is.

    I’m so tired of seeing people say dad should have prevented this. Dad is not responsible for mom being a killer. Do not dilute her crime with how others are responsible for her murdering two children. She is a murderer. No one else is responsible for that

  • Jess a single parent

    I am sorry, but no. He didn’t try to see his kids. He left them and didn’t care about seeing them. I don’t care what anyone says about court costs for visitation or any of that. He didn’t pay child support or even attempt to pay child support or try to help out in any way. This guy is a dead beat dad who had kids he couldn’t take care of and didn’t care about their well being or about seeing them or about being any type of father figure to them. Plain and simple. He only cares now because his kids are dead. He left his kids with a terrible, unstable mother who couldn’t handle being a parent and that is HIS fault. She couldn’t handle being a parent because he didn’t help. He left her in poverty. He left her without support. He left her without helping her take care of these kids. He left his family and his obligations behind and moved on. He left her with the toll and stress of living in poverty and without support. He left her without any better choices in life. There is no other way to put it.


    There are so many dead beat dads out there and so many people who make excuses for them. I am sorry but if a guy really wanted to see his kid and be a dad he would do anything. No matter what.

    This guy didn’t.

    How can anyone justify that and make excuses for him?

    If he was a good dad, the kind of dad these kids needed, the kids would still be alive.

    You can be a good dad without money. All you need is to give time and love. How hard is that??????

    • Pam

      To Jess.. apparently you have not been one of the unlucky ones to have a nasty ex or a corrupt court system in your world. Many awesome dads are subjected to FALSE domestic violence charges against them by vindictive exes.. then the court system rewards these nasty women by giving out RO`s and OP`s… the men are now not allowed to come near the ex or the kids.. BUT.. the man is allowed to pay more than his income can afford.. he is most often then to be homeless.. all the while this woman and others.. cry FOUL… nobody knows what happened.. except this female. Men are not to blame just because they choose to leave a nasty ass woman.. seriously.. do not judge him.. unless you too have clean hands..

  • Honey lee Buhlman

    This is an outrage on so many level’s it’s not even funny! that poor man’s daughter had to look him in the eye’s knowing was was going on inside that house and couldn’t say a word out of fear for her own life! Here again Seek termination of parental right’s ON WHAT GROUND”S? WAS HE SUPPOSED TO BREAK INTO HER HOUSE AND DEMAND SHE RELINQUISH THE CHILDREN? THEN YOU WOULD HAVE HIM ON BREAKING AND ENTERING AND IN PRISON! GIVE HIM HIS DAUGHTER SO THAT THEY CAN TRY TO HEAL TOGETHER! WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE OTHER CHILD?

  • Corinne

    What’s wrong with sociality today! And why make the chilren pay for the stupid choices regarding the way parents are feeling towards each other ! PLEASE LEAVE THE INNOCENT CHILDREN OUT OF YOUR PROBLEMS. ¡!!!!ANDQUIT BEING SO SELFISH THEY DESERVE TO LIVE UNLIKE YOUR DUMB ASS

  • Brett Kennedy

    when are our governments going to give joint custody to us fathers as a right. Maybe then there might be some changes in society.

  • ericacolston

    He didn’t know where his girls were for two years…why would you wait knowing thus mother was abusive knowing this mother was and is the devil. Shame on him as well he failed his kids.