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Special ‘Spy Kids’ class teaching children to stay safe, know their surroundings

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REDMOND — Learning to observe who and what is around you. It may sound easy but most of us are content walking around looking at our cell phones and being completely unaware of our surroundings, so one group is looking to change that by teaching kids better habits and skills to help them stay safe.

It`s a class called ‘Spy Kids’ and it’s the only one of its kind in Washington state.

In the movie franchise ‘Spy Kids’ children become secret agents and learn all sorts of cool tricks of the trade. But thanks to a new class for kids, it’s not just for the movies anymore.

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Stephanie Kerns is the owner of 'InSights Training' and says, “We were contacted by a high profile person in this area that had two kids that wanted to get some training, and so we talked a lot about what we wanted to do.” And what they came up with is training that involves everything from learning to get away from a stranger in public places to being aware of what and who is around you."

Tina Santos enrolled her 11 year old son Nicholas into a Spy Kid’s class. She explains, “With all the media hype around snatching and danger for children, I’m just concerned about his ability to have situational awareness.” And Nicholas seems to enjoy and tells Washington’s Most Wanted, “Well, I think it’s really fun doing, seeing if the people have different types of clothes, colored clothes and you have to name what clothes they have.”

Parents are required to take the class with their kids so everyone us on the same page. Tina Santos adds, “I feel better about his knowledge but mostly I feel better about the fact that we have the same knowledge because he learns things in school, but I don’t know what he knows so I don’t know if I’m helping emphasis that in my random attempts to educate him on safety.”

The kids even have to go through fire and earthquake plans. Once that is done, the kids move on to the last exercise of the day- trying to spot the abnormal. Kerns instructs them as they move outside and into the parking lot, “We’re going to keep our heads up, and we’re going to be looking around, we’re not going to be looking down at the floor. We’re not going to be looking at our phones, right?”

It takes practice to be a 'Spy Kid' but that’s what this class is all about. Learning the basics and then developing new habits over time. Kerns adds, “We want to make sure that they learn more about awareness through thinking, acting, having to plan, and being aware of what they can do and what they shouldn’t be able to do.”

InSights Training offers more classes for kids and even teenagers.

Their first class sold out in six hours and their second one was full in two days.

CLICK HERE if you`d like more information about ‘Spy Kids’ classes.

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