Parents accused of locking teen daughter in basement, forcing her to wear diaper

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WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin (WITI) -- A Wisconsin couple faces child neglect chargers after being accused of locking their teen daughter in the basement and forcing her to wear a diaper.

Records show the girl came to school covered in feces, and prosecutors say her mother and step-father are to blame reported WITI-TV.

It was an anonymous call to Brookfield police that finally got the attention of officials in Waukesha County. The caller told police a teenage girl was being kept in the basement of a Brookfield home — being "treated like an animal."

Now, the 13-year-old girl's mother and step-father are facing child neglect charges after the teen continually showed up at school covered in dry feces.

According to the criminal complaint filed Wednesday, March 25th in Waukesha County, the girl's parents called her "Stink" and refused to let her use the family bathroom or sit on furniture because her step-father thought she was disgusting.

Every day after school, prosecutors say, the girl, who has low-level autism and cognitive disabilities was forced into her basement bedroom and dressed in an adult onesie and a pull-up diaper.

The next morning, she would ride the bus to school covered in dry feces.

Teachers and counselors at Wisconsin Hills Middle School reported the alleged neglect to the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services back in December. According to police, Lutheran Social Services had been working with the family and knew about the girl's living conditions a year ago.

When police visited the home in early march, the temperature in the girl's bedroom was around 50 degrees.

The social worker who had been working with the family told police the anonymous caller was right. The teenage girl was being treated like an animal.

The couple's first court appearance is scheduled for next week.

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  • Fifty Shade Seattle

    Why didn’t social services do something if they knew about it?!!! That is so messed up! Poor girl, hopefully she will be with a new loving and caring family Soon, who will take care of her and treat her right. Social services seems to never help kids or families who actually need to be helped, they always go to the families that have been falsely accused or something like that.

    • tasha

      Hey but if the man had a ten year old charge against someone who lied about their age and moved to washington state they sure would have taken those kids

    • shellie cooper

      I agree with you Fifty shade Seattle, They ignore the ones who need it while harassing the parents that are just trying to get by. I have seen it first hand and don’t understand their PRIORITY system. Sad, Sad day,

  • Donna

    Lock her parents up and not with the comforts of a cell with a toilet or bed, that’s a damn shame, they are not parents, they are animals. Shame on social services, for knowing about this for a year and allowing it to continue

  • Wallus

    I think the daughter should get five minutes alone with them to do whatever she wants in retaliation. Stories like this just make me ill.

  • Charlie rose

    Man this is so ugly so screwed Up an just missed up I hope the fucking so called parents need to go to jail. The parents need jail time an hopefully they get treated the same way tooo an show them. How it feels an where the hell is the real father go beat the tucker up

    • carolyn

      i agree with Kenneth Briggs .. thats exactly what these low life in humane assholes deserve.. a dog kennel out in the weather with an adult diaper nothing more.. sick ass people.. that poor child
      i wish i could hug that girl and show her real love..

      • JMG

        Totally agree with Kenneth Briggs and Carolyn. I’d also send them out in public dressed in their ‘fine clothes’ from time to time to let them see what this poor child went thru. I would love to show her what a loving caring home is like.

  • Dyan Nelson-Haugen

    Unfu******* believable! These people should not be allowed within 50 ft. of any child. They wouldn’t make a pimple on a Parents’ ass. The “Courts” and “Social Services” these days are a joke and need to get the system right on all sides when there is any question about a home situation. Take the children away from the “Parents” and make them prove they are worthy. Why leave a child(ren) in a home like that, the parents are low-lifes.

  • Mary Garcia

    I Think in this country people know that the worse can happen to them is jail 3 hots and a cot and if I was in charge I would make the parents locked up in basement and I would leave them there no food no water

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