Bicyclist, driver confrontation on Seattle street goes viral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A confrontation in Seattle between a driver and bicyclist is going viral on the Internet.

The cyclist was wearing a camera on his helmet and recorded the confrontation with a woman who parked in a bike lane along Dexter Avenue.

“This is a through lane, you’re blocking traffic,” said the cyclist.

“Oh, my God, kill me,” replied the driver, to which the cyclist responds, “You do this again, I’m calling the cops.”

Data pix.

The video shows the frustrations drivers and cyclists both have as they share the streets every day.

"I’ve had some pretty crazy drivers throughout my day," said Spencer Gravitt, a bicyclist. "I’ve had people intentionally cut me off, and scream at me."

Yvelyn Lincecum, a Seattle driver, admits all of the bikes on the road make her tense.

"Sometimes I’m driving and I look at one (cyclist), and another one comes from a different direction," said Lincecum. "They don’t realize I don’t have eyes all around my head."

Cyclists say part of the problem with Dexter Avenue, where the viral video was shot, is the new design of the street. When the Seattle Department of Transportation redesigned the road, they created parking on the outside of the bike lane. Several warning signs were posted, but clearly not everyone got the message.

The Seattle Department of Transportation said it has seen the video and will now ask police for more patrols in the area. The department is also considering creating larger signs warning drivers about parking in a bike lane, and how much the fines are. They can be nearly $200.

The cyclist who posted this video said he has used his helmet cam to show how other drivers have also parked in bike lanes around the area, and his YouTube page shows him confronting those drivers.

Of the video that went viral, he said, "She didn't know or care that she parked in the bike lane, and her first reaction was to be defensive. All I'd really like from her is to not park there again.

"The vast majority of drivers are very courteous to cyclists. I just think the small minority that aren't are very noticeable."

Below is the complete video as posted on YouTube.  Warning it contains very graphic language some will find offensive



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  • sayly75

    It’s all here say. You talk to a cyclist and its all the drivers fault. You talk to a driver and it’s the cyclist’s. In this case sure it was the driver, but cyclists they may ride in the street they do not follow street rules. When it’s a red light they don’t stop like cars, they’ll yield and if there is no car they’re going. If I’m on a bike it’s always the cars fault if I’m in a car? Watch out I’ll run you over.

      • Dirk Digler

        How about we leave the road to the folks that pay road tax on the vehicle they are using that day.
        Till then park your bike.
        If you want to use the road get a motorcycle.
        Till then piss off.

    • The Intrepid Traveler

      Could not agree more. I would have no problem with cyclists if they obeyed the rules of the road like they’re supposed to, and got out of the way when I’m (or any vehicle) behind them and they clearly can’t match my speed (something I would expect another driver to do). Unfortunately half at best fall into this category, the rest are either oblivious or the right combo of arrogance and stupidity.

  • Pat Crispin

    The trouble is the bycyclest don’t pay for all the lane chase for them and they keep on taxing the drivers, and if you hit a bycyclest your insurance treats the bycyclest as a pedestrian. That needs to be changed.

    • Curbed_tire

      Good point…..and I wonder what the bicycle tax rate would be in order to pay for the dedicated lanes and other improvements.

    • Tony

      It’s ridiculous that you think it’s ridiculous… roads were invented originally for pedestrians, horses, horse drawn carriages, and then bicycles. Much later on came motorized vehicles. They are the late comers to roads. Bicycles can go at speeds that are dangerous to pedestrians, so they aren’t safe on sidewalks, and like cars, are often used for commuting and travel long distances. Thus, it makes sense bicycles still ride on roads, which is the law, but also that a very wide shoulder or bike lane should be in place so they can cause minimal disruption to faster moving vehicles.
      Cyclists should respect traffic lights and signal their intent, and obey the rules of the road as should rivers. Both are at fault many times, but don’t sweep a broad brush at either, there are plenty of each who get along fine on the roads, it’s only those few who think they own the road who cause the problem, either on a bicycle or in a motorized vehicle.

    • C. Mannen

      If bicycles had been invented last week, and the inventor insisted that his 25 lbs invention be allowed on the same road as 2-tonne, motorized vehicles, he would be laughed out of town with our current safety-conscious society. In my opinion (and I used to ride), it is crazy and irresponsible that people demand that they be allowed to use the same roads as motorized vehicles. And, yes, they don’t pay for it.

  • jimmy

    Regardless of who who is right our wrong, this guy might want to ease up on his tactics. He’s gonna catch the wrong person one of these days. No need to curse at all people for things like that, you knock on the Devils door long enough…

    • mandyinseattle

      Jimmy, then watch the video again and hear her blithely “literally” not give a fuck. If she had any sense or decency, she might have been embarrassed but she would have just apologized and moved on. She and you are so flipping sensitive that your mistakes cannot dare be pointed out to you or you’ll either fall apart in a heap of tears or lash out? That’s what’s wrong with our society and Seattle in particular: Everybody takes themselves so seriously and thinks themselves righteous, even when they’re wrong. When you’re wrong, grow up and admit it and learn from it. It’s no big deal. It’s what adults do.

  • Wallus

    Just another super entitled cyclist. Lets talk about all the red lights they run and all the times I’ve seen them completely disregard pedestrians having the right of way. Hopefully the next city government will give people their traffic and parking lanes back.

  • Jeff

    Isn’t WA a two party consent state? If the women did not know they were being recorded by the cyclist, and PLUS, if the video goes viral, can’t they sue for libel?

    In any case, that is clearly a non standard lane design. This attitude of cyclists is clearly that he wants to be confrontational. People make mistakes. I’m sure if the police were called he’d be laughed at. Can I call police for random insignificant things too?

    • Alex

      “This attitude of cyclists is clearly that he wants to be confrontational.”
      Yeah, okay. Let’s take a look at how the conversation started:

      Him: “Hi, ma’am is this your car? You know this isn’t a parking lane, right?”
      Her: “I literally ran in; you can keep going. I don’t give a fuck about anything you have to say.”

      Wow, how confrontational of him. And her response was so calm and polite, too.
      Oh, and by the way, consent to record isn’t needed in a public area where there’s no expectation of privacy, and even if it DID apply I don’t know why you think libel would have any relevance. I’m not sure you know what that word means. Keep reaching though!

      • Jeff

        Wow, the fact that you feel the need to be so defensive doesn’t make your POV any more valid.
        Have a look at the video again? Who was the first to use the f-bomb in that video?
        As a lawyer by profession I sure as hell hope I know what libel means. So what you’re saying is, I can camp outside your home and everytime you walk out, I can just be filming you? What Eastern European communist country did you come from?

        • Alex

          “Who was the first to use the f-bomb in that video?”
          She was. I love easy questions.
          “So what you’re saying is, I can camp outside your home and everytime you walk out, I can just be filming you?”
          I’m saying three things: 1) It’s legal to film in a public place, like a street, 2) what you describe isn’t libel, and 3) if you actually went to law school (pardon my skepticism), you should ask for your money back.

        • Kenneth Sørensen

          I live in Denmark (not a Eastern European communist country at all) and here you basically CAN camp outside my house and film me every time I come out (and share it online). As long as YOU are located in a place that is public and normally accessible (meaning you can’t climb a ladder etc, to film over a hedge). What you CAN’T do though is to setup an automatic surveillance system without getting a permission from the authorities.
          I think same rules apply in most of our neighboring countries, Sweden, Norway, Germany etc.

          When I say basically is because if you do this for an extended period of time I might be able to report you for harassment, but I’m not so sure what the rules are for that.

  • Danny Rafael

    Elitism at it’s best. Seattle bicyclists feel they own the road, the sidewalks and their bike lanes and paths. Seldom do they show any courtesy regardless of the lane they are in. This video clearly shows it, notice how quickly he jumped to the f-bomb mode instead of taking 30 seconds to educate the lady.

  • Cynthia

    Rather bicyclists should be on the road or not is irrelevant. It’s the law and as American we obey our laws! And hopefully respect others way of transportation!! Not all of us can afford cars or even public transportation!! I would hope that automobile drivers would be just as upset if bicyclist left their bike in the middle of a highway!!

  • haha

    Ah yes, typical Seattle area neurotic short tempered cyclist meets typical Seattle area rude crude diversity woman with the bonus thrown in of a typical Seattle area pasty faced middle aged broad who can’t keep her mouth shut. You all so deserve each other! LOL

  • Bill Schleicher

    I am sick of the arrogance of bicyclist thinking we owe them and they have the right. Why are all the motorist of this state paying the way for the arrogant people ?
    The State transportation budget out of hand and unaffordable without raising gas taxes and other fees for all of us motorist. Isn’t it time bicyclist start sharing the cost (in the Millions)for all the bike lanes ? Why not a yearly license for bicyclist over the age of 17 ? and a registration fee for all bikes ridden on public roads ? It is not fair that motorist pay the full bill and others receive the most benefit. Tim Eyman Where are you now that we need you ?

  • Diana

    The guy on the bike is a rude idiot! The parking lane for cars is confusing. What’s going to happen when someone opens the passenger door and clocks a biker!

  • tootietuttle

    let hotheads prevail…the biker was nice and educating until he became an idiot. The woman was confrontational right from the start. Both need coffee.

    • jes

      She was literally inches from the sign her fault for not bothering to look I hope all her family and friends see this video she started the confrontation karma will come her way

  • mandy

    The communication clearly broke down and got rude on both sides, but the rudeness started with Little Miss Entitled sashaying off and declaring “I literally don’t give a fuck,” which is where this all went south. She’s oblivious in her privilege and literally doesn’t give a fuck about anybody’s needs but her own, even when her carelessness was pointed out to her POLITELY the first time around.

    This is not a demonstration of why people don’t like bike riders. This is a demonstration of why I don’t like entitled, righteous Seattle woman who feel they should never be challenged or required to consider somebody’s needs or the traffic rules or anything and who get quite nasty when you call them on it. I hope she sees this and is properly shamed. And the other broad walking by who didn’t know what she was talking about should have minded her own business.

    • Resident

      So, if a bystander sees something that happens in the public domain they are banned from having a view or any involvement? I happily remind cyclists of the traffic laws when they run red lights.

    • Curbed_tire

      Really enjoy your writing style……”sashay” and “broad” were spot on. Seriously, don’t think I’ve heard those words in ages…..I love it!

  • dg54321

    The problem is taking roads that drivers have paid for with their tax dollars and giving them to bicyclists, that haven’t. Seattle is insane and that’s why I avoid it at all costs. Traffic is bad enough, then they take half the road and give it to ungrateful, entitled little brats that haven’t paid a dime into the cost of the road they enjoy.

    Obviously this is just another part of the “War on Cars” Mayor Idiot has championed in that cesspool of a city.

    • "peety"

      most bikers have cars. I ride when I can, but our household has three cars. I pay, and my voice is more bike lanes, transit and pedestrian upgrades

      • dg54321

        Enjoy that train wreck of a city then, as it will only get worse with your ideas in play. Like it or not, people have to drive and that will not change any time soon.

  • "peety"

    40 min walk through downtown this am. 24 cars running red lights, 47 pedestrians jaywalking, some very dangerous close calls, not one bike infraction.

    The hype as usual does not match fact.

  • trot

    As a cyclist, I really regret seeing other cyclists behave so rudely. The woman made an honest mistake. Both parties were rude but the cyclists was an outright ass. She was right, it was a sunny day, you made your point just ride around the damn car. It will happen again, be glad you’ve got a bike line that *usually* isn’t obstructed.

    • Ty

      Well said!! Thank you :) I share your opinion! I drive, I bike, I walk and nothing really gives you the right to act this way… We should all be thankful and not so entitled …

  • Erich Britton

    Sounds like they both deserve each other. Although since there is no direct tax on bikes and people who ride bikes on the public road ways to pay for these bike lanes my bias is for the car drivers.

  • Resident

    4% of Seattle residents use bikes to commute. That is all. Seems like a lot of expensive disruption based on a sliver of a segment of the population.

  • Jack Rohde

    I don’t ride a bike in Seattle, but I have to agree with the bike guy, you will never beat a woman in an argument, ever, even when you’re right, because it’s all about feelings.

  • PWR

    The person who posted the video is actually breaking a much more serious law than the person he’s trying to get in trouble. It’s illegal to record a conversation in Washington without the consent of both parties. Let’s see … the driver might be subject to a $200 fine, but the person posting the video could be subject to both jail time with a criminal prosecution and civil penalties of tens of thousands of dollars if he’s sued. So many idiots love to point out other people breaking the law and have no clue themselves. Just because everyone has a video camera everywhere these days doesn’t mean you can record whatever you want whenever you want … all depends on where you live. Video isn’t usually a problem anywhere, but audio is off-limits in many states. Here’s a brief link discussing the law in Washinton with links to the statutes …

    • Ian

      You can not sue someone for audio or video recording especially in a public place regardless of consent. The consent just means that it can legally be used against them IF they were to use it to prove a crime was committed.
      Freedom of press isnt a joke and is written straight into our first amendment.

      • PWR

        It has nothing to do with free speech and you can report on whatever you like, but many states do regulate recording conversations. Washington statutes specifically states that all parties of a conversation need to consent to being recorded or criminal and civil penalties may apply. See which specifically addresses such issues for members of the press. The chart shows that Washington is a state that also allows civil lawsuits for such violations. If you’re recording in a public place, any parties you’re recording at least need to be informed that they’re being recorded so they have an opportunity to shut up or leave. Again, this applies to Washington and other so-called “two-party” consent states.

        • PWR

          There’s also a specific exemption in the statute that implies consent if you’re standing in front of a clearly labeled news camera or something like that … “An employee of any regularly published newspaper, magazine, wire service, radio station, or television station acting in the course of bona fide news gathering duties on a full-time or contractual or part-time basis, shall be deemed to have consent to record and divulge communications or conversations otherwise prohibited by this chapter if the consent is expressly given or if the recording or transmitting device is readily apparent or obvious to the speakers.”

  • Ian

    Honestly. If we arent allowed in their lanes. They should stay the fuck out of ours. Stop going to the front of the traffic lines u fuck wads.. Than hold up the entire line because u decided to pass everyone on your shitty bike

  • P Arroyo

    If bicyclists like the one in the vid weren’t so arrogant and foulmouthed, perhaps they’d all get more respect from motorists. As it is, the bicyclist appears to be looking for a fight and picking on someone he figures he can overpower in a physical confrontation toward which he is attempting to escalate.

    If the message hasn’t gotten across, it only takes one a$$#0l3 like this bicyclist to paint all bicyclists with the broad brush of a negative attitude. Whoever might know this slimeball might want to have a conversation (or “instructional conversation”) with him about being a better representative of all other bicyclists.

  • Dirk Digler

    The very simple issue is bicycle riders do not pay road taxes.
    The gerbil minds at SDOT fail to understand basic safety putting the road tax paying public at risk.
    I really enjoy having to dodge posers in spandex when trying to get from the parking spot to the curb.
    What kind of engineer besides a really bad one, blocks a truck unload zone with a lane to the right for folks that don’t put one cent into the road fund.
    If you want to ride on the road get a license, register your vehicle and pay road taxes and purchase insurance like every other vehicle.

  • Tracy

    I think the cyclists need to be registered and have license plates just like cars and pay the road taxes just like motorists do. Where I live in Seattle the roads are not set up properly for bikers and cars to share safely in many areas and it ends up that motorists need to go into oncoming traffic to avoid cyclists. It is dangerous and frustrating, the cyclists will blow through red lights, slow up the flow of traffic, and swerve into traffic as they ride. If they are supposed to have all the rights of a motorist then they need to follow the laws, have the same consequences for breaking the laws and pay taxes just like the rest of us for using the roads.

  • Veronicalee

    I live am a Flagger and worked a job in Seattle. I hate to categorize all the bicyclists but, not a single one of them paid attention to my sign when it said STOP. They all assumed it was for vehicles only. One woman was hit by one of our dump trucks . Had she just stopped like my sing said she wouldn’t have been. I don’t understand why the people up there who ride bikes don’t think rules apply to them and they just fly down the street assuming people will see them and be able to stop in time. I don’t mind bicyclists but I do mind a**hole bicyclists.

  • Pete

    The most interesting thing is how this demonstrates normal Seattle female behavior. In any confrontation they launch into attack mode, without any burden of wondering whether they are in the right. Other females in the vicinity will pile on, siding with their “sisters” for a chance to put “the patriarchy” in its place. Just imagine if the genders were reversed, There would be a full-on SJW harassment campaign against the driver and he’d probably lose his job. That’s Seattle for you.

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