Officials want to ban smoking in Seattle’s public parks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle officials are hoping to expand the city’s smoking ban to public parks.

The Seattle Times reports Mayor Ed Murray’s administration is asking the Board of Park Commissioners to approve a new rule that would prohibit smoking in all public parks in Seattle.

The new rule would go farther than the city’s current ban, which prohibits smoking, chewing or other tobacco use only within 25 feet of other park patrons and in play areas, beaches or playgrounds.

Breaking the new rule would result in a warning, followed by possible park exclusion for repeated violations.

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    next it will be no smoking in your car when driving in the seattle city limits and then no smoking inside your own home if you live inside the seattle city limits. this is getting out of control. enough already.

  • Joe Doney

    Know now, that I will be breaking the law-I smoke and will continue to do so, AND SO DO YOU! You smoke EVERY TIME YOU START THE ENGINE OF YOUR CAR. I don’t drive YOU HYPOCRITES. The smoke from your chimney IS 2nd hand smoke, as well as your bar-b-que, your jet planes, your factories, your cooking, camp fires, Hollywood Movies Explosions, Fireworks etc…Smoked Salmon was one of my favorite dishes NOPE! Honey from bee’s-NOPE! But lets focus on YOUR CAR! Yeah, that’s right, it takes gas AND OXYGEN and emits CARBON MONOXIDE! SMOKER! YOU ARE A SMOKER-QUIT SMOKING…don’t like it? Too bad, You want to take away my individual freedom to enjoy celebrating a tradition passed on to us by Native Americans, one they used to demonstrate PEACE and sealed the deals made by THE TREATIES YOU BROKE! You have now prejudiced WHO CAN USE PUBLIC PARKS. Stand proud and take pride; your smoke is legal, as you drive by me sucking in YOUR 2nd HAND SMOKE!