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Seattle mayor unveils nearly $1 billion transportation plan, largest tax hike in city’s history

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Mayor Ed Murray proposed a $900 million package Wednesday to improve roads, bridges, and sidewalks throughout the city.  It would be, by far, the largest tax increase in city history.

Murray argued the money is necessary to keep up with the explosive growth that will come over the next decade.

The ambitious plan would include several transportation improvements that go beyond helping just drivers.

“We’re going to get 60,000 more residents,” Murray said.  “If we don’t give them the option to ride buses that can move through the city efficiently, to walk, to bike, those folks will be in cars and those of you who have no other choice but to be in a car will be in a far worse situation.”

Here are the main details of the proposal:

  • 9-year property tax levy
  • $900 million total
  • $275/year for average homeowner

Here are the main projects the money would go toward:

  • Repave 250 miles of arterial streets
  • Retrofit 16 bridges
  • Repair 225 blocks of sidewalks
  • Build 50 miles of bike lanes
  • Add 7 bus rapid transit corridors

This measure would replace the city’s current transportation levy that is set to expire at the end of this year.  The mayor expects voters to weigh in on this on the November election ballot.

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  • Skip

    Bring it on! We need to repair this city. I went over the 14th Avenue south bridge today and it looks fantastic compared to other bridges. I am hitting too many pot holes all over town. All the heavy construction traffic is wearing out out streets.

  • Wallus

    Over packing a city that has an outdated infrastructure, basing housing on the small percentage of high paid tech workers, choking streets by installing bike lanes, trying to get every homeless person in America to come here for free services…..what could go wrong in Seattle? War on cars and war on homeowners. Awesome.

  • "peety"

    I prefer the Governors plan to make polluters pay for infrastructure! No question we need infrastructure upgrades, but who pays for it is less clear.

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