JBLM soldier charged with child rape involving 12-year-old girl; mom gave him black eye

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTESANO, Wash. -- Anthony Eloy Perez, 23, a JBLM soldier, was charged Wednesday with second-degree child rape involving a 12-year-old girl.

The girl's mother  spotted the man and her daughter in the backseat of a car near their Elma home engaged in a sexual act, and the mother used "physical force" to stop the man from leaving once she confronted him, Grays Harbor County sheriff's deputies said.

According to court documents released Wednesday, the mother called Elma police at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday to report her 12-year-old daughter missing. She told police that she believed her daughter had left to meet a boy after receiving a text message from one of her daughter's friends who wrote that the girl was meeting the boy "to lose her virginity."

Police and the mother began driving around Elma to look for the girl. At about 12:30 a.m. Monday, the mother spotted a parked car with two people inside and she shined a flashlight inside. She saw that a man was with her daughter inside and both were naked under a blanket. She attempted to pull her daughter out of the car.

"A struggle ensued and ... mother struck the defendant, causing him later to develop a black eye and to have some blood on his face," the documents said.

When the defendant got into the driver's seat, the girl's mother grabbed the car keys and told him he wasn't going anywhere, the documents said.

The defendant stated that he met the girl on KIK, a chatting app popular with teens and young adults, and that they had been communicating for about a month, and that the girl told him she was 14.

Police said the defendant admitted at the scene that he had sex with the girl in the car.

The girl was taken to a Lacey area hospital for treatment and examination, deputies said.

Detectives are working with military investigators to see if there are potentially more victims.

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  • Resident

    Sadly this happens a lot. I’ve known too many women who told me a neighbor or family friend or mom’s boyfriend raped them when they were in high school or junior high.

  • Saelym

    You mean there can’t be any difference told between a 12 year old girl and at least an 18 year old woman? To a 23 year old? No, it’s likely the man knew what he was doing when he saw her.

    • The World is Ending

      She told him she was 14, that still makes him a sicko. Guys who go after kids do it because they can’t get, or satisfy a real woman, because of size or endurance. People like this are total sickos, I am in my mid 40’s and even think of less than their mid 30’s to young and less than 30 is still a kid.

      • sheila

        He wasn’t looking for a relationship, he wanted a virgin and it was a bonus for him to get a child. Females have ALWAYS been victims of males and their overwhelming need to satisfy their sexual urges. When will it become legal to protect the female population from animals like this with the use of lethal force? I say once a man does this his execution should be immediate and the victim and/or protector free from prosecution!

      • anonymous asian

        People mistake some adult asians as kids and we constantly get carded even when we’re old because people don’t know better…

  • anonymous asian

    I don’t agree with the views of the many not that I ok with any of of this, he proved he was guilty by what he said but to want take everything from a person I don’t agree, tsk and people why suicide is a problem

  • Jason

    Why is it automatically always a scenario, where the man is some “piece of shit rapist”, like he saw her, pulled her into the car and raped her, violently? Girls have been known to manipulate dumb guys, since forever. I’ve seen several women who report that they slept with their father’s friends, at that young an age, just for the power they get over them.

    Here is some simple facts for everyone, biologically, men want teen girls. We are programmed to want to copulate with females whom are “of age”. It wasn’t until the 70’s that laws were passed to make 18 the federally legal age of consent, before that, I believe it was 13. Now, this is scientifically proven. There are reasons that girls like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc., became so popular as teens, then lost popularity once they were in their 20’s. They made millions, then very little, comparatively. They didn’t make that money because little girls liked listening to them, little girls don’t make money, it was the sex appeal that sold them, to adults.

    Now, I see a lot of guys crying “this guy is a pervert, I’d NEVER even LOOK at a girl that age, blah, blah, blah.” While it may be true, you may not, it’s unlikely. Not saying you’d sleep with them, we all have standards, but standards and biology aren’t the same thing. You’d have nothing in common with a young girl, you couldn’t have a relationship, but you CAN be attracted to them.

    Does anyone know the reason the law was passed? It’s not because “it’s wrong”, or because “people are sick”, it’s because the law decided it was better to give women a chance at education, so if they had sex too young, they may get pregnant, then might not graduate.

    I’m not saying to change the law, but there is a difference in this kind of “rape” and an actual attack. feminists like to argue, they think that all men are criminals and everything they do with a woman, is a sexual assault. The other group that complains, are the parents, for good reason, sex, especially with strangers, can be dangerous. The parents aren’t willing to see their daughters as growing up, they don’t want to believe that they could possibly DESIRE sex, because they were JUST a little girl, like, yesterday! Mother’s tend to understand what I’m saying, more than fathers. Mothers have typically been there, been attracted to an older guy.

    Here’s my last bit, though I feel like I’ve left out some thoughts…
    Guys, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being attracted to teenage girls, you should feel ashamed that you, in your advanced years on this Earth, could not control yourselves and risk ruining these girl’s futures, because, after all, THAT is why it’s against the law.

    Seacrest out…or something…

  • Wilddog73

    There are plenty of complete idiots on the internet. I think this is a tale of what can happen when you ignore a good dose of caution.

  • Terry Melvin

    14 or 12, no matter. This is why kids shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer that has internet access, and don’t whine and say I’m old fashioned. If you love your kids, protect them.

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