Garbage truck slams into I-90 overpass, delays expected (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


ISSAQUAH — Drivers traveling on Interstate 90 should expect delays throughout the day and into the evening after a garbage truck struck an overpass in Issaquah.

The eastbound lane of I-90 at Front Street and two lanes on Front Street were closed at 10 a.m. Police and the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Bridge Preservation Office are investigating the incident and the damage.

Drivers should expect significant delays on Front Street while crews have lanes closed in order to remove debris and inspect the structure, officials said.

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    • leon

      Do you drive for a living ? Or do you sit in a office and push buttons on a computer ! There are a couple of things to consider . 1. what is the condtion of the truck BEFORE the accident . 2. is there a VCR report or write up on the truck. 3. If it indeed was writen up what made the driver take that truck ? was he told to ? regardless of the issue ! Please dont judge the driver ,its not right !

  • leon

    When something like this happens everyone seems to think the driver is drunk or on drugs . I would think that there was a malfunction in the in the valve on the outside of the roll off unit . Probably full of dirt and grease . Over time that is the problem . By looking at the truck it looks old and not in good condtion .

    • Stacey

      I totally agree with you in saying that the driver was probably not on drugs or drunk. I however disagree with the fact that it was probably a mechanical issue such as a dirty or malfunctioning valve on the outside of the truck.
      This is a Cleanscapes truck, which are kept in very good condition and are all new models. This is not as you say an old truck. I deal with this company on a daily basis and know their equipment very well. I also deal with their drivers on a daily basis.
      My VERY educated opinion is driver error. Drivers are constantly leaving my yard with their lifts raised or dragging the roll off. Lack of attention to detail.

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