West Seattle woman attacked, robbed by 2 young women on street: ‘I was being punched and kicked’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A 20-year-old woman was bloodied and bruised after two young women robbed her Sunday night. Kenna Mailey said she was walking home from work when she noticed the women following her down the street.

“All of the sudden one of them grabs me around the neck,” said Mailey. “Then the next thing I knew I was on the ground and I was being punched and kicked.”

The attacked happened at the corner of SW Henderson Street and 14th Avenue SW. Mailey said one of the suspects pulled out a knife and cut her backpack straps and ripped it off her shoulders. They then took her cellphone and wallet before running off.

“In that moment I was like dumbfounded and couldn’t even think,” said Mailey.

Several people stopped to help her until Seattle police arrived.

Mailey suffered a few minor injuries, but says she is feeling much better.

Her family is urging anyone with information about the attack to contact police.

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    • john

      Q13 what are you doing? Put up a description of the assailants. Most likely we know why. This is really disturbing. Welcome to Seattle news.

  • vee

    what bus route was she on? If its the 131, my sister and I both had 2 women following us on different occasions. Ironically, it was the same 2 women. But we realized what they were doing, before they could do anything.

    • Matthew

      Where exactly did this happen? Did you get a good look at them? I have a name and a face book page of an woman suspected of being on the corner that evening. Kenna could not identify her but thought she was the right height and body type. A little shorter (<5'5") and stout.

      • vee

        one was latino, light skin, skinny, curly dirty blonde hair. (Early 20s) the other one looked old,(late 30s or even 40s) shorter than the other and really chubby. she wore a scarf that looked like a hijab but I doubt she’s even muslim. they also didn’t speak English to each other.

  • Matthew

    They were not Caucasian but Kenna was unsure whether they were Latino or African American. She was pulled to the ground by her backpack and assumed the fetal position as they started kicking her in the head. Hence the knife used to remove backpack. The camera’s referred to in the story most certainly would show the two girls / women standing on the SE corner of Henderson and 17th at 9:30P. Google earth the location and zoom in mid way up the corner of the building from the Henderson side; that would be a camera pointed at corner with the stump visible where they were standing.

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