VIDEO: Group of teens beat girl in NYC McDonald’s as crowd cheers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: The video contains graphic violence.

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NEW YORK -- Cell phone video obtained by WPIX shows a fight at a Brooklyn McDonald's Restaurant as a 15-year-old girl is beaten by four other teenagers.

The fight broke out Monday afternoon. According to PIX11 News, dozens watched and cheered as the fight went on for several minutes.

The video shows the teens pummeling the girl who continued throwing punches even after she was pushed to the ground. The girl is called names as the other teens kick and stomp on her head -- until several others finally step in and carry her to a bench.

“The message has to be sent very clearly, that this kind of violence will not be tolerated whether in a mall or in restaurants and those involved should turn themselves in to authorities immediately," community activist Tony Herbert told PIX11.

Police sources said the victim suffered two black eyes and bruises to her head. Detectives reviewed the video with officials at nearby Erasmus High School but said the victim and her family have not yet filed a complaint.


Data pix.

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  • Maria

    Seriously, Somebody Should’ve Punched The Girl In The Throat That Kept Comin Back & Kicking Her… Nothing More Chicken Shit Than 4 On 1… i Can’t Believe no one Stepped In Sooner … so Much For The McDonalds Staff Doing Anything

  • alice smith

    “Detectives reviewed the video with officials at nearby Erasmus High School but said the victim and her family have not yet filed a complaint.”
    So what, the victim hasn’t filed a complaint! Would they also do nothing if the victim was murdered? The police are negligent and not doing their duty if they don’t arrest those involved in this attack. They don’t need a complaint filed when they’ve got video evidence of the crime committed.

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