Mother killed protecting her children from gang shootout

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OAKLAND, Calif. (CNN/KRON) — A mother was killed protecting her two young children from a hail of bullets in California and now, police are hunting for her killer.

“She loved her kids, she put her kids first. She sacrificed herself for her kids safety,” a childhood friend said of Chyemil Pierce.

The 30-year-old mother acted on instinct when a shootout between rival gangs broke out near her home in the 2800 block of Chestnut Street in West Oakland.

Pierce’s friend asked her identity not be revealed. She said Pierce had just arrived home after picking up two of her three children from elementary school when the bullets began flying.

“She was coming home from work, she had the two oldest kids. She was coming to park so she could walk to my aunt’s house to get the baby,” the victim’s friend said.

But before that happened, Pierce was mortally wounded by a stray bullet as she told her children to get up a flight of stairs and into the safety of their home.

“When I saw her body it was laying right in front of her house I never thought that is how I would see her for the last time. Chyemil, she was so pretty. She was just a beautiful person inside and out,” her friend said.

Lt. Roland Holmgren, with the Oakland Police Department, said it was all connected to a violent gang feud in the neighborhood.

“Senseless gun violence and at the end of it a woman who has nothing to do with it, who is doing nothing more than trying to get her children to safety loses her life and the children lose their mother,” Holmgren said.

No arrests have been made and a search is continuing for Pierce’s killer or killers.

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  • cgraycomp

    This woman is an example of what a real mother is by protecting her young at all costs. There are so many stories out there about mothers choosing drugs over their children that although this ended in tragedy, its nice to know that this mom protected the precious gifts God gave her. Hope they find the thugs that did this and justice be served.

  • dg54321

    All that gun control in California seems to be working wonders. RIP brave mother. Sorry you were a victim of criminal enabling politicians.

    • Disgusted

      Amen to that! Certainly isn’t making a case for all the idiot anti gun nuts. Though they will try to use it to defend their stance.

      People should see through the rhetoric.

  • Resident

    Tolerance of violent criminal activity should not be confused as some sort of add on to fighting racism. Those who arm should not be doing so regardless of their supposed reason or situation.

  • Ricky Byanrich

    Sorry a law abiding mother lost her life and the criminals who don’t care about the law are alive. This is what exactly some laws are meant do , leaving law abiding citizens defenseless and empower the criminals. The last a checked in california, it is illegal to possess a gun in public without a permit but this law didn’t save this woman’s life instead it made her a victim. CriCriminals will always break the law which means laws are made for law abiding citizens not criminals. RIP Mother.

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