Judge orders man to stop smoking inside his own home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A Washington D.C. man must go outside to smoke cigarettes after a judge ordered him to stop smoking inside his own home.

The judge's temporary ruling came after the man's new neighbors filed a lawsuit that claimed smoke from his home found its way into their home through holes in a shared basement. The couple said they worried the smoke would not only harm them and their child, but their unborn baby as well, according to a report from WJLA.

"You want me to stop what I've been doing in my house, all my life," Edwin Gray said when asked about his reaction to the judge's ruling. He said his family has owned the home in northeast D.C. for 50 years.

"If this judge has done this, who will be next? What other neighbor will be next?" Gray's sister Mozella Johnson asked.

Real estate attorney Benny Kass called the case "precedent-setting" and said it emphasized the fact people are not allowed to simply ignore their neighbors anymore.

"Your home is no longer your castle," Kass said.

In addition to the temporary no-smoking order, the couple's lawsuit asked for a half-million dollars in damages, according to WJLA.

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  • Kenneth Briggs

    so why did they buy the place for when they knew that a smoker lived next door ? and why they do not put up a extra newwall that seals off any leaks , cracks etc . guess these new home owner are all screwed up , where the hell are the kids going to play at ? on the street ? and how about a dog ? no loud barking dogs , and then how about your bedroom walls are they a shared wall ? can hear you making love , so knock it off , and then what about the kitchen walls ? smell wwhat you are cooking and on and on . these new folks had better sue the dumb ass person that sold the place to them and what about the attic ? they had better sell and get out before they are sued for a number of things .

    • dg54321

      I’d question why they are living in DC to begin with. This kind of busybody nonsense is inevitable in the land of corruption where the most corrupt people live and work. You want fair treatment and escape from this liberal idiocy? Get the heck out of DC and don’t look back.

    • "peety"

      it’s anything but typical DG. How can you own your home but have a shared basement?

      What about condo owners who own their condo and pay taxes, yet cannot smoke in their condo?

      • dg54321

        The shared basement thing is weird to me. Like, do they have a line on the floor, or is there a wall in the way dividing the thing? And if you have a problem with smoke coming in your home, close the door to the basement, or better seal the doorway. To tell someone they can’t even smoke in their own home is asinine. It’s HIS property. This is just furthering the ostracizing of smokers in every state. I don’t even smoke, but I’m tired of seeing people others disagree with treated like second class citizens in their own homes. You don’t stand up for the rights of even those you disagree with, it’s far easier for them to come after you for the rights you enjoy.

        As far as condos, the condo buyer would be agreeing not to smoke in a contract they sign when they buy the condo in question. You do, but don’t really own your property. Hence why I would never buy a condo….it’s a dumb idea to buy an apartment IMO.

        No such contract exists usually for home buyers, because the land and the house are yours. Different from a condo where the building is owned by a management company.

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