‘I was mortified’: Parents say district not addressing kindergarten bully problem

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BOTHELL, Wash. — Parents of students at an elementary school in Bothell said bullying has gotten out of control.

On Monday, a 5-year-old boy had to be taken to the hospital after being shoved face-first into a coat hook.

Parents said the violence has been happening at Fernwood Elementary since the beginning of the school year.

Parents said the problem child throws chairs and pencils at other kids, but the district says the bullying had gotten better until Monday.

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“When I put him on that bus every day I expect when he gets to school that he will be protected,” said frustrated mother Dianna Felgar. “They’re supposed to be protecting him but they’re not. They’ve failed completely at that.”

Felgar’s 5-year-old son, Logan, has a one-inch gash above his eye all because she said one of his classmates is a bully.

“I was mortified,” she said. “He’s my baby.”

Felgar said the problem child was not in class with Logan on Tuesday, but they did ride home on the school bus together.

She said the district is ignoring its own policies.

“Student behavior that presents immediate threat to safety will result in emergency expulsion and or suspension,” she said, reading from the district’s student handbook.

“That never happened.”

But Felgar isn’t alone. Parent Bethany Man said the same bully kicked her daughter – and the violence is too much for teachers and aides to handle.

“This is on a regular basis; they’re not doing anything about it,” Man said. “Kids are going to hospital, it’s not being handled.”

The Northshore School District said it’s not allowed to disclose what kind of discipline the accused bully may face, but did say more resources were placed into Logan’s classroom at the beginning of the year.

Felgar said the district should do more to make sure no other children are injured by providing the bully the help he needs.

“I’m frustrated, I’m hurt and I’m fed up,” said Felgar.

Felgar said she is so fed up that she’s considering pulling her child out of the school to avoid any further problems.

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  • JMG

    Im so sorry your son was bullied in school.He’s adorable. I was bullied when I was in school too. As for the bully, he/she obviously has issues and those need to be addressed pronto before they get worse. Shame on the school district for not putting a stop to it. You should not have to pull your son out of school for this. If anything, move the bully into a learning situation where he/she can be more closely monitored. You are in my prayers.

  • Gimmer

    Pursue the teacher(s) involved and the principal; student discipline is their collective responsibility. If they won’t respond go to the superintendent. Might be as simple as placing this kid into an IEP or special needs program (i.e. remove the problem from the classroom). Or maybe he just needs a good, firm swat at home.

    • Pamela

      Agree! I had a problem at my daughters school begining of the year but the principal did handle it after I went there 3 days in a row and spoke with him!

  • Jessica

    Sounds to me that the kid hurting others and acting out is special needs. If this is the case then likely he isn’t being seen by specialists or he has a diagnosis and the school and parent of this child are not doing what they should to help him and guide him accordingly.
    I won’t judge the child saying he is a bully, but I do think the problem here is the school and the child’s parents.

    If he isn’t special needs and is acting this way someone needs to look into his home life to find out why he is acting out so violently because no child at the age of 5 acts out this much without something being wrong.

      • paigeross03

        The kid doesn’t have to be a serial anything. Very wrong to say. I now see you as the bully to this kids parent. As a special needs mommy with a child who has violent outbursts that are NOT TAUGHT in my house it can be very difficult for some children to process things. Unfortunately hey get physical and it’s not right. I’m not giving a free pass to the child by all means just saying I get it. It’s not easy on any party. I hope and pray both families get they help they need and deserve.
        Thank you Jessica for stating this maybe a special need child. Someone had too!

        • ACEAKKING

          I agree with PAIGEROSS03. These days people are too quick to call others of being bullies. We are talking about 5-6 year olds. Accusing these little children don’t help anybody.

  • Chris Robinson

    This happened in my daughters classroom. She also tells me and her mother that the bullying happens on the bus as well. This is not an isolated problem as my daughter has also been denied access to breakfast in the mornings as well recently, with no explanation, even when we called about it.

  • Sonnet

    I am dealing with a similar situation at my daughters school in Auburn. I just got off the phone with the asst. principal who told me it is a “he said/she said” thing. WTF?!?!? We’ve already removed our children from their daycare because this bully goes there and nothing was being done, they were actually COVERING UP incidents!!! I’ve witnessed the bullying myself but noooooo. What is it going to take for the school to take action? My daughter physically get hurt or kill herself due to the bullying (she has expressed that she wants to die so she can get away from this bully! And yes, we are seeking counseling for her). I am outraged by the lack of support from the administration at the schools

  • Maybel

    I am appalled that this even made the news!! This needs to be dealt with through the district or superientendent not on Fox News. And it was self reported in the segment that those avenues have not been explored yet. You are exposing ALL of the student body to the media instead of working up a correct chain of command. Also having inside understanding of the issue the children who are now exposed by the parents to the media were both victim and instigator. There are always three sides to the story…your side, the other side and the truth. Get off the television and go solve the problem instead of playing victim.

  • Mommy77

    It sounds to me like what this mom wants is drama and attention. If what MAYBEL said is true and this mom didn’t even go through the district or superientendent, I’d say it’s this mom who is out of control and a bully herself.

  • Kris

    I’m not surprised at all!!! WA schools are an absolute nightmare when it comes to bullying-i have seen them swear they will fix the problem-i have even seen them turn it around to try and blame the kid that’s not bullying-i think school officials are afraid of the bully’s parents! The schools here LIE LIE LIE & procrastinate,etc.,I have yet to see them do ANYTHING but put up posters in the school and claim it’s a bully free zone-LOL-hasn’t worked yet! People really need to start suing the schools for the damage our kids take from bullies on school property-and trust me-the schools KNOW who’s doing the bullying-they are just to afraid to do anything about it!!!

  • Dale McQueen

    Cry me a river. You’re kid is doomed with parenting like yours. It’s the public school system take your “angel” to a private school please or get ready for a 10 years of “mortification” you lame ass hippie.

  • NSD

    Hey, Dianna. Why don’t you do us all a favor and get the hell out of our school district. And lose some weight before you decide to appear on TV.

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