Impact of Justice Department’s Ferguson report felt in Pasco

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Antonio Zambrano-Montes, just moments before three Pasco police officers opened fire.

SEATTLE (AP) — The Justice Department’s report on Ferguson is resonating with other communities where residents feel its findings sound familiar: a mostly white police department overseeing a mostly minority town, patterns of racial profiling and profit-driven law enforcement.

Felix Vargas, chairman of a Hispanic organization in Pasco, says there’s a problem in his community and others in the U.S.

The racial makeup of Pasco has been changing is now more than half Hispanic, but only one in five of its police are. In February, three officers — two white and one Hispanic — fatally shot an immigrant farmworker.

Former Seattle U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan says police departments should reevaluate their relationships with the people they serve. But, she says those efforts also should extend beyond police.

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  • Jim E Rotten

    The real racism here is pretending that resisting arrest and throwing rocks at the public and public servants makes any difference on account of the police officers being white and the aggressor being non-white.

  • "peety"

    This is what happens when you sweep racism under the rug, it comes back to bite you. I expect to see the Pasco police department disbanded as a result of their blatant racism, just like Ferguson.

  • dg54321

    Because a report of a police department in Missouri has anything to do with a police department here in Washington. Sure. Not that I trust the DOJ led by Holder one iota, but even they realized that Ofc. Wilson acted within the bounds of his duty. You can’t get the race baiters and professional victims to acknowledge the truth because it disagrees with them, however.

  • Conkey Livesat Sunnyvale

    they left out the part of the story how the poor migrant farm worker was a crazed rock throwing illegal alien with record already of violently attacking police men before this and trying to grab their guns to kill them this a new low for fox news to be race baiting by omitting facts too like cnn and cbs,nbc etc. do