Oregon school removes banners promoting tolerance of gay students after complaint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Gay Tolerance Banner Removed

Beaverton, OR (KPTV) — Students at Five Oaks Middle School who put up banners with messages that promote tolerance of gay students are upset after the school’s principal took them down.

The signs featured the school’s mascot, a falcon, in rainbow colors along with the phrase, “Born gay, follow the ray. Born straight, refuse to hate.”

A parent who wished to remain anonymous said he emailed the principal to complain about the signs, which he felt were inappropriate.

The parent said the school isn’t open to other beliefs and ways of life, such as celebrating Christmas, so this sign shouldn’t be allowed either.

Mina Cash-Valdez is part of the school’s gay-straight alliance and helped put up the signs.

Cash-Valdez said she doesn’t think being gay should be compared to celebrating a holiday, and she’s upset the signs were taken down.

“If you have a problem with us trying to spread the message to be yourself, then you need to transfer your kid to another school,” Cash-Valdez said. “I’m sorry, but we’re all about being equal and being supportive of each other, and that’s, like, showing that we don’t support people like that if we take [the signs] down.”

A spokeswoman for the Beaverton School District said the principal took down the signs because the group that put them up did so without getting permission and going through the proper channels of review.

She added that safety and tolerance of all students is the district’s top priority.

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    • ShadowWalker59

      Listen, I don’t hide it……I do not agree with homosexuality, I do not agree with those so called gay ‘marriages’. I do not, and will not, support something that I do not agree with. I do not believe in it, and no government is going to push down my throat something I don’t believe in. It’s no wonder they were living in closets when I grew up, people did not agree with it, and guess what……….I STILL don’t. I am not politically correct, and don’t plan to ever be…….if you desire that form of life, then have at it, but I won’t succumb to that form of cowardice! I stand up for what it believe in, and that is just the way it is, and if you want to, that is your right, but………it is MY right to disagree with it, and I make no bones about that, you will know my feelings about it, and most of all, I am not ashamed of that.

      • The Intrepid Traveler

        What form of cowardice are you talking about? Anonymously spreading your intolerant, fear based hate mongering through a secret phone call or hiding behind the cover of the internet and a screen name to do it? It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about loving your fellow man despite differences and not being a small, hate filled person.

  • Frank D.

    Really sucks when the rules apply to all. If schools ban the religious way of living then I suppose they have to ban the gay , muslim, hindu and any other way. The whole thing of PC is BS.

    • The Intrepid Traveler

      That makes absolutely no sense. Ever play “one of these things is not like the others”? You just named several religions and then threw being gay in there as if they’re the same. Homosexuality is closer to being it’s own culture rather than religion and, last time I checked, most schools try to celebrate and promote tolerance of other cultures.

  • IP: 174.34.753

    The evidence of a baby being born predisposed to be gay is not even close to certain. In fact, genetically identical twins do not necessarily both choose the same sex they are attracted to. While every homosexual reaches that state in their own life’s journey, this fact only leads to the belief that a society actively promoting the recruitment of the lifestyle play far more influence in whether or not a person “becomes” homosexual or not. Sexuality is far more fluid then the gay agenda would have society believe, but its clear from their behavior they already know this. And a child growing up always feeling unacceptable by the role-models influencing them, will never feel accepted enough by society with their damaged childhood hanging over their head. No matter how much they are normalized in society it will not repair the damage done in their formative childhood. {In countries that have gay marriage and complete acceptance for decades, homosexuals still report a high degree of shame, self-loathing, and suicide — almost like their sexuality is a mere symptom to a much bigger underlying mental disorder. (Yes, I use the term “mental disorder” because thoughts that bring about suicide are still considered a mental disorder.)

    • AndyBlue

      LOL… what a load of garbage. You still believe the fallacy that being gay is a choice? My goodness. Live in your world of denial

    • The Intrepid Traveler

      While you may make some decent points (of course you haven’t offered a scrap of proof so several of the things you’re presenting as fact are just your opinions), I have to ask what your overall point is? What does genetics vs choice have to do with it? Also, for the record, our DNA is still progressing in the embryonic phase as well as slightly later development; there’s no such thing as genetically identical anything that isn’t a clone. Kind of hard to be taken seriously when a huge chunk of your argument is something you yourself clearly misunderstand.

      • IP: 174.34.753

        “Born gay follow the ray” This is the statement at the top of their anti-hetreosexual banner, (its in the picture, and yes, it alludes ‘straights hate’ – how catchy). Yet, their is zero proof ANYONE has EVER been “born gay”. You require NO proof that their banner they had posted in a school have facts to back it up, yet you think a comment on the internet demands links for every detail? If you are too blind to see your bias on that one, it only shows us more and more you are the one who care little of facts. It is emotional for you — yeah, I get that. And it is for homosexuals too, I understand, but neither you or them will ever be satisfied with any amount of compromise. Homosexuals have a horrible suicide rate — they have a very real HATRED of themselves. You imagine an entire culture accepting them is gonna change that??? But guess what, its been done and it doesn’t. There are many other societies and cultures much friendlier toward homosexuals than the United States, both presently in places in Europe and throughout history, and you will find their suicide rate is still astronomical. It hasn’t helped them. You can give them anything and everything they could ever want and they would still be committing suicide at horrible rates. Their are underlying mental disorders — accepting them won’t change that.

    • ShadowWalker59

      Yep, all well and good, but stop pushing down peoples throats something that they are just now willing to go along with. YOU may like it or love it, but……….there are those that don’t, and if you keep pushing your agenda, then sooner or later, it was bound to happen, and guess what……………..if finally did.

  • AndyBlue

    Republican tea party extremists can’t stand the idea of tolerance towards others. Bully and hatred are their game.

    • The Intrepid Traveler

      I think they’re realistically implying the hate that does exist comes mostly from the straight camp, which is not only true but logical. They’re encouraging people to choose to love each other rather than fear and hate and, in this case, it’s historical fact that that hate comes almost entirely from the straight camp. You fearful cowards make me sick, you’re what’s holding back humanity.

  • ShadowWalker59

    LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL,, They get a full dose of their own medicine! Yes, the shoe definitely is on the other foot now! I wonder how they like it. Well, it’s about time to show those people that, hey, that street runs BOTH ways. Puts a bad taste in their mouths, doesn’t it. Yep, just keep pushin’ and one day……..it will wind up smacking you right in the mouth!! Hooray for those that spoke out against that which is immoral. IF, they have their ‘rights’, then we do too, I mean, their rights end where mine begin, and they cannot and will not, force me to accept something that, to me, is immoral! So, a word to the wise……..back off, or you will get pushed back!!, and this is a first step.

  • Dee

    Easy solution, put up Heterosexual tolerance banners next to th he homo promotion. They want to be all inclusive so include hetero promotion