Entire first-grade class misses the bus because teacher forgot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

File photo/Getty Images

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — An entire class of first-graders at a Vancouver elementary school missed their bus because their teacher lost track of time.

One mother, Melanie Smart, tells KATU her heart stopped Monday when her son didn’t get off the bus, then she was notified to pick him up at Salmon Creek Elementary School. She says she had to get a cab.

“I feel like people really dropped the ball, especially when it comes to first graders,” said Smart.

The school says it was an honest mistake and it does not plan to discipline the teacher for the error.


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  • Kenneth Briggs

    time to sue both the teacher and the school , after all time to wake them up you had to spend money that you did not need to and what if you did not have the cab fare then what ?

  • B.E.

    THIS MOM SHOWED UP IN A WHITE SUV TO PICK UP HER KID…NOT A CAB! Come on news…do some background checking on your “facts” And really Fox, you’re going to report what another station already reported?!

  • Patricia O>

    Ok…as a first grade teacher I have some idea of how time gets away from you. We don’t know if she is a new teacher or if some crisis was occurring, but to sue her and the school!?!?! The children were in no danger. Families were called. Before you panic and throw baby fits if your child doesn’t get off the bus, CALL THE SCHOOL! It takes about thirty seconds and “Poof”! No more panic. As for spending money to come to the school…I don’t know if she really took a cab or drove herself. I’ll bet that she has the money for a fancy cell phone, a big car, has her nails done weekly, has a big screen tv, etc. If she can afford those, she can get herself to school.
    In any given day, 3-10 children are not picked up by parents on time at my school. Almost every day, I sit with the same two students, waiting for their families to get them. Many are 30-60 late, and that’s if we can get ahold of them. I have stayed at school to 5:30-6:00 trying to get ahold of some families. We send home calendars with our kids showing all non-school days and half-days. When we have half-days, some are there all afternoon!
    It’s up to the parents to set an example of appropriate reactions to situations. Way to go, Kenneth! You just taught your children that your first reaction is to sue at the drop of a hat! What’s the matter, Kenneth? Can’t earn money the honest way? You sue-hungry bastard. You are why insurance for cars, homes, and businesses are through the roof. All for “Oh! I’ve got emotional PTSD. Give me money!” Grow up and learn that not all situations demand a suit!

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