Police: Man arrested after firing gun near baby, stashing weapon in diaper aisle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Police arrested a 26-year-old felon after he allegedly stashed a stolen gun he had just fired in the unlikeliest of places Monday.

Police received reports of gunfire just before 5 p.m. near the intersection of 12th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street. Witnesses told Seattle police a young man, accompanied by two young women and a baby, fired a shot into the air above his head. Witnesses said the man then fled into a nearby Walgreens several blocks away.

A team of officers entered the Walgreens and apprehended the suspect, but no gun was immediately found. After some time, officers found a stolen handgun stashed behind a shelf full of diapers.

Officers seized the weapon—which was reported stolen—and booked the man into the King County Jail for a weapons violation, possession of stolen property, and a warrant for auto theft, police said.

Police interviewed the man’s companions—his girlfriend, their child, and his girlfriend’s sister—and released them.


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    • ontheboat

      Gunnart, just stop. It was a stolen gun. No background check will stopp that. BUT this guy is also going to prision, and one bad gun is off the street. Eventually over time BG checks absolutely reduce the amount of illicet guns in circulation. When was the last time you saw a suppressed full auto Mac 10 or Uzi for sale? Like around 1985? Is that because criminals no longer desire them, or because FFL’s have made them really hard to get?

      • dg54321

        Your ignorance is showing. A full auto anything is about 10-15 grand, at least, and there hasn’t been any more in civilian circulation since the 80s. It has nothing to do with background checks, and everything to do with little supply to go around, since they can’t be sold to civilians directly from manufacturers.

        And if you think criminals don’t or can’t get them provided they had the money and inclination, you’re hilariously wrong, again. They know what we know though; full auto is less useful than semi auto in most cases. It’s good for suppression and little else.

  • dg54321

    Good thing 594 was passed. Now this guy totally won’t be able to get another gun after he gets slapped on the wrist and let out onto our streets, since he was just a misunderstood citizen and totally not a threat to the public.

    Seems legit.

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