Police investigating Instagram threat to more than 20 high school students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

STANWOOD, Wash. — Police are investigating a threatening Instagram message that was sent to about 20 Stanwood High School students Monday.

The message was posted anonymously on the popular social media site, sheriff’s deputies said.

Q13 FOX News was alerted to the threat early Tuesday morning from a parent of a student at the school. The parent sent an alleged screen shot of the message, which pictured around 20 students at the school accompanied with the text “I hate you all. I try to talk to you and be friends with you but you all ignore me. You all will face me and you’ll be sorry. Car*** tu todo.”

The authenticity of the screen shot sent to Q13 FOX was not confirmed by police.

A sheriff’s deputy was placed at the high school Tuesday at the request of the Stanwood School District to insure increased security.  School was still in session.

High school officials sent a letter home to parents notifying them of the threatening message:

March 3, 2015


Several parents/guardians have contacted the school concerned about a recent Instagram message received by some students. SHS/LHHS administrators in collaboration with the Stanwood Police Department are investigating the incident.

Anytime we receive reports of threats to students – even if they are only implied threats – we adhere to the district and school protocol, which includes determining the source and validity of the threat.

Our priority is, as always, the physical and emotional safety of our students. To that end, we have asked the Sheriff’s Office for a deputy to be on campus, in addition to our School Resource Officer, to reinforce campus security today and tomorrow. This will continue if necessary.

If you as a parent would be more comfortable having your child come home today or keeping your child home tomorrow, please contact the school to make arrangements.

This story will be updated as more information will be available.


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  • dg54321

    Stanwood is a town where the “good ol’ boys” mentality is very much in effect. This creates an environment ripe for bullying and harassment, so it’s no surprise yet another individual there has gone off the deep end, having had enough of somebody’s BS and having nobody in the faculty listen or care.

  • Ken Christensen

    What’s gets me is that the local’s keep saying that the students and families that the instagram where directed at have been notified, no more needs to be discussed or posted on FB sites.. Most posts have been deleted. The big picture is that the community as whole has the right to know about this. This affects everyone, not just the 20 or so families. They comment that their offended and panicked. Well guess what, this is a big deal and not spreading the word is a huge disservice to your fellow neighbors and community. It’s ok to post about sex offenders and other criminals being located into our neighborhood, but someone sick person threatening fellow students is “hush hush”. Can’t talk about it, “the families have been notified”. Well more then those threatened are in danger. What about other students, parents, and teachers. What about the immediate local residence’s, schools etc.? They say that we need to honor the family members privacy and not post the instagram threat. Then they should have thought about that before they allowed their kids to have social media accounts. The community as a whole has the right and responsibility to make others aware of the possible threat. Didn’t we learn anything from MP last year? I guess not… go sweep it under the rug…. SMH

    • alexashley

      I think you’re right, Ken. But I also know that at times a police investigation can be hindered by an overzealous community, especially with social media involved, trying to take things into their own hands. I think for now, authorities and school officials are trying to deal with things on a “need to know” until details are solidified.

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