Sheriff: Dad says he shot daughter’s boyfriend in leg because he wouldn’t leave

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KELSO, Wash. (AP) — The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office says a 65-year-old man called 911 to say he had just shot his daughter’s 37-year-old boyfriend in the leg because he refused to leave the family’s Kelso home during an argument.

Chief Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig says Kevin Reid was taken to a hospital Tuesday for treatment of an upper leg wound. The deputy says Reid got an X-ray and bandages, then left the hospital, saying he wanted a smoke.

The deputy says Reid had been staying at the home with his 34-year-old girlfriend, the daughter of homeowner Darrell Chafin.

Chafin was booked into the county jail for investigation of first-degree assault.

The sheriff’s spokesman says the father reports that Reid shoved him when he told the younger man to leave because Reid was arguing with Chafin’s daughter. The father reportedly repeated his order to leave, Reid refused again and the older man fired.

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  • jeff

    This is what a father gets for protecting his daughter here in Washington state. It’s so wonderful living in a progressive state like Washington isn’t it?

  • S. Burrows

    I don’t understand why people don’t seem to understand orders, esp when someone has a gun pointed at you! What part of LEAVE did he not get? He should be happy he aimed for his leg and not his balls!

  • mrjimmyrotten

    I know! We need a law against shooting people; bet the child-hating NRA would just hate that. Oh well, at least Mexico’s figured out how to deal with guns.

  • Derek

    Boyfriend had a legal right to be there due to he was living there.
    Want him gone go to court get him evicted.
    Follow the law.
    He was a legal tennant.
    Now the guy will sue the father and win and get the house.
    Stupid old man.
    Glad he is in jail.

    • BD4

      What evidence do you have that he was a legal resident there? Do you have proof of a contract or rent payment history? The article says he was “staying” there. “Staying” does not necessarily mean legal occupant. Silly people.

      • Drea

        Actually it means exactly that. Whether he was on the lease, paying rent, the father admitted that he’d been staying there which legally makes him a resident, and if the father wanted him gone, the legal thing to do would have been to go through the courts…genius

  • B.T. Wayee

    Let me get this straight the guy was being aggressive, told to leave by the home owner, didn’t leave, got shot by the home owner, and the home owner is in jail. That just ain’t right and down right unconstitutional!

  • dg54321

    If the younger man assaulted the shooter, as described, then it makes his arrest somewhat questionable. But, perhaps the police know something we do not, or his claims didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

  • jerome

    People are ignorant who think that taking away guns (a constitutional right) from responsible people will solve shooting issues. There are millions of people who own guns and a very small,percentage of people who do illegal activities with them. Take them away from those who are responsible and then all you have left is criminals and the government with weapons. Yeah, sounds like the kinda place that’s safe to me. We don’t ever know the whole story and maybe the guy had a right to shoot and maybe not. That’s for a jury of his peers to decide.

  • rich may

    Why is it that any time something happens involved with a gun it comes to this.its all the NRA fault pushing their agenda guess what there are millions of us gun owners out there that are responseable and will never make stupid decisions let’s hear a bout ford Chevy or any car maker drunk people kill while using there product are they pushing their agenda some people are just so ignorant and one sided. Lets do away with anything that stupid people can harm anyone else with

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