New lawyer for family in fatal Pasco police shooting case wants to withdraw $25-million claim

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Antonio Zambrano-Montes, just moments before three Pasco police officers opened fire.

PASCO, Wash. (AP) — A new lawyer for the family of a man killed by Pasco, Washington, police says he wants to withdraw a $25 million claim filed against the city after the shooting.

Attorney Charles Herrmann told The Tri-City Herald in an email that the claim was premature and the case needs more investigation into the police department’s dealing with people who are mentally ill or don’t speak English.

Three officers shot and killed Antonio Zambrano-Montes, a Mexican immigrant, on Feb. 10, saying he was throwing rocks at police. The killing was the fourth by law enforcement officers in Pasco in less than a year.

The newspaper says Herrmann emailed the Pasco city clerk saying he wants to withdraw the claim filed Feb. 13 by the previous lawyer. A claim usually leads to a lawsuit.


Information from: Tri-City Herald.


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  • "peety"

    just think Pasco.. You paid a 100k settlement to keep a racist cop on the force… Now how much is that racist cop going to cost you? The 25 million claim was laughable. 50 million might cut it.

  • Jim E Rotten

    People who try to make a civil-rights case out of a meth head throwing rocks at police officers spit in the faces of the actual victims of civil rights abuses (past and present). The police tried multiple ways to bring him down peacefully with no success. I’m sorry that he didn’t value his life.

  • rswan

    International Police Language (that every understands)…When you through rocks are cars/people, then at the police, and the police yell and point their guns are you – “That means you need to stop and put your hands in the air, do NOT continue to throw rocks at the police”.

    Please, there was NO language barrier at all. I could have been in Russia, Mexico, France, Germany…and I would have known EXACTLY what there were saying.

    • dg54321

      Exactly. I could be in Mexico, and even if the police are shouting Spanish at me, I’m still going to know that the universal way to keep from getting shot is to put my hands in the air and don’t make any threatening moves. Shame so many seem to miss this important life lesson that could keep them from ending up where this mentally ill individual did.

  • Sayh

    Guessing they figured out defending a VIOLENT FELON, METH HEAD, WIFE BEATER (and maybe CHILD ABUSER), who has a HISTORY of VIOLENT behavior, is here Illegally (an ILLEGAL ALIEN) , know to have had GUNS and KNIVES in the past, and was known to Law Enforcement; is assaulting people and cars with rock, then assaults police with rocks, police use non-lethal (taser) means to no avail(to high on Meth), he then takes an aggressive shooting stands with hands drawn leaving police no other recourse than to shoot might not do their cause more harm than good.
    Don’t pass Go and Don’t collect $200…. or $25 mil in this case.
    Enough light might have been shed that the ex might be looking at deportation? Daughter too?

  • dg54321

    LOL everybody that wasn’t mentally ill knew that 25 million lawsuit was a joke. We can all see the video clearly showing us why he got shot for what he did. I’m sure the perpetual race baiters will continue to deny objective reality, however. It is what they do best.

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