Lakewood car prowl victim says ‘joke is on’ thief who stole his watch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — Blake Patjens says he never ever forgets to lock his car — except for Saturday night.

“I realized I was missing a watch first of all, and I went and looked for it, and it was gone,” Patjens said Wednesday.

He had left the watch in the center console of his truck.  Curious, he checked his home security videos.

“And I saw the guy. Somebody broke into my truck and I had footage. And I said, there goes my watch right there,” Patjens said.

Data pix.

With a hoodie hiding his face, the thief also stole Patjens' cologne and some change out of the truck.

But he didn't stop there.

After rummaging through the truck, the thief casually walked away, but then came back and started rummaging through Patjens' neighbor's cars across the street.

Patjens said he filed a report with police, and, even though he's the victim, he's still going to get the last laugh.

"It's a fake Rolex," Patjens said of the stolen watch.  "I was gonna give it to a friend as a gag gift, so the joke is on him (the thief) when he goes to pawn that sucker off."

He hopes his experience will remind others to stay vigilant -- the lock the doors of their vehicles.

Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222 tips.


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  • Tattooed_Angel

    My car was broken into in Parkland on Tuesday night between 10pm and 1am. The thieves took off with a Kenwood car stereo remote (but not the stereo), a couple bottles of perfume, 3 packs of Mtn Dew, and a pair of brand new Skecher boots I had just purchased that evening and forgot to grab out of the trunk of my car.

    If I find who did it I will bust their skulls open.

  • Larry

    A few years ago my car was broken into and the GSP stolen. What I find amusing is that everyone I’ve talked to who also have a GPS say they never setup the 4 digit pass code because it’s too much trouble. But since I do on mine, the thief got nothing more than an overpriced paper weight. And as I reported it stolen to the manufacturer, even if they send it in because they “forgot” the pass code, it wouldn’t do ’em any good. The manufacturer won’t return it. As I had just moved, I hadn’t updated the “unlock” location which was still set to my old address. So like the Rolex watch, the joke was on them.

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