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Group urges federal investigation of Pasco police shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Antonio Zambrano-Montes, just moments before three Pasco police officers opened fire.

PASCO, Wash. (AP) — The leader of a Hispanic group in Pasco is asking the Justice Department to investigate the fatal police shooting last week in Pasco.

Consejo Latino Chairman Felix Vargas says he supports law enforcement in general but he believes there’s a conflict of interest in the investigation by a local law enforcement team, the multi-agency Tri-City Special Investigations Unit. He says a federal investigation could accompany the local investigation.

A 35-year-old man who threw rocks at cars and officers, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, was shot last Tuesday as he tried to run away. Police said officers fired because they felt threatened. Zambrano-Montes was not armed with a gun or knife.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Vargas says the constitutional rights of Zambrano-Montes were violated.

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  • mrjimmyrotten

    Doesn’t matter whether he was armed with a “knife or gun”, rocks can kill. The police tried to take him in peacefully and even tried to tase him; their efforts failed.

    Sad that this guy (who in the past went for an officer’s gun while being high on meth) didn’t value the lives of others or his own, but it was his decisions that cost him his life, no one else’s.

  • BD4

    A call for more waste of taxpayers’ money by a group that can’t accept that a victim made a bad choice and paid for it with his life. Hint: Don’t attack cops and they won’t shoot you!!

  • dg54321

    A real shocker, I tell ya. This guy could have been stabbing a cop in the face and they would say it was “unjustified”, because he was one of “theirs”. Just like the NAACP has to get involved everytime a criminal who happens to be black gets shot while engaging in violent behavior. Race baiting is big business and free publicity.

  • Sayh

    Let’s see here, He’s known meth using, Violent Felon, Wife Beater (and maybe a children beater to?), who is here in our country illegally; and who has violently confronted police in the past, and has been known to be armed with a gun & knives. He fights with police; police use non-lethal force (tasers) with no effect (most likely He was high on drugs) he takes an aggressive shooting stance against the police; who have maybe 2/10 of a second to evaluate the situation and react. And some people think the police are the bad guys here.
    I know, let’s go invest the cops and sue the city for free money, shish we have some really bright people here that think this is ok.
    How warped has our society become that we value a low life criminal of the lives and safety of the public and that of those who protect us. I see postings from some pretty truly mentally disturbed people out there commenting in several article, in several publication defending the indefinable and condemning police for protecting the public and themselves. The police did their job and they did it right, as evidenced by the original video posted. Since the original release I have seen later releases of the video with the sound altered, so one now can no longer trust the video people are posting.

    • "peety"

      Why didn’t you discuss Officer Flanagans previous racism and excessive force issues that had to be settled for $100K? When you make excuses for bad cops, you get more BAD COPS.

      • dg54321

        Once again Petey, a suit naming multiple cops doesn’t focus only on the one you have a bias against. You keep bringing this up but willfully ignoring the points that discredit your method of argument.

          • dg54321

            It’s funny that you have to resort to that as a method of argument, since factual debate so often proves you, again, willfully ignorant on topics such as this. If “character assassination” is all you have, then you don’t have much of an argument to begin with.

          • aintno1special

            So you contrast calling out a man’s criminal record to an out of court settlement, that named two officers (neither named as the aggressor but wish to label this officer because of his tie to this case)? Seems a little selective. I have no idea what the citizen status of the deceased was, but your contrast would be likened to someone calling him an illegal!

          • dg54321

            You’re welcome to join in, but you’ll have to pull a better argument out of your hat than Petey has done so far if you want to get anywhere debating with me.

      • Sayh

        ‘Child beater’, early on with an interview with his ex-wife, she implied without openly stating that there may have been violence against the children. ‘Probably high’, well the taser not phasing him is a pretty good clue to that. As far as me being warped, in the long run I’m usually proven out right and the first to admit when I am wrong.

  • concerned

    How could shooting a suspect as they were leaving the scene ever be justified. This is what you get from a justice system focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. I am sure you all would just prefer we gun down lawbreakers in the street so we dont have to deal we them. The first thing to go before a society crumbles is compassion. I bet you all can’t wait for Jeb to take office.

        • dg54321

          Yes, because I was able to see it without the obvious bias you suffer from, clouding my vision.

          Or perhaps you’ve seen one of the many doctored and edited videos only and viewed that as factual. People posted the original on KOMO before the comments were turned off over there, and it was very revealing.

  • first and ted

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Look, if these three guys walked up on a guy chucking rocks, at cars, and they shot and killed him, AND they weren’t cops,… would it then be murder? Or is that ‘justified’ in your minds, also??? O_o

    • dg54321

      If the guy throwing rocks kept throwing them at the 3 guys trying to get him to stop, and then raised his hand to strike when cornered, yes.

        • dg54321

          We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath considering we heard the same about Ferguson, heard the same about the Zimmerman witch hunt…..all of which turned out to be justified in the eyes of the law. And from the facts we have on those situations, rightfully so. Here we have video evidence of the violent nature of the suspect that was shot and the final confrontation on camera showing the suspect raising his hand as to strike, and then being shot fatally. Grand Jury sees that and we’ll see another no-bill. But only time will tell for sure.

          • dg54321

            The original video was posted literally minutes after the story broke. If they edited it, they did so in record time. What I hear of is doctored videos adding in sounds like the suspect crying for the police to stop, etc; easily dismissed as additions to the original. The ability for dishonesty from those who have preexisting bias against the police is sickening, but not entirely unexpected.

            This is the original video I saw first before any others:

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