Report: Sex offenders more likely to be killed in prison than other inmates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Federal statistics show California prison inmates are killed at a rate that is double the national average and far higher than that of other large states.

What’s more, an Associated Press analysis of corrections records shows that sex offenders account for a disproportionate number of California’s victims.

Male sex offenders made up about 15 percent of the prison population but accounted for nearly 30 percent of homicide victims since 2007.

The deaths — 23 out of 78 — come despite the state’s creation more than a decade ago of special housing units designed to protect the most vulnerable inmates, including sex offenders. They often are marked men because of the nature of their crimes.

Those units also house inmates trying to quit gangs but now have their own gang problem.

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  • Frank

    No one likes to see any one murdered but when you commit crimes like this prisinors are going to think about thier own wives and kids . So yes there are a lot of bad people in prison that may take a shot at them, you can’t really protect them and seems to me most people don’t care anyway….I have to admit I don’t.

    • sheila

      I dont care either, after all there is no cure for this type of mental illness. In fact I wouldn’t even call it a mental illness because some one else will start protesting that it isn’t the perpetrators fault because he just cant control himself. There is no cure so either lock them up and throw away the key or execute them but don’t release them back into society to make more victims!

    • Rach Bee

      Unfortunately, these people are protected. Snitches and child molesters get their own space away from the general population a lot of the time.

  • samantha

    Who cares. Ask the people they hurt if they care. No one likes a child molester. If the system gave these nasty people more consequences. Maybe they would make better choices and not end up getting their lil self murdered. Too bad its not a eye for a eye with these sick people.

  • B Cayenne Bird

    This is so tragic. You’d think that prisoners would realize that very few fair trials are taking place and not be so quick to judge one another. There is a prison culture where sex offenders are considered to be worse than murderers, logic which makes no sense. All it takes to become one of California’s 95,000 sex offenders is an accusation. No evidence is required. Mental illness abounds in prisons and deliberate double-celling of certain inmates by guards and administration manipulates some of the sickest people to kill problem prisoners. There is almost no accountability of guards for creating these situations. My deepest condolences to the family. We have a government like this because the VOTERS allow law enforcement’s candidates to get elected again and again. This is why there is no accountability for the torture and murder that OFTEN takes place in our State Prisons