Hindu temple in Bothell and nearby school vandalized with hateful words

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BOTHELL, Wash. — Instead of meditating inside a Hindu temple, Chain Devidas was sweating outside.

“It’s tough,” Devidas said Monday.

Someone spray painted a swastika and the words ‘Get Out’ on a wall of the temple.

The temple wasn’t the only building targeted.

Skyview Junior High, a block away, was also tagged with a swastika and the words, ‘Muslims Get Out’.

“When it happens here it tells you it’s not in a certain part of America, it’s in the mainstream, it’s in a very intellectual place like here in Bothell, so I’m very surprised,” temple member Ketan Shah said.

Hindus across the world were celebrating the Great Night of Shiva on Monday night. By the time worshipers pour into the Bothell temple for the religious tradition, Devidas will make sure the words are gone.

“I’m going to try to get this cleaned up for the celebration,” Devidas said.

But the image spread quickly, bringing Hindus from all over Western Washington to drive by. One man says his 11-year-old son was scared to visit the temple.

“He said, 'Dad, I am not coming here anymore here,'” Thampipillai Thilakarjah said.

But others say they won’t give the culprit the satisfaction.

“The way I look at it, I don’t think they are as hateful as showing one's ignorance,” Devidas said.

Now the community is showing their support, posting signs of support around the neighborhood and writing cards penned with kind words in hopes of erasing the ugly ones.


The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the vandalism at the temple, and Bothell police are on the case at the school.

The Northshore School District says the same person could be responsible for both scenes.

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  • chetan


    • DrPepperment1

      @Chetan – Ignorance only begets more ignorance. Also, notice how in the picture of the vandalism it was in all caps and your comment is the only one on this site that is also in all caps (and shares the same sentiment as the vandalism)? Coincidence?

  • Skip

    The tagging and graffiti is a huge problem all over the Puget Sound region. It costs the tax payers lots of money to clean up. This episode certainly illustrates just how stupid the vandals are when they can’t identify their target correctly. How dumb.

  • Skeptic

    It is always bad when intolerance shows its ugly face but I feel all those in Indias ruling party who are showing outrage now for some small grafitti on the wall also show the same amount of outrage when countless churches are vandalised, broken and burnt to the ground… Let us all first understand that religion is private matter and it is not any ones identity..

  • SuchindranathAiyerS

    Was this the garden variety of Red Necked Baptist, or Hussein Barack Obama’s, religiously tolerant, Moslems? Or the Neo-Fascist Ku Klux Klan that infests the US North West?

  • Jim from Canada

    It’s surprising that people don’t know about the KKK and WA state. For many years this was the only state that didn’t outlaw them, including the south.
    Hindus are no more Muslims than Sikhs are. If you go to battle, its best to know who your enemy is. Hindu ruling class in India used the Sikhs to keep the lowest caste Muslims in line.

    • Avi Venkata

      Wow Jim, you really need to brush up on your history too. at least wikipedia it if you are not sure.
      Sikhism was an off shoot from hinduism in response to the persecution of Hindus by the Moslem Mughal rulers. There is often intermarriage between sikhs and hindus in India still. Quite a few of the sikh Gurus were tortured, if not beheaded by the mughal rulers. and no they were not the benign ‘peaceful’ and ever so tolerant rulers that believed in a pluralistic society.
      the city of benares which is considered to be one of the holiest sites in hinduism was razed and destroyed 5 times. for most of the last millenia, it was the moslems who ruled india

  • A

    Trying to offend Indians with Swastika signs?? Really?!
    India was eating Swastika shaped cakes while singing Aryan poetry 3000 years before it all became too mainstream in Europe.
    They can try making fun of the Indian cricket team. That should work better.

    • DrPepperment1

      Actually, regardless of which website you utilize, the USA isn’t even in the top 10. Just google for “lowest crime rate countries” and check out the top 20 results. You might be mildly surprised.

  • Jags

    Hhahahaha…. What is there to think more about it!!! No doubt, its a dumb work of some muslim shitty people becoz, the same sect of people tried to enculcate the difference between hindus and christians by vandalizing Churches in India ://

    Take care with these dumb Terrorists!!!

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