Russell Wilson reviews Fifty Shades of Grey in four words

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SEATTLE —  Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson has a little extra time on his hands now that the season is over.

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How’s he spending that time?

Last night he went to the movies.

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But not just any movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

What did he think?

Some fans instantly questioned his cinematic choice.

Tweets included:

“Doesn’t seem the sort of film a godbotherer should be watching?”

“Wait, I thought Russell was AGAINST domestic violence… ”

So Wilson responded.

In summation, Russell Wilson’s four word Fifty Shades of Grey review is “Great movie” “Provocative/disturbing.”


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  • Guenivere rite

    That’s disappointing. A movie about emotional and physical abuse he calls a ‘great movie’. Doesn’t work an Oxymoron.

  • JB

    People need to chill out!! Its Not Domestic abuse!! Its 2 adults choosing to be in a relationship and having whatever kind of sex they choose with eachother… Just because its not your personal taste, doesnt mean its wrong…And has NOTHING to do with anyones Faith!!

    • carrie

      you are WRONG!!! This movie isn’t ANYTHING about two mature adults in a bdsm relationship at all. ITS about a young woman who will submit herself to abuse and mental mind “fu&%” by an abusive POS because she thinks she will lose him if she doesn’t! that is NOTHING like the true BDSM lifestyle so get your facts straight! BRAVO for 50shadesofabuse to promote donating your money to domestic violence instead of sitting through this type of garbage!

    • aby

      Where is the like button for that comment? It is consensual – they have a contract stating all that is entailed. Has nothing to do with religion of any kind for any reason. It is simply an activity that both parties agree to take part in. Enough said.

  • JB32

    God Botherer?? Is botherer even a word? Come on people why mock the man for his beliefs. When your family member becomes ill and is hospitalized, Im sure you have prayed to God. Russell Wilson is a good person all around. I think this country could use a couple thousand of him.

  • carrie

    for those of you on here trying to push a BDSM lifestyle as a healthy or viable one via 50 shades of Grey, get your facts straight! This isn’t anything about that. Its more about a mentally sic man using a young naive woman for his sadistic lifestyle by stalking, harassing, mind games and withholding love to get what he wants. That is NOTHING like true BDSM. Its is EVERYTHING like ABUSE, and we should not be embracing this! I am very disappointed in Russell Wilson for the statement he made, for the first time ever!
    If you don’t know what your talking about, please educate yourself first. It makes you look ridiculous.

    • Adam

      Yet she goes along with it and sounds from what I’ve heard enjoys it. What does that say about her? I won’t ever watch or read this book as its a complete disgrace to what love is and just another thing to screw with what love is in our society. I feel even worse for the people who did enjoy this ugly rendition of so called love.

  • sparkly1

    Russell Wilson is a smart non judgmental man who is grounded in faith.
    Those who have not read the book, or seen the movie should not judge those who have, they must live in a glass house. I have read all 3 books and look forward to seeing the movies.
    If your not interested don’t see it. Please stop judging others for there’s, we can agree to disagree.

  • sthomas1967

    Seriously? Gonna judge a man because of a movie he watched??!! If someone watched and enjoyed Schindlers List, does that make them a Nazi lover? Or, how about Gone Girl? Don’t see anyone ranting and raving over this movie…a woman totally plays mind games with her husband and set him up for her murder, and he stayed with her in the end! How dare he! How dare anyone enjoy that movie that promotes husband abuse! (Yes,being sarcastic!)
    Get a life people! It’s fiction! If you are really that bothered by it don’t see it, or better yet, use it to educate people on what abuse may or may not look like, and about the choices they have.
    If you bothered to read the book, you will know there is much more to the story than just a man controlling a woman. And, I know it’s hard to believe, but she actually has a lot of power over him too, and part of the story is her discovery of that, among other things…
    God bless you Russell!

  • K Wammack

    A lot of people like to call themselves “Christians”. But their choices and attitudes define them, not the title they give themselves.

  • Harry

    Allow me to clear something up for all of you: Anyone who thinks it’s “disappointing” or “foolish posture” for Russ to call this movie a great film should also bash Jews for watching Schindler’s List or reading Night be Eli Wiesel and thinking they are great movies/books.

    • Josh

      Harry, your comparison is apples to oranges. The context of Schindler’s list is clearly denouncing nazism. If you want a more accurate comparison, try “The Triumph of the Will,” a pro-nazi propaganda piece. The reason it’s a better comparison is, as “Fifty Shades of Grey” is showing BDSM which is so abusive that BDSM communities want to disassociate themselves from it as something sexy and enticing, “Triumph of the Will” shows Hitler, not to condemn Hitler, but to praise him.

      I dare any husband who thinks it’s just a good movie to tell his wife how much we wants to watch it and ogle the actress and see if the Schindler’s List comparison still flies when she pulls out the rolling pin.

      Sex aside, making a comparison between a crappy fan fiction and fantastic films is an insult to quality filmmaking.

  • Beth T

    Well, I read the first book of the series and have no desire to read the rest, but in that book it is consensual, contracted, and she walks away from him as it exceeds her boundaries. Sounds like choice to me.

  • Laura Millet

    For those of you who have NEVER read the books….read it before you pass judgement… all you damn convenient Christians out there…it’s not only about bondage…it’s about personal redemption…which apparently many of you have never considered…

  • Michelle C

    Russell can see and do whatever he wants but I have chosen not to trust his judgement. Not just over this, his young age is showing lately. I don’t question his faith, no one has that right. I have chosen not to follow his twitter, instagram and Facebook that is how you who dislike actions, by not supporting him and what he wants to endorse

  • Lori Gordon

    I tell you the more i hear about this movie, and now with Russell Wilson <——–loser in the SB lol he is a HYPOCRITE,its a disgusting movie/and book……..he is NOT a GOD fearing Man in any sense of the word…well they lost that is all that matters……….no comments please from you loser seachickens……………lol do not care……..

    • Jamie

      His opinion on the movie literally has nothing to do with the outcome of the Superbowl. How is he a hypocrite? Next time you wanna use a word in your argument, try googling the definition because you’re not using the right adjective hun. If you’re going to give your shitty opinion, at least do so where its relevant.

  • Mardene

    Oh now they will make something BIG TO DO ABOUT THIS!!! Being polite? probably but seeing this movie doesn’t make the man Russell Wilson really is so get a life……….I watch some movies rated R if they have a GOOD PLOT then it’s a good movie, but I know I’m a good person even so. I don’t make them my daily entertainment….

  • Monica

    Fifty Shades has absolutely NOTHING to do with domestic violence. I’m not a fan of the books but did read them. The relationship was consensual and furthermore having a dom/sub relationship doesn’t mean it’s domestic violence.

    • Cynthia Woody

      You are kidding… right? Because that was one of the most IGNORANT things I’ve heard in a long time if you were being serious. Hope you were kidding…


    Pretty disappointed in you Russell. Why would you even step foot inside a theater to see that crap? I thought you respected women more.

    • Cynthia Woody

      Okay, speaking as a GOD fearing Christian woman, WHAT? My goodness are you a judgmental hypocrite. Seriously you are worried about him watching a woman in a film about a relationship formed in a bondage type setting. If you don’t understand it, don’t speak on it. Did you see the movie or are you just regurgitating someone else’s opinion because you are too afraid to see it and make your own. And as far as Russell Wilson’s movie watching preferences are concerned, do you really think we wouldn’t think you strange if we saw a list of all of the movie’s you have seen? Are you throwing stones Sandra, hope your not living in a glass house, but somehow I’m sure you are, even if you won’t admit it!

  • WA Film

    Hey, Russell Wilson? It was actually filmed in Vancouver despite being set in Seattle, so you’re actually contributing to the death of the WA state film industry.

    • lloydmatcs

      Now think about it WA FILM, do you really think he is doing more to hurt Seattle with that one comment than all the other positive things he does for the Seattle community, all year around? Are you really going to focus on just that one thing over all the other good that he does for our community and children? Really?

      • WA Film

        Of course he does more to help Seattle than hurt it. Did that honestly need pointed out? It is possible look at individual issues honey.

  • DAYJAY12

    AMEN RUSSELL , I don’t understand how that person could call you a GODBOTHERER , When we just by saying that truly small hearted comment ,it has hurt GOD’S HEART!! Not because they said it about you ,but that their heart is so void of him. Praying some light of GOD reaches that person this week!! Blessings We as christian s can’t just hide our heads and hearts in the sand , in order to pray for others we at least need to understand what it is were are praing for!! Help, comes from understanding what is needed!!!

  • Lloyd

    18 of the 20 largest money making movies last year contained violence and sexist portrayals of women and you are going to criticize Russell Wilson for seeing one film? Really? Do you like James Bond films, Rambo, Captain America, The Hunger Games, Bourne Identity, the Godfather, any films on war such as Black Hawk Down, The Hurt Locker or The Sniper? Get over your holier than thou selves and quit judging others until you have perfected your own lives, or maybe they are perfect already? Maybe you should concentrate on the good that Russell Wilson does, or better yet, try to do the same before you criticize him. What is wrong with you people? Does it make you feel better about your own sins or perhaps even deny them, by criticizing someone else? Why do you have to judge others before you even have the courage to judge yourselves and do something about it?

  • lloydmatcs

    18 of the 20 largest money making movies last year contained violence and sexist portrayals of women and you are going to criticize Russell Wilson for seeing one film? Really? Do you like James Bond films, Captain America, The Hunger Games, Bourne Identity, the Godfather, any films on war such as Black Hawk Down, The Hurt Locker or The Sniper? Get over your holier than thou selves and quit judging others until you have perfected your own lives, or maybe they are perfect already? Maybe you should concentrate on the good that Russell Wilson does, or better yet, try to do the same before you criticize him. What is wrong with you people? Does it make you feel better about your own sins or perhaps even deny them, by criticizing someone else? Why do you have to judge others before you even have the courage to judge yourselves and do something about it?

  • Darren

    I thought that he would have had stronger values than to see that movie. We all make our own choices and stand on our own foundations.

  • Bill Collins

    I hope RW3 isn’t caught up in today’s pop culture to the degree that by seeing Fifty Shades if Grey he would leave feeling uplifted and worth the price of admission. I do not plan to see the film because I find it unnecessary to view the demeaning of a woman (and women, in general)who apparently enjoys her relationship with Grey, or has lost the power and her better judgement to end it.

  • Andie B

    How many of you watch movies that involve adultery, underage sex, drugs, murder, and violence with guns? A LARGE PORTION OF YOU. Murder is mortal sin, there are thousands of movies out there that portray murder (very) lightly. Those who condemn must have never seen Gone Girl, Unfaithful, Basic Instinct, War of The Roses, Fatal attraction, American Beauty, Psyco, Romeo and Juliet, the list goes on and on friends. Condemn one, condemn them all, you cannot pick and choose, sin is sin after all, guess who’s guilty???

  • Cynthia Woody

    Are you seriously doubting how ‘religious’ he is due to what movie he watched? If that was the barometer used to determine who is truly religious, well then we will pretty much all be pagans. I mean really… get over it, get over yourselves and give the man a break. He outwardly praises GOD for all that is good, gives of his time and his emotional well being by sharing with the sick kids at Seattle Hospitals and does much more in the community in which he lives and you pissy people want to cry because the man saw a damn movie and thought it was good. OMG, do we not have real crisis in this country. I am so disappointed that any one took offense to this. With how far technology has come thusfar, hopefully science will soon find a way to remove your heads from your asses you bible thumping hypocrites.

  • Shay

    Countless movie plots are uncomfortable/upsetting and are still considered great movies. Watching it does not make Wilson any less of a Christian nor does it mean he condones abuse. Do people have so little going on in their lives that they must nitpick every little thing he does? Seriously folks, give it a rest already

  • Charlie

    I tried to read the book. It’s so poorly written it shouldn’t even be called a book. I couldn’t make it through 50 pages. That’s how bad it was. Don’t plan on ever seeing the movie but if he’s controlling her like people say and ignoring safe words in the movie then I gotta say that’s abuse. No judgment here though. Take what you want from the film. Say maybe it’s about a woman exploring different things and learning more of herself and what’s better for her. Whatever. It’s a movie people. Let’s not get bent out of shape over it.

  • Grandma7

    Get a life and quit judging people! He went to a movie, who cares what movie, it is a movie! Watching a movie and liking how it was done doesn’t mean you agree with the content. GET A GRIP PEOPLE, focus on yourself and how you can be a better person, not on how YOU think others should live their lives.

  • first and ted

    All this because he looks at everything in a positive light…. O_o So why all the attacks??? What the hell is wrong with you people???

  • John

    Cmon now. Why all the negativity about Russell. 1 it’s a movie 2 if he liked the movie it could just be because the idea behind the movie was well played. Doesn’t mean he’s sitting there saying hell Yea beat that girl up. Jesus just cause someone is all about god doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy some of the things that man has created. But I guess he shouldn’t watch any movies. Such as expendable ‘s because the violent depiction against other nations. Or spiderman he might as well live in a temple with no tv. With how you people twist his words.

    • More Literate Than You

      And if you knew anything about the Bible, you’d know it’s not your job to judge what others do/watch/say. I’ve no desire to see this movie, at all, but I’m not going to judge anyone who does see it and tell them they’re not good Christians. That’s not my place. At all. Because last time I checked, I was not God, nor was I His Son, Jesus Christ. Heard the Scripture that says, “Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.”? KJV Luke 6:42.

  • Jack Mehoff

    I’m a big fan of Russell Wilson, and agree that just because he watches a movie with controversial subject matter doesn’t mean he has the same values. It’s called being open minded and non-judgmental which is also a Christian belief. I am a little concerned about seeing him in that photo sitting with Beyonce and JayZ (whom have not been too shy in showing their Luciferian tendencies aka illuminati. But as long as Russ doesn’t get involved in whatever THEY are involved in, no harm no foul. They are people too. Christians need to remember that no one is perfect and many of us are more lost and confused than others BUT… that does not mean we turn away from them or consider ourselves better than they are. We try to be the best children of God we can be and to help other children to find their way to God as well. No exceptions. Risky or not.. That is the deal. And if we lose our way, we try to find the way back as well. Always do our best to stay on the right path that God wants us on. That is truly the best any of us can hope for in this life in this world.

  • Chris

    What are you left with when you take Fifty Shades and remove the money? Check out our “Thrifty Shades” parody trailer to find out:

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