Mom with 4 kids, one with cerebral palsy, wins $188M from Powerball

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SHALLOTTE, N.C. — One of the three winning tickets in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing belongs to Marie Holmes, a 26-year-old mother with four kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy, WECT reported.

She bought the ticket at Scotchman convenience store on Whiteville Road in Shallotte, N.C. She takes home a piece of the $564 million jackpot — roughly $188 million, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery.

“I don’t think it’s really hit me,” she said. “I guess when it hits my account is when it’s really going to hit me, but I’m thankful that I can bless my kids with something that I didn’t have.”

Holmes worked at McDonald’s and Walmart but recently had to quit to care for her children, one boy and three girls.

When she was asked if she’s ready to deal with that much money, Holmes said, “I’m ready for it. I’m ready to embrace the change. I’m very grateful for what’s about to happen for my family.”

“First I’m going to pay my tithes because I wouldn’t have none of it if it wasn’t for God,” she added.

Holmes also plans to set up college funds for her children and buy a new house. She was en route to Raleigh to meet with lawyers and speak to a financial advisor before turning in the ticket to North Carolina lottery officials.

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  • Paula

    Amen ! A beautiful, loving mom! Her priorities are in line. I’ll pray she and her family can go forward with same values! Blessings to a wonderful gal, yes your grandma is proud of you! Continue to make her proud!!

    • Ron

      So she used her welfare money to play the lottery? Glad she won but she should have been using that money for her kids. The chances of actually winning are too small to blow on it when you’re living off the state.

    • Glen

      It sounds like she was working two jobs to try to support herself and her children. Seems like she is trying to do her best for them. I say cut her some slack, and wish her the best.

      • rosietheterrorist

        She said she quite her jobs to take care of her kids, that means she was on Welfare being supported by taxpayers who thus also paid for the lottery ticket and I have been unable to find any mention of Baby Daddies. Guaranteed that all 4 of them will be coming out of the woodwork now because depending on the laws in the state they are entitled to share in the prize. And naturally the lawyers will make a ton deciphering this one.

        • Cheyenne

          I shouldn’t even reply to this because you’re name suggests you’re another ignorant internet bully, but I’ll leave a comment anyway in case someone else is tempted to agree with you. You don’t know her circumstances, but you know her color. If she was white, I’m sure you’d think she was some kind of heroic mother, but she isn’t because she’s black and therefore on welfare. Before you say I’m pulling the “race” card, tell me…how did you come to your conclusion that she’s even on welfare? Do you think jobs at McDonalds and Wal-Mart are going to pay for nurse care for her disabled child? Even if she was on welfare, the taxes deducted from her winnings will pay for whatever she might have used and the next hundred people on the program. Get off your racist stereotyping high horse and go do something positive with your life.

  • Laura

    This made me cry! My brother had cerebral palsy. The cost to meet his medical bills was a constant stress in our family! Who cares if she received assistance in the past? A lot of people who have disabilities get help in some fashion. We didnt qualify for financial or medical but my brother’s physical therapist helped us get a special wheel chair we couldnt afford. This woman was raising four children on her own! Let’s be happy for one another and not covet what she got!

    • rosietheterrorist

      Your tax dollars paid for the ticket, it says she quite her job to take care of her kids, so where’s the father(s)? They will want a share of the prize monies now and depending on the laws in the state of North Carolina I’m certain they are entitled to something. I’ll assume there are more than one father involved since 72% of all blacks are born out of wedlock, it’s their “culture”. So, she will have to get a lawyer and the father(s) will get lawyers (unless there’s an out of court settlement which is unlikely because she’d say, “You weren’t in the household and contributed nothing in the past”), and of course the lawyers will be looking at a big payday so they will work pro bono and just axe for say 30% of the proceeds so she’ll end up losing half of her jackpot to lawyers and deadbeat dads.

  • imgrandmacarol

    This is exactly who should win these drawings! She sounds clearheaded and is putting her family first -but AFTER she tithes to her church! BAH HUMBUG to the fathers of her children. Best he/they stay out of her life – haven’t been much help so far or so it seems!! NO HANDOUTS Marie!!

  • rswan

    Run and hid now, people will expect you to give them a ton of money.

    And take the money in Yearly Installments, that way you will get more than $6 million (Before taxes)…around $3 million a year. You will have money for the next 30 years and will blow it with family/fiends and taxes.

  • K r e

    And so it begins. Lord, protect this family from the haters, the evil, the jealous, and the greedy. Allow her the peace to love and care for these children without vultures swarming thier heads.

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