Coroner requests inquest into Pasco orchard worker’s shooting; witnesses say he was telling cops ‘to stop’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Youtube screen capture

PASCO, Wash. (AP) — A coroner whose office is conducting an autopsy on an orchard worker shot by Pasco, Washington, police after he was accused of throwing rocks at officers is considering convening an inquest jury to look into the death.

The Seattle Times reports that Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel said controversy over Tuesday’s shooting of 35-year-old Antonio Zambrano-Montes would justify a coroner’s inquest, in which a jury is presented with evidence and decides whether the officers’ actions were justified.

The police shooting has sparked anger at what some say is another example of police brutality and excessive force.

In Blasdel’s words, “We don’t want another Ferguson here in Pasco.” He referred to the riots that followed the Aug. 9 shooting death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, and a grand jury’s decision not to indict.

Pasco Police Chief Bob Metzger has appealed for patience during an investigation by the Tri-City Special Investigation Unit and an internal review. Blasdel says he won’t decide about an inquest until the investigation is complete.

Multiple videos of the shooting have popped up online. Q13 FOX News has not embedded the video because it is extremely graphic.

About 100 protesters marched outside Pasco City Hall Wednesday, with some chanting “It was only a rock,” CNN affiliate KEPR reported. Later in the evening, more protesters took to the intersection where the shooting occurred.

A rally is to be held at noon Saturday at Volunteer Park, which is across from City Hall. From the park, the protesters plan to walk to 10th and Lewis for a vigil, police said.

Zambrano’s family and protesters are pushing for answers. His cousins were in the crowd outside City Hall Wednesday. They told reporters Zambrano wouldn’t have been able to understand the commands.

“He didn’t understand English and they were talking to him in English,” one cousin said. “Why not get a Hispanic officer?”

A witness, Juan Rodriguez, told KEPR that Zambrano was “telling them to stop… but then the cops, they didn’t listen and they just shot him. All three cops started shooting him.”

Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel said Zambrano’s shooting death was the fourth fatal officer-involved shooting in the area in the past six months. According to the Tri-City Herald, officers were cleared in the other three shootings.


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    • 03sv1g

      Not that I agree that this man should have been killed, because I wasn’t there, but the original story did say that he was tased before he was shot and it had no effect.

      • Frosted Flake

        Every badge should have a camera in it. Fisheye lens. Onmi microphone. No on/off button.

        Not just to be able to see and hear what actually happened. But so everyone will know we will see it, and hear it, on channel 7 at 11.

    • Conkey Livesat Sunnyvale

      really jim? i’m just so sure all 3 cops where sitting around the station house plotting and planing against him while suspect was getting ready for release from jail a few days before saying ”hey lets get that guy once out of jail custody to start throwing rocks so we can murder him in front of everybody”…..i think the rocks the suspect was throwing are more intelligent then your logic is jim and after 3 taser strikes and with no effect and only seconds or less to decide you go back to your sidearm as next step in protecting the public and themselves from harm by this suspect….. duh

      • Gunnartheviking

        Of course they were! They was just sayin man it’s been long time since I shot me Mexican today is the day. You all in with me.
        Totally logical. To the lefty’s.

    • aintno1special

      Jim, ever hear of a padded room? (if you haven’t it seems to me like you may soon find full discovery!) IT WAS PLANNED!! The cops even placed the rocks there for him to pick up!!

  • kit

    I support the police in this case 100%. The dead brown perp was obviously trying to harm them, I don’t understand why people cannot see this as clearly as I do.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Seriously, so the police need to learn the language of everyone that decides to come to this country?
    Learn the language of a country if you’re going to live there, if the police are present put your hands up, this is fairly universal in most countries and for God’s sake don’t throw rocks at the police. I’m not aware of any countries this would be an acceptable response.

    Be accountable for your actions and quit looking for others to blame. Parents fail to raise there kids properly and the police are expected to risks their safety and lives by getting hit with rocks that CAN cause harm because some moron things he’s above the law.
    This is pathetic. He’s in a free country, he chose to exercise his rights to do whatever he wanted and break the law, he suffered the consequences. Case closed.

    Quite whining and raise your children to be smarter than the rocks they’re throwing.

    • 03sv1g

      I totally agree on the language issue. It’s his own fault if he didn’t understand English. When I go to another country, I sure as hell don’t expect them to speak my language. It’s my responsibility to make sure I can communicate.

  • Derek

    Um people listen
    He threw rocks at police officers he hit two of them
    Rocks are deadly weapons yes they are
    The taser did not work
    Throw rocks at police officers your gonna get shot
    Legal shooting
    i find it interesting that people say a Hispanic cop should have been called to communicate with the guy
    Question are the police supposed to stand there and get hit by rocks S the Hispanic police officer is coming
    Is our constitution written in Spanish or English
    Learn the language of the country your in and do not throw rocks at police officers
    By the way I dislike the police but they are correct by shooting him

    • Conkey Livesat Sunnyvale

      this is 1988 calling jazzy over… revolver’s have been out of police service near 30 yrs now so you must be able to channel into the past then to hear police firing service revolvers ? oh while i’m here let me ask .. who did kidnap the lindberg’s baby?

      • jazzy

        ha ha! Whatever they call their weapons today. Ferguson cops are testing out non lethal guns. Pasco should be next. Along with body and dash cams.

  • dg54321

    The “graphic video” clearly shows that the guy with the rocks resisted a taser, refused to comply with orders to drop the rock(s), ran from officers, stopped, turned around and raised his hands in an aggressive manner after having his hands in his pockets, and THAT is why he was shot as he was. It’s clear, like the Ferguson debacle, that race baiters and professional instigators are in this to stir up controversy, drum up irrational fear and hatred of the police, and keep the races divided and fighting one another. To what end, only they know, but it’s par for the course for them.

  • tired worker

    If he was an American, he should know English, If he was a ilegal alien, he should have stayed in his own country. Not saying I think the police were justified in shooting him, but neither could understand what the other was saying. As far as Michael Brown, he was a criminal who had just did a felony robbery and was trying to take the officers gun, to what? shoot the officer, but then I guess that would be okay as long as it was the officer who was then unarmed.

    • dg54321

      As if getting a settlement is proof of wrongdoing; it simply means it was cheaper for the PD to pay a small sum than pay their lawyer to fight in a trial in court.

  • Donis Billings

    Why are they doing an internal investigation? So the buddies of the killers can distort the truth? I think an outside agency should be taking a look at this. The State Governor and the state justice department need to be on this. The tri-cities police departments are all friends. The comments that I have read from many of the police supporters seen to like the fact the a bad guy died and didn’t deserve his day in court. The mentality of these people are no better than the terrorist group ISIS. The video clearly shows the chase while shooting in a crowd and the murder of an unarmed man with his hands in the air. These brutal, barbaric actions of police is just another confirmation that this country has become just like the middle east. “Comply or die”. Not the war on terror, but the war on citizens. Pretty embarrassing and makes it really hard to trust the people that are supposed to protect our safety and our rights when we are not given either one. If Antonio was not allowed to live, then the killers should go to jail and await trial by jury just like any one else. No one else gets an internal investigation! Everyone else is guilty until proven innocent, Why not the police? Instead police are special killers they get paid leave for murder until their buddies decide if it was justified or not. How about a jury of civilian citizens? Cops are NOT above the law! Especially if they are incapable of upholding it!

  • jrdolphin

    “He didn’t understand English and they were talking to him in English,” one cousin said. “Why not get a Hispanic officer?”
    A witness, Juan Rodriguez, told KEPR that Zambrano was “telling them to stop… but then the cops, they didn’t listen and they just shot him. All three cops started shooting him.”
    Seems legit… Selective English skills?

  • Donis Billings

    I am wondering who consented to the autopsy? Why was it needed? Was it to count the bullets? Or to test for drugs so that the cops can say he was under the influence and give them the right somehow to gun him down.? Pathetic!

  • aintno1special

    It has been stated that this suspect did not understand English…I have to wonder why after living in a country for 10 years, why the thought of learning the basics commands did not cross his mind. I have traveled to many countries and before I went there I made sure I knew how to understand and say the most basic of things!

  • aintno1special

    It has been stated that this suspect did not understand English…I have to wonder why after living in a country for 10 years, why the thought of learning the basics commands did not cross his mind. I have traveled to many countries and before I went there I made sure I knew how to understand and say the most basics of the native language!

  • tada

    He’d have committed sex crimes or other violent crimes and run right back to mehico anyway. They saved a bunch of American’s from being victimized. If you want to throw softball sized rocks at people, go back to mehico to do it.

      • aintno1special

        Don’t lie PEETY. Nothing definitive that says the officer in question was the one accused of the activities you profess. Conjecture and speculation!

  • jenni on the block

    Why do so many people stupidly believe that cops have the time to stop and give a whole lot of thought when they are being physically threatened by a bad guy? Here’s a clue Dumbos – if you threaten a cop with violence, there is a good chance you will die. Has nothing to do with whether you actually deserve to die, but we know the rules ahead of time and if you break them it’s a nice point for Darwin and I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

  • Northworst

    Why am I not surprised to see all the Komoracists congregate to a Fox News site after the comments were disabled there. Good riddance I say! Enjoy your little dark corner here.

    • "peety"

      To be fair, Q13 is independently owned. In fact, they may lose their fox affiliate. I have found their local broadcast tea to be impartial and even a little left leaning at times.

      But their comment engine is lame. Can’t believe KOMO pulled the plug like that. They are going to lose 90% of their traffic. I wish them luck paying the bills.

      • dg54321

        I’ve found Q13 to be much better at actually telling accurate NEWS than KOMO ever was. Agree that they should update their comment system, but to anything but Livefyre.

  • Kit

    Albuquerque police have a similar problem with low standards, poor judgement and ethical lapses. It will be interesting to see how it shakes down in NM.

  • di

    I watched the video several times. The language thing is not an excuse, he is here he should know the language. He was not attacking when he was shot, he was retreating (running in the opposite direction) With the mood of things now, Ferguson and all, a lot of people think the cops are trigger happy and out to get them especially if they are of color. The guy was in the wrong for throwing rocks (which I did not see in the videos) but I think killing him was undue force. I agree that the cops need to protect themselves but the video clearly shows him moving away in the opposite direction. So with the same logic I can pursue that was throwing rocks at me and shoot them after they left the immediate area. But I have to have a safe room in my house and be threatened before I can shoot a person.

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