Amber Alert issued after man stabs estranged wife, takes child in Spokane

Second case of measles confirmed in Port Angeles

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — Tests on Thursday confirmed that a 5-year-old girl in Port Angeles has measles, it was reported. It’s the second case of measles in Port Angeles in weeks.

The Peninsula Daily News said Dr. Tom Locke, public health officer for Clallam and Jefferson counties, told the newspaper that the infected child is at her home and has been kept from others outside her family since Wednesday night.

However, anyone who was in the waiting room at the Peninsula Children’s clinic on Wednesday at 902 Caroline St. was exposed, he said. The child was seen on the first day of developing a rash and would have been contagious since Saturday.

He said public health officials will check to see where the child had been. If she had been in public places, an advisory will be issued, he told the newspaper.

A 52-year-old Port Angeles man who had been hospitalized with measles is now fully recovered, the newspaper said.




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  • Ken

    I need someone to explain this to me. Helicopter moms and government officials all over the country have there panties in a wad because a small number of families refuse to immunize there children (I assume they as well are not immunized). For the majority of us that were immunized doesn’t it mean we are immune (hence the word immunize). Now I realize nothing is perfect but, with that said, what is the big concern? You were vaccinated, you won’t catch the measles. If you had your kids vaccinated, they won’t get the measles either. Seems to me like the only people that have a concern are those that chose not to be vaccinated. It also seems to me like Darwin should be left alone to continue on with his work and thin the heard. I know that sounds harsh but, what can ya do? People have been informed, the information is easily available. You can’t force morality on people, that just doesn’t work. So again, why is all the media attention focused on the measles?

    • jazzy

      the vaccine only works for 95% so 5% of immunized kids will still be susceptible Also, kids undergoing Chemo and/or other medical reasons, can’t get vaccinated.

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