UPDATE: Missing 15-year-old Tacoma mother and baby found safe in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — A 15-year-old girl who ran away from foster care with her 5-month-old baby after learning they would be separated and triggered an ‘endangered persons’ alert were found safe in Seattle at her boyfriend’s home, Tacoma police said Wednesday night.

Police said they will be transported back to Tacoma where Child Protective Services will place them together in a foster home for the night.

Data pix.

Authorities said the mom, Keymani Kirby, had been with her young son together in foster care. Kirby learned they would be separated Wednesday, officials said. Rather than face separation, Kirby ran away with her baby, police said.

An Endangered Missing Person Advisory was issued following their disappearance.

Tacoma Police Department's public information officer, Loretta Cool, explains why the alert was issued in the video below:

Data pix.


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  • mistie

    Maybe instead of the state separating her from her child they should keep them in a loving home where they can teach her how to be the mother that she can be and still succeed at school and work. I was a 15 year old mother myself and have raised my daughter who is now 17 and a great student and athlete, graduated high school with honors and still maintained a job all because of the help of my adopted family ( I was adopted through the state). I am not saying that it is right for a 15 year old to have a child but if it happens why not help set them up for success.

    • Shayne Monahan-Kerr

      I agree. If she wants to try to care for her baby even at the young age of 15 we should help her, teach here how. I thought the primary goal was to keep families to together whenever possible? She has obviously lost whatever other family she has to be in foster care, why are you taking the last of her from her?

    • Jamie Smith

      The video states clearly that they do not believe she is a danger to her child. There is no excuse for separating them in that case. As a both children are in foster care the state is going to be providing for both children anyway so what is the difference between them staying together and in separate homes? That doesn’t even make sense!

      • Victoria

        In my mind, the only reason they could have for seperating them, is that the Foster home in which she is currently placed, does not wish to handle an infant and help take care of it. In which case…. Maybe find her a new Foster home ?? :/

    • Rebecca Rees

      So this child was made to feel like she had no one who REALLY loved her. She was in foster care at 15 and had to fend for herself. I’m not going to speculate why she got pregnant but my guess is she thought, hoped, and prayed for someone to love her for her entire life!!! She had her baby and had the most amazing love you will ever feel! Then she was told they’d be separated!!! that’s disgusting!!! Our state, that supports crack heads who lie to get EBT cards and welfare can’t help a poor 15 year old child (who’s already confused, FYI) stay with her baby. It broke my heart the first day I had to leave my baby with my mom so I could go to work, I can’t even begin to imagine what this poor girl felt like when they were practically ripping her baby from her arms. I agree, she may not have the means to support her baby but maybe if the state was more supportive, maybe if instead of putting money into welfare for a bunch of lazy crack heads… they actually put it into things what matters this world would be a better place!!! GOD bless this mother and her sweet baby, I pray that she takes care of herself and him, it’s just sad that at 15 she has to do that on her own!!! Maybe instead of a missing persons report the media should offer this girl help… without having to leave her baby. This story makes me soooooo sad and I’m crying as I type this. Odds are against you sweetheart, but I have no doubt that you can overcome this if you want to!!!

  • Julie

    If they were in foster care, then obviously they’re not in danger. Why the hell would CPS separate them? Is someone waiting to pay for …er, adopt her child? I hope she finds a place to hide; if I see her, she’s welcome to stay at my house and care for HER baby. Shame on those child-stealers.

    • jennifer

      no one knows the whole story here, but just to clear this up: adopting out of foster care is free. as in you don’t pay the state for the child. the state actually SPENDS millions taking care of foster children and family unification is the goal in almost all situations when a child is removed. don’t perpetuate myths. everyone complains about the “system” but is everyone signing up to be a foster parent? didn’t think so.

    • Colleen

      Julie, in that cast you’d be harboring a runaway, and you’d be in jail. I suggest you find another way to voice your support for this young mother.

  • Kristina

    Disgusting. How horrible that she is already in the foster system and they want to take her baby. The whole point is to keep family together. Heartbreaking

    • DuhNigreus

      It’s “disgusting” that White America is forced to continue financing the monkeyshines of a promiscuous little ho such as “Keymani.” Shoot, the babydaddy is probably one of its brothers or cousins.

      • Chelle

        Pure ignorance on your part. Stop hiding behind the keyboard of your computer spitting out your racist rants….I’ve seen your nasty racist comments on numerous article comment sections. If you don’t like living in a diverse world, then move to your own island.

      • Alice

        I hope you are thrown out like garbage by anyone you care about. You are a disgusting person and a shameful waste of resources.
        I hope that you know what it is like one day to live in fear and pain. But that requires a soul.

      • Tanya

        Shame on YOU!!! YOU are a disgrace to our society…why do you even breath our same air??? Just remember…what goes around comes around buddy…I hope when you meet your maker he throws the book at you!

      • Rebecca Rees

        That’s disquesting!!! and FYi, i’m white (not that that matters)… I hate people who have no compassion for others, rather their black, white, yellow, orange or green! If you don’t open your heart to the world and start to care about someone besides yourself you’re going to live a really sad, pathetic life. I’ll pray for you!

      • VNII (@KittyHaii)

        Wait…. How did you even find out about the internet? How do you even have a computer? Don’t you live in the woods burning crosses, kissing cousins, with your deformed child that looks like Sloth from The Goonies in your basement? Who the hell is funding this goblin and giving him Wifi. Shoot, White America you are fucking up. Take away his Internet and throw a History book at his face.. Hardcover. Shockingly, he actually knows how to read, “ya’ll”

  • Amanda Charaba

    I agree with the other posters, if she was in foster care, then she should be taught how to care for her baby. But obviously we don’t know the situation, she may be a danger to that baby. I hope they are both found sage and maybe this will show them she doesn’t want to lose that baby. So very sad

  • unfancynancy

    This is a tragedy! I am not sure I could make that call if I did see them. I know many parents who didn’t have the ‘means’ to take care of their families but they did. Sounds like she loves that baby and there isn’t a person on this planet that could rip mine away from me, ‘means’ or no ‘means’. She needs support.

  • Leslie Glover Teehee

    There is more than a little wrong with a system that takes children from loving parents (with or without the means to care for, and the knowledge to care for) and puts them up for adoption, or puts them in foster care, (where in many cases they end up injured or worse). The same thing when a family applies for state aid, and can’t get it IF both parents live together so one parent has to absent themselves to take care of their family. There is an inequity in our moral system that makes the government, and authorities able to take children from parents, drop them in a hole in our system, and then plead ignorance when tragedy hits. Leave this child alone!!! If you see her and have the means, help her, somebody set up a gofundme account to give her the means to keep her baby. Someone sue the state for gross interference.

  • Bonnie

    This is CPS fault, she wants her baby, and now shes out in the cold to be with her baby. She wouldn’t have ran away if she was able to keep her baby. shame on the system for taking away a mother’s rights to be a mother!

  • Whitney

    I can’t help but think that the foster system could have very well found a home TOGETHER. What CPS and the state fail to realize is that this whole fiasco makes them look worse than people already see them. Teach her how to be a good mother, show her that she can rise above her circumstances and that is how you break the cycle.

  • Nicole

    I’d run too… why take a baby from her? She wants him, wants to take care of him so let her! Teach her skills so she herself won’t loose her kid to fostercare after she ages out. My prayers are with them both

  • Bobbie Smith

    Taking her child and leaving her no other choice than to run away with her child is nuts. Give her a place to be where she can raise her child and finish raising herself also. NO Mother should be faced with that decision and nor should anyone ever take a child away from a mother who wants to keep her child and has done nothing wrong. She obviously has the wrong foster parents and in my opinion shame on them. I Am sure there is someone willing to take this Mom and child in and if not send them to me in Puyallup and I will do the right thing in God’s name. Good for her standing up for her rights and her child. I am ashamed to be from this same County.

  • Tanya

    So if CPS doesn’t feel she is a threat to HER son…why would they separate them??? Makes no sense at all!!! They should be in a loving home that will help her learn some great parenting skills…I know it can be done…my aunt was a foster parent and took care of a young mother and her baby…if her current family can’t do it then find a different family that can! I am praying that this will happen for both of their sakes… I pray they are ok as well!!!

  • Bobbie Smith

    If you think having a child out on the streets is a crime at 15 then you’d have had your hands full in the1930’s when there were thousands of people on the streets with their kids and no means to support and they did not give their children away. She is 15 in the eyes of the court if she committed a crime she is an adult so leave the adult alone with her baby and let her find her own way which will probably be in a loving home that CPS has no way of finding because it would require them to do their job..like advertise for a foster home.. as you can see by these post we have done their job for them I see several people who would take her in including me and I don’t need to be a foster parent I would do it for free.

  • Bobbie Smith

    If I see her I will not turn her in I will welcome her into my home baby and all and shame on anyone who would not do the same. WE pay these services with our hard earned tax money and they cannot do the right thing and keep a mother and her child together. They are not dong their jobs and someone is probably looking to get a kick back to adopt the child out which is so much easier than doing the job we pay them for.

  • Tracy

    This is absolutely ridiculous taking her baby from her….has she not managed for 5 months already?? Take some and by some I mean at least 1/2 of Washington State who’s addicted to hard drugs & alcohol and not even using the money for the kids and GIVE TO THE ONES WHO DO NOT ABUSE THE SYSTEM!!! Give this girl a chance to be a mom…she chose to keep him now give her a damn chance!!! This is where the other part of the system SUCKS!!!

  • Patty b.

    I am disgusted that Tacoma would even think of separating a mother and her baby. I don’t care if this young girl if 15 or not. She is still a mother, and obviously understands what it means to love her child. I don’t know how you could do such a thing to a mother and her baby. I am disgusted with Tacoma. This makes me sick!!

  • Casaundra May

    I realize that having a child at this very young age will probably require her needing some help to care for herself and her baby. But really, many years ago, having a baby at this age frequently happened. My grandmother was one of them, and again, I say, it is really such a young age to start a family, but it is not unheard of.
    I sincerely hope the state wises up on this and realizes the best thing for these two is to make sure they are kept together.
    This is ludicrous and inhumane.

  • Kathy

    I think this girl needs an attorney or advocate who will help her fight for her child to stay with her.
    Why on earth is no one looking into DSHS and why they would separate a mother and child who clearly wants to be together. She maybe young but she has a right to her child.
    This is truly heart breaking.

  • Tracy Griffin

    There has to be more to this story, this just doesn’t make sense!!! I am 44 and was a teen mom kids are now in there 20’s both graduated, one in college, other has had the same job since he was 16. Neither have children. Neither have been in juvi or jail. Just to help people understand just because your a teen mom equals failure. No one ever tried to take my kids I had my own very sm apt and went to school. I didn’t live at home. Sure we went without a lot, I had to grow up fast. I came frm lack of parenting and no skills, so for me it was easy just do the opposite of how I was raised, read a lot, and I have 25 yrs clean from all substances. Def have no regrets. If this is the whole story and this mother has not shown any neglect they need to find placement for both of them. That is the states responsibility. It’s not to break bonds. Let her make the normal mistakes of parenting and mature with these responsibilities. My god she’s not 9 yrs old. What is the age that the state thinks it’s ok to raise a child on your own? This young mom needs a lot of support, I really hope a counselor, advocate, and a attorney step up to the plate.

  • Misty Henry

    It has also been known the sometimes the foster system will use teenage girls as breeders to get more children to adopt out and keep those kickbacks from the federal government coming in. I have a sneaking suspicion this was the case here, especially since they want to separate them just because of her age, not because of her ability to take care of her child. I’d say she acted very grown-up by taking a stand for her son and for herself.

  • VNII (@KittyHaii)

    There’s nothing more to the story. It’s the same as if siblings were in foster care, it’s not a packaged deal. And if the mother of the child was a “danger” to her child they would have 1.) made it public saying specifically how she’s a danger to the child NOT supporting wise and 2.) would have separated her and the baby from the beginning and after found wouldn’t have let her stay with the baby over night. Support shouldn’t be a factor the “government” is paying for them in foster care and if they went to the father’s and applied for Aid the “government” would still be paying, they should release her so both parents can raise the baby as a family. Keeping them there is irrelevant UNLESS they find a family/gaurdian who was willing to take both Kaymani and her baby in and help her grow to be a great mother herself. Finish school, go to work and have a support system.

  • kristina

    this is sad, as a mother myself. so sad. doesnt matter what age you are, she loves her baby, they should keep them together. Let her attend school and carry on responsibilities, at least let her try! the system sucks. my sister had a baby at 16, worked 3 jobs and raised her child with help of family. i hope there is an update to this story. i wish this young mother the best of luck, and i hope she can stay with her baby. im sure having love for her baby will help her get somewhere in life where she can provide for child by herself! <3

  • Karly

    i will not buy into the reason for separating them . to me this is about the state making money off this sweet child . i have seen it happen in the past .. smh shame on them . everyone open your eyes its about time the people put a stop to their l eagle trafficking crime they having going on …

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