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Bubby asked for mail for his 9th birthday, what he received may be the best thing ever (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

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GRAHAM, Washington --When Bubby Everson asked for mail for his 9th birthday he never expected this.

14,000 letters and 3,000 packages have arrived at the terminally ill 8-year-old's home in Graham since last week and his official birthday isn't even until Wednesday.

Soon Bubby's parents shared their story with Q13 FOX,  the cards, letters and stickers began pouring in from across the country.

“What started out as us hoping some people would send some cards has turned into packages, custom paintings,” said Thomas Everson, Bubby’s dad.

“It`s way beyond what we ever expected.”

Bubby is battling a host of health issues, including Cytomegalovirus and Scoliosis.

Not knowing how many birthdays he may have left, His parents wanted to make sure his 9th birthday was the best ever.

Bubby's story was picked up and shared by news organizations around the globe and since that time the mail has been arriving literally by the box full.

“We've got so many stickers now that we're going to be able to wall paper our entire house with stickers,” said Thomas.

Bubby is going through every card, peeling every sticker, but there are thousands. The boxes are piling up, and they're coming from around the world from places like China, Australia, and Cuba.

“We feel absolutely blessed. The amount of love from strangers is overwhelming and it fills our heart.”

If you want to send Bubby a card, it is not too late:

Bubby Everson
PO Box 1142
Graham, Washington, 98338.

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  • Kelsey

    Dear Bubby! You may not remember me, considering you were only 4 years old when I last seen you. My name is Kelsey, an back in 2010 I volunteered in your classroom at Bow lake elementary. I remember so many great things about you, an i remember them as if it was just yesterday. You lightened up my days in so many ways! Out of all the children in the classroom, I can honestly say you were the one who touched my heart the most! You have inspired me to never give up on my dreams an to stick to what i love!!! You are a fighter an I know you will continue to fight, fight for your dream an for what you love! You will make a tremendous difference in this world, as you’ve already done in mine!!! I am lucky to have met you, learn, play an work with you! You have a special place in my heart Bubby! Always will!!! Hard to believe you are going to be 9 years old already! You have grown so much in the years, but you bet I recognized that smile when I seen it! I hope you have the best birthday a kid could ever ask for!!! Best wishes to you an your family!!! -Kelsey

  • Mary Milhone

    Bubby ~ you have made so many people show their love and light…. thank you Angel…. Happy Birthday beautiful boy! <3 Mary Milhone & Family!

  • Cindy & Randy Sabo

    Happy Birthday Buddy, my wife Cindy & I are from Littlerock Wa. We are traveling across the country in our motor on a 6 month journey. Everywhere we go people know who you are and we share your story and encourage them to send more stickers😎 best wishes young man and manny more birthdays