SHOCKING VIDEO: Car prowl suspect steals thousands in broad daylight, with truck’s owner filling up gas mere feet away

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA — The Olympia Police Department released video of a brazen thief who prowled through a truck in broad daylight, all while the truck’s owner was on the other side of the cab pumping gas.

Police said the car prowl occurred Monday at a Safeway gas station near the corner Martin Way and Kasey Keller Drive. You can see in the upper right hand corner of the video, the truck’s owner gets out and to fill up two gas cans. Quickly, a man walks up, looks in the passenger side window, opens the door and grabs an envelope full of cash.

The victim told police around $3,600 was taken from the car.

The video is shocking largely because of how unafraid the thief is, stealing from a truck in broad daylight while the owner is mere feet.

If you can recognize the thief in this video, or have any information about the crime, call Olympia police at 360-704-2740.

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  • IP 145.374.032

    Does this police department also blame female rape victims for dressing too provocatively? Where are those videos? You serfs need to realize it is your fault you made it too easy and tempting for the criminals. And you can count on police to not even care. Every… single… time.

    By the way, this 3,600 dollars would have been subject to asset seizure by the police had the driver been drinking an energy drink while driving. Yup, the drinking of an energy drink has been used to justify police asset seizures.

  • Daniel

    I call complete bullshit on this.

    First what are the odds of a complete stranger walking up to a car that theyve never been in while the owner is right next to it meanwhile not having a clue as to if theres anything worthwhile inside.

    Second, the man claims that he had over 3 grand in his car at just that moment. Compare the value of everything inside his car to the value of everyone else that day in Olympia and I would have trouble imagining more than a person or two that was carrying that much money.

    So not only did this “robber” come up with super human courage to attack someone in broad daylight, surrounded by witnesses (and cameras), and get lucky as all can be by finding just about the richest vehicle in the entire city that day. And he didnt get seen by anyone either!?!!

    Too many statistical outliers, I call bullshit.

  • B. Smith

    The minivan that pulled up just prior to the theft was involved. He wasn’t parked in a position to gas up, nor was the gas tank on the pump side. He parked in a position to see the truck, then just prior to the theft he exited the minivan and stood by the pumps watching the truck. Probably backup muscle. Right at the end of the video he walks around and looks towards the thief as he is walking away.

    • B. Smith

      Also, the main suspect could possibly be female and has a bad right knee. Watch how the suspect handles the curb when walking off it prior to the theft then back on it making the getaway. Look at the hair as the suspect enters the truck.