Patriots players seen mocking Seahawks during Super Bowl Victory Parade (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: This story features some graphic language.

BOSTON — The New England Patriots held their Super Bowl Victory Parade on Wednesday, and several players appeared to take shots at the Seahawks.

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, the guy who caught the Pats’ last touchdown, appeared to hold a sign of a Richard Sherman meme that said “HOW MANY RINGS DOES BRADY HAVE?”

According to Bleacher Report, Sherman was seen taunting the Pats when the Seahawks went up 24 – 14 late in the 3rd quarter.

And then there’s this.

Running backs LeGarrette Blount and Brandon Bolden apparently each held up a shirt that said “B**** MODE” with the number 24.

Safety Devin McCourty and some of his teammates appeared to take aim at the recent Sports Illustrated cover featuring the Legion of Boom.

Bleacher Report had this to say:

“It’s not often that you see a professional sports team trashing the team it just defeated. However, these Patriots aren’t holding back.”

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  • laura

    I can not believe that some of u say the PATS should of not been in the SB….they were and they won :-) cheating??? Well, seachickens or pats are not my team, but i watch every game as i do live in seattle….Hawks ARE CHEATERS…PETE IS A CHEAT from way back in the day….bottom line is THEY GOT THEIR KARMA..plain and simple. the way they bad mouth and are nasty to any other NFL fan and or player………….like they say..BYE BYE FELICIA……lol ya lost too bad!
    Hawks can dish it out but can not take it!!!! suck it up kids ya lost….NO REPETE FOR YOU!!!!

      • laura4258

        niners fan LOL AT YOU i am a diehard niner fan for over 40 yrs so shut the heck up……..they are rude……and classless i know this because i live here in classless seattle………so STFU!

        • Nikki

          Hmm Laura, so you jump on the Hawk bashing because you have Crappydick as your QB? I have been a ‘niners fan for as long as I can remember. Joe Montana is and will always be the best QB ever. I am a Hawks fan AND a ‘niners fan. Grew up loving both teams. I cannot stand Kaepernick and believe my ‘niners will come back only after he is gone. As for Seattleites being classless, maybe you should surround yourself with a better class of people. I am born and bred in Eastern Washington. I have a lot of friends in Western Washington. I have not run across those people so it must be the people you attract. Try speaking and writing properly and you just might meet some of them.

          • laura4258

            Nikki shut up!~ who cares if your A NINER fan…………it is a free country and i can say what i want when i want…seachickens are rude, nasty and mean to niner fans, so shut up and oh yeah? that what funny laura just shut your mouth LOL that is funny ……………..

    • Linda

      All you Seahawk haters get the hell out of Seattle and move to freaking Pittsburgh where you belong bitches…..either there or New England territory…’s all the same (thieves & cheaters) because Seattle doesn’t want you living on our turf….. you cheating thieving jackasses! Seattle says good friggin riddens! GO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ALL DAY EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!!!

      • HawkNation

        Seahawks are still the best in the NFL. We got more pride and more fans than all you so called Pats fan. You guys are rude and just ain’t classy at all. Seattle got it again next year just watch. #HAWKGANGCUZ

        • galwayjoyce

          Buddy, Boston is a city of 600k and we have 4 pro teams. You lost a basketball team because no one cared. The players on your squad are unlikable–YOUR FANS BOOED PATS PLAYER DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM…IN FRONT OF MILITARY. How are those fans? How did you think Boston would respond?

          • laura4258

            Yes they are classless fans, i remember the niner/seachicken game last season when one of the niner players got hurt, badly, by a seachicken of course, as he was being taken off the field in a cart the SEACHICKEN fans threw garbage on him, HMMMM and u call yourself classy? NOT! that is only the TIP of the iceberg for u losers and your classless ways

          • Jane

            Beginning with the year 2000, Boston has the most championship titles; 4-NFL, 3-MLB, 1-NBA, 1-NHL. The second is NY with 7; although they have more major league teams than Boston.

          • Kev

            In reply to Jane, how does Boston have the most championships since 2000 when LA has MORE? NBA-5 NHL-2 MLB-1 and should I add WNBA as well? Los Angeles had over 8, good try.

          • Adrian

            Well we’re a city of 813k, and we beat you guys TWICE in the Stanley Finals. That’s right! TWICE! Boston is always inferior to Edmonton. We have lower crime rate and our livability is high than your New England Craphole!

        • hens in the chicken coop

          Hawknation you guys have so much pride walking out on the afc championship game and not being able to get back in. Some 12th man. Hawks fans are just like any other fans. No extra pride with you guys. Love ’em when there good leave ’em when they dying

        • Jane

          Please read Forbes magazine dated 8/20/14 and the article entitled, “The NFL’s Best Fans.” The Green Bay Packers are ranked #1, the New England Patriot’s fans #4, and the Seattle Seahawks #9.

    • DarD

      Exactly how do the Seahawks cheat? Were they the ones playing with delated footballs…nope….that would be the Patriot’s if you believe everything you hear….you are an idiot !!

      • patsfan

        How did the Seahawks cheat?!?!?! How about the fact that almost your whole team is on adderall. As for “deflategate”……seems like that is losing some traction……the only ball 2lbs below the 12.5 is the ball that Indy had on their sideline and the rest were only a tick under and that has been attributed to the weather……..sell your lies somewhere else.

    • Hank

      I’m assuming your team is that certain division rival of ours that went… what was it again… 8-8 this season? Bye bye Felicia.

  • Renee

    The Seahawks are a classy team who spend their off time visiting sick children at children’s hospital and doing other charity work. They deserve our respect, they are classy.

  • Nikki

    I was 5 years old when the Seahawks were franchised in 1976. I have been a fan since then. I love football and have a few teams I have always respected and cheered for. The Patriots have never been one of them. The 49’ers, Green Bay, Kansas City, Colts, Jets….yes. Patriots, Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos… Trash talking before and during a game is expected from all teams. It helps hype up the game and get the emotions flowing. I don’t take part because I believe in actions, not words. After a game, good sportsmanship is a must. It helps people feel good about their team, win or lose. Engaging in trash talking after a game is in extremely poor taste for ANY team. If the Seahawks had done that last year I would have felt the same. Is Richard Sherman a little overzealous in his trash talking? Of course. He also gives credit where it is due. Most people only read about the bad stuff. How many of you have followed the positive things the players have done? For fans to clebrate defeating a team instead of for winning a game shows ignorance and fear. See you next year.

        • Mile High

          Robert you need to get your eyes checked. Gronk slapped the back of someone’s helmet, then Irvin threw the first punch at Gronk. Tell me, if Gronk threw a punch first, why was Irvin the one ejected from the game? Get your facts straight, and stop being so butthurt. Your team sucks, and lost like shitty teams do.

      • Sandra

        Yo everybody just calm down and chill. Look, trashing one another’s team is just pointless. It’s not gonna make fans see their team any differently. Seahawks fans are still gonna stay seahawks fans, and patriots fans are still gonna stay patriots fans. We can all say the patriots did this or seahawks did that, but at the end of the day, the fact or the matter is that Patriots won and Seahwks lost, get over it, there’s still another superbowl next year, just saying. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m die hard Seahawks fan, I’m just trying to be the voice of reason in this unnecessary bickering. i mean damn! yall need to take it easy. its just a game, a very important and exciting game, yes. But still just a game.

  • S.F Fan!!

    Love it cause chicken hawks fans are cry baby’s!!! Half of them been on the wagon since 2012… I live in Washington and it brings me great pleasure that New England fans are rubbing it in there face, whoppie Goldberg (Sherman). I’m living in paradise now…Love seeing especially the media try and continue to stretch it as long as they can… Pathetic. Anyways let the NW rain wash away your tears so nobody knows how sorry your team and fans are. rubbing it in everyone’s face…. Today is a great day to live in the NW….. Looks like the 12th fake fan is back to 11 Now….!!!!

    • first and ted

      Why are you so but hurt? O_o All fans know that all teams talk trash, Seahawk and Pats alike….
      Sometimes tasteless, sometimes funny. There’s no reason to manufacture all this hatred in your make-believe universe…. c’mon man, take a chill pill… GO HAWKS !!

    • laura4258


    • Hawkfan4life

      F#$! Off and move back to SF then, you obviously can’t handle your own teams destruction and utter incompetence. Have fun trying to break 8-8 while we win the Super Bowl next year!!!!!!!

  • mandyinseattle

    Remember, the Pats BARELY won. They shouldn’t act like it was a humiliating blowout or something because they’re only humiliating themselves. This is a classless team. And their fans are no great shakes either. You all should be embarrassed, but whatever. We’ll see you next year — if you can still play after being penalized for cheating. Oh, wait, that won’t happen. We’ll see you cheats next year. In the meantime, study the Seahawks if you want to learn the important things in life.

    I am happy to love a team who loves each other and plays with integrity than a team who cheats to win — and then acts like they deserve it LOL.


      we deserve it.28-24- final.last time i checked the team with more points wins !!- seattle got busted a few times within the last couple years cheating as you call it…check the facts;seattle seahawks mostly are thugs;thankfully pete carroll is your coach !!- smart guy lmao. #4RINGS #DONTHATETHEPLAYER #JEALOUSY #DYNASTY #BEST TEAM EVAHHHH ….just hand it to marshawn pete lol

      • robert

        All you hawk haters act like Brady did something great, if you look at things in perspective, Brady is a great quarterback, but he only did what other quarterbacks would have done in that same situation. Earl, Cam, & Sherman all needed surgury before the game but still played, Lane broke his arm after intercepting a Bardy paass, & Avril had to leave the game after a concussion (league rules). The sad thing is that we almost beat you even though we weren’t at full strength. The sports comentators are saying Brady played the best quarter of his career. If we were all healthy we would be talking about whether the Hawks could go 3 in a row. Not about Brady being so great. By the way, it took Brady 6 times to win 4. Montana & Bradshaw are 4 & 0 in super bowl appearance’s. He’s a great QB, but not the greatest!!!

        • galwayjoyce

          Brady did what NO ONE HAS EVER DONE. A 10 point deficit in the Super Bowl has NEVER been overcome. Your secondary could have been at 100% and it wouldn’t have mattered, because the Pats didn’t go to any of the hurt stars’ way. Your QB CHOKED from half a yard away–even if the play was a bad call, WHO throws a pick from 1.5 ft away? Besides, your coach is part of the team…all of them are. Bad play calls fall under the category of intellect, strategy, and mental strength under duress. Give credit where it is due–your team lost because an undrafted rookie was coached so well, that he recognized the play and did the borderline impossible…after Brady made history with ANOTHER Super Bowl comeback. The Hubris that is a hallmark of your team, is rubbing off on the fanbase. And MONTANA himself has stated that Brady belongs in the convo. THIS is why our fans went nuts…THIS is why The Seahawks are the only team hated more than the Pats. Your team is ALL-TIME great, but the team and fans show NO respect to anyone else in making the same observation about other teams/players. I LOVE Seattle–Favorite city outside of Boston, but the Whining and lack of graciousness in loss by the team and its fans, has COMPLETELY changed my mind–I wasn’t expecting this from a city i used to respect so much.

          • Nikki

            I am in a lot of FB Seahawk fan groups. There have been a few people whining on there but for the most part I see people accepting the loss with good grace and no trash talk. I and a lot of my friends and family posted congratulations to the Pats on the win and reiterated our love for our Hawks whether we win or lose. Yes, there are a lot of bandwagon fans who are butthurt and bitter. They are the first and the loudest to bitch about everything. The real fans, the ones who have been there since day one or a few days ago, love the guys no matter what. We can, and will, express our disappointment if a player does something underhanded but we have faith. We believe. We start up a letter writing campaign to send to them and let them know we love them whether they came home with the trophy or not. Please do not paint all 12’s with the same brush. I know I do not deserve that. The Pats played a great game. My son-in-law is a lifelong Pat’s fan and after the game I congratulated him and he said the Seahawks are a great team and he has a lot of respect for them. That is how this should work.

          • kodancer

            I will beg to differ on that because I use to live in washington and when the Seahawks started to get good recently that’s the only footballs fans I liked, pats fans are just to in your face like massholes are they are to aggressive for there own good, and seattle is way more passive then any stare I’ve lived in. They can’t talk shit if they tried, nor do many people get into fights, but even when the pats loose there fans are in denial and still complete assholes I don’t care how far they went that year, they are starting to loose more for a reason. If they were to win that whole season when they were unseated then I would think otherwise but still haven’t done it so please everyone just needs to take a seat and stop boasting because at this rate the NFL is a joke.

      • Crystal

        im glad you said 24 to 28. The Patriots only won by 4 frikin points! its not like they one by a landslide like the Seahawks last year. again they won bye 4 frikin points! I don’t know why patriot fans are boasting. it was a lucky win. the only thing that cost us the champion ship is because we didn’t go beast mode on your asses in those last seconds, we threw the ball and you guys were lucky enough to intercept it. key word: LUCK. not skill. so you patriots need to stop being so damn proud

    • Dhaze

      @MANDYINSEATTLE. You are an absolute moron. Your team has had multiple players caught for using PEDs, but you want to paint them out to be a team without imperfections. Every team, including the Patriots have done things that are against league policy. Today, there was report about the Falcons pumping crowd noise into their stadium during games. That is a clear violation of league rules, but nobody is making a big deal about it. Earlier this season, the Vikings were caught warming up footballs with a heater on the sidelines. Nobody made a stink about it. I understand that everyone wants to bring down the Patriots because they have been so successful and that Bill B is such a polarizing figure, but lets see what the NFL’s investigation comes up with before we jump to conclusions on this. You are obviously a diehard Seahawks fan and I can appreciate that. But… You’re a F-ing moron.

    • User101

      Yet, fans in Seattle claim they BEAT Green Bay, when the Hawks BARELY won. Had it not been for the onside kick and Green Bay’s botched plays, none of you Hawks fans would be talking right now. Bottom line: a win is a win no matter how close the game was. Oh and the cheating? I seem to recall Pete Carroll having issues back at USC and who’s to know for sure if he didn’t use the same tactics? Also does the PED incident in 2012 for the Hawks ring a bell? What about the “double take” that happened with Sherman’s urinalysis for PEDs? Sure they made a mistake? Bottom line: Every team has ethical issues…not one is 100% clean:

    • User101

      Oh yes, let’s not forget about how how one Hawks player took the loss….Pats players don’t get ejected from the game for starting a brawl when they lose Super Bowls.

    • Timothy Norsworthy

      Seahawks are th most penalized team for drug use in the nfl started when you picked up your head coach now thats a team to be proud off NOT

    • galwayjoyce

      This team shows NOTHING but respect game in/out for their opponent each week. they say nothing but good things each week…seriously, google it. Try to find something. Sh*talkers get cut by Belichick. NEXT, look within my comments for where I addressed “cheating”. “Spygate” was not cheating–they broke a rule by standing about 15 feet too close while videotaping part of ONE game… had they been in the first row instead of the sideline, they would have not been fined, and every game prior, taping from where the same spot was allowed. “Cheating” involves gaining an advantage–with the “technology” of a zoom lens, standing 15ft closer provides no advantage. And as for “deflate-gate”…you haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening, huh? That the only deflated ball was the ones the Colts had taken? That the Colts have been investigated as well now b/c of suspicion of tampering? That their front office have been questioned repeatedly now, and surveillance regarding what happened to the deflated ball while in their possession has been requested? That national media outlets have held off reporting because they are on the verge of being humiliated, and Local Boston media has been reporting EVERY update weeks before, and so far all the claims have been validated?
      EVERYONE hates your team–are you so blind not to see the awful and disrespectful things they do and say EVERY week? Seriously, you cannot be that blind.

    • patsfan

      The whole Seahawks team in on adderall…… How is that not cheating?!? They have been fined for it an disciplined by the league. I guess it is true that Seahawks fans really are hypocrites.

    • pats dynasty 4 ever

      4 rings to 1 is what separates the men from the boys 4 rings to 1. Oh Nikki, you really think any Patriots fan cares if you respect them? Brady best quarterback in NFL history and best coach in history and 4 rings and counting is all the respect I care about. Time foe Patrick to start working on rings for their other hand as the 4 fingers on one hand are full!!!

  • LeBrain James

    Lots of whining on here. 1 for 3 in Super Bowls. That would be a good batting average. Maybe that’s why Wilson is going to Spring Training

  • Myra Baskins


    It was a quarter past one….All the 12’s still in pain,

    All the 12’s still recovering as the Pats boarded their plane.

    The Patriots had all the ribbons! the confetti! the rings!

    The title! the trophy! the recognition and things!

    10,000 feet up on the way back to their dome,

    They settled in their seats to watch the 12’s moan.

    “Pooh pooh to the 12’s”, they were cockily humming.

    “They’re founding out now that no trophy is coming.

    They’re just getting moving. We know what they’ll do.

    Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,

    Then all the 12’s in Seattle will all cry boo hoo”.

    “That’s a noise”, grinned the Patriots, “that I simply must hear”.

    So they paused. And the Pats put a hand to their ear.

    And they did hear a sound rising up over the bay,

    It started strong and got louder along the way.

    But the sound wasn’t sad, why this sound sounded strong.

    It couldn’t be so, but it was loud and it was long

    They stared at their ipads and the Pats popped their eyes

    Then they shook. What they saw was a shocking surprise.

    Every 12 in the Northwest, the tall and the small,

    Were cheering. Without any trophy at all!

    They hadn’t broken their spirit, their spirit it came

    Somehow or other, it came just the same.

    And as the Pats with their cleats touching down in New England

    Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?

    It came without titles or trophies or rings

    It came without hats or Super Bowl bling”.

    And they puzzled three hours, till their puzzler was sore.

    Then the Pats thought of something they hadn’t before!

    “Maybe Super Bowl”, they thought, “doesn’t have to come with a win”

    “Maybe football perhaps…means the 12th MAN IS IN!”

    By Nancy Mellor


    Patriots are haters!! they just cant stand the fact that our SEATTLE SEAHAWKS are the BEST AND willl continue to be the best no matter what!!! Look at them, it’s a straight hater move!! but they are proffessionals, right?? LOSSERS!!

    • humppback

      Yeah, but the “lossers” scored the most points, so forevermore the history books will say the Patriots are the winners, and the Seahawks were one and done.

  • apecos

    Welp KARMA is a B#/\&. You are served what you serve. Can’t handle the heat stay out the kitchen, but wait let’s listen for the excuses of why it’s ok for any Seahawks player to do what they want……..

  • laura4258

    LOL why is it the seachickens can not just take a loss and get over it? LOL they are have been one of the worst teams in the NFL for penalties etc………….sherman and his ghetto mouth and lynch playing like he has some (and this is from a seachicken fanLOL) “SOCIAL ANXIETY” LOL sure uh huh get over yourselves YOU LOST AND BYE BYE FLECIA

  • Matt Bortles

    I’m a die hard HAWK fan living in Denver and even though it didn’t turn out great last for them all my motivationnext friends lost the game as bad as they did, they they appreciated how well the Seahawks played. This year, as lop -sided SB XLVIII was, not one of them wanted the Patriots to win. I didn’t understand why until I saw some of parade footage. Even tough I wanted my Seahawks to back to back, it was a great game and congrats to the Patriots!!! Also Thanks for the motivationnext time we square off. We’ll be back. GO HAWKS!!!

    • galwayjoyce

      HAHAHAHA!! The PATS NEVER talk shit. They unloaded on the Hawks bc they have done nothing but run their mouths to every team for the past 3 years. Belichick Cuts players that act like Sherman–regardless of talent. Your team does worse in terms of disrespect EVERY GAME. The fact that you cannot see that, explains so much. As for us fans–Seattle is new to this, BC before 2012 no one cared about sports in Seattle…you LOST an NBA team. No real sports city loses a team, if they have hardcore fans–anyway, east coast fans are BRUTAL. Especially when hubris is involved. Also, it is pretty funny that you attributed the traits of your team to the Pats…you ever think maybe there are
      Pats haters in Denver bc we have owned them for over a decade? Did you know that the Seahawks are hated MORE than the Pats? Did you criticize Sherman after how he acted last year–in your Parade, and after the Super Bowl? nope…you don’t even see it. Ridiculous….

  • Marc

    one of the dumbest things I’ve hear anyone complain about. I thought Seattle was better than this. You mock the Pats for 2 weeks, then cant take it when it’s given back. Have a nice cup of stfu.

  • Timothy Norsworthy

    I believe any plater that test positive for drugs should not be able to pay for one year that said if this was the rule th seahawks would never win a game

  • Meg

    You call that a parade? I’m pretty sure the Hawks had more people lining the street to their hotel in Arizona! Look, if the Patriots want to spend their parade mocking another team, that’s on them. I teach junior high school, and we know where that kind of thing comes from-jealousy and insecurity. If the Patriots thought they earned that victory they wouldn’t have been trashing their opponents. We’ll be back. #GoHawks

    • galwayjoyce

      A million people in 16 degree weather and 4 ft of snow? Yeah, that is a parade. not to mention that in a city of 600k, we had 4 million people at the Sox Parade in 2013. Please don’t talk about fan devotion–you lost your NBA team, and have 2 pro teams. We have the best attendance for every pro sport, year in and year out. We also have 114 colleges in MASS ALONE, that have great attendance. not to mention this is our 9th pro championship in 13 years, and New England keeps showing up to each parade in droves. You are out of your depth.

    • galwayjoyce

      Also, if what you are saying is true, then what do your comments say about your team? They talk more crap than any team in pro sports…and why would we be jealous of one superbowl? your city has one NFL trophy, 5 soccer (lmao) titles, and a stanley cup that you didn’t even know about in 1917. Boston has the winningest NBA franchise of all time, An original 6 NHL team LEGENDARY in sports, with MULTIPLE cups, one of the most historic MLB teams EVER to exist, and a reigning NFL dynasty. Baseball, Football, and Basketball were invented in Pittsfield MA, Cambridge MA, and Springfield MA, respectively. We are 1/2 of THE greatest Rivalries in all Pro sports: Yanks/Sox, Celtics/Lakers, Bruins/Canadiens, Patriots/EVERYBODY. We have THE GREATEST EVER (albeit ARGUABLY) in every sport; Baseball: Babe AND Ted Williams, Basketball: Russel/Bird, Hockey: Bobby effin Orr, Football: Tom Brady. We also have the oldest sports rivalry in the country: Malden High vs. Medford High–Which is what the song “Jingle Bells” was written about–a trip to catch the game. We host the oldest and most revered Marathon in the world, And Brookline country club has held some of the best golf tournies EVAH–not to mention the Charles Regatta. So…why are we jealous of the Seahawks?

      • Lee

        GALWAYJOYCE. I hope you were being facetitious when you stated that “”Jingle Bells” was written about – a trip to catch the game” since that is a completely false statement. First off, Jingle Bells was written in 1850. Secondly, high school football games didn’t start until the 1870’s. Finally, the first game between Malden and Medford didn’t even happen until 1889. But I did get a chuckle out that statement so thank you for that!

  • Tracy

    Wow, the comments are certainly more entertaining than the game! I love the Seahawks and I was disappointed they blew it at the end, everyone makes mistakes and we can’t always count on the 4th quarter save! Wait til next year! It’s just a game people….relax

  • galwayjoyce

    The Seahawks fans need to accept something; The players on your team are classless d*cks that bring out the worst in every fan base. They are despicable in victory, and cowards upon defeat. Your squad GAVE Brady 15 yards, because a receiver pretended to sh*t out a football. Look what Sherman did after the win last year–look at the things they say and do each week, to every team…coach…fan base. Look at the joy other fan bases felt watching the Hawks lose to a team NO ONE out side of New England likes. Not only did Seattle’s team deserve WORSE than what they got at our parade, YOUR FAN BASE HAS EMBARRASSED itself with hypocrisy and CHILDISH whining. You honestly think ANY city on the EAST coast, from Phiily up, would let another team or fan base, talk the crap yours did without getting DISMANTLED? The East Coast doesn’t “do” nice. We give respect when it is earned…and your team has none, so it gets none. Your fans reacted like p*ssies when they got a taste of their own medicine, so you guys haven’t earned squat. We may hate the NY teams and fans, but godd*mmit, both cities RESPECT each other. You embarrass yourselves. BTW, I know where you uncreative trolls are going to go next, so read the following and learn something;
    1.) National Media is (finally) reporting what our local media has been reporting for 2 weeks; The refs never measured the footballs before Pats/Colts game, only ONE football was 2 psi deflated, and it was the one handled by the Colts–the rest were deflated by 0.01-0.2 PSI, and the NFL is ALSO investigating the Colts and Ravens for collusion.
    2.) “Spygate” provided no unfair advantage to the Patriots, because PRIOR to 2007 EVERYTHING the Pats were “caught” doing was completely legal–as a matter of fact, if the videotaping was done in the FIRST row, with a zoom lens, on the day in question, the Patriots would have NEVER been fined. FURTHERMORE, the banned practice was done ONCE–ONE game. The reason the fines were stiff–AND GOODELL SAID THIS AT THE TIME, was to set an example and send a message that he was to be obeyed. This happened the FIRST week of the FIRST season he was commissioner. There was no recorded Super Bowl practice (not illegal if there was), which was established IMMEDIATELY.
    3.) The Patriots as “cheaters” stuck, because people are too stupid to research the cases, and the LAZY National Media only cares about sensation…Idiots buy, read, and click sound bites and excerpts. If you are arguing that the Pats have a history of CHEATING, then you are uneducated on the topic and ignorant to what every respected journalist, ref, and NFL official have been trying to tell you for years. Hate for a real reason–we have the YANKEES to hate, but we are honest about why: they are GREAT and they have broken our hearts many times.

    • Linda

      To CALWAYJOYCE and the rest of you ungrateful Patriot fans/Patriot team, that think that they are mini Gods…….The world has nothing for all Patriot fans and the whole Patriot organization accept for absolute pity! You all have really been showing your true colors! What a horrible display on how to represent yourselves as fans and as a team…..NOT! You all should be happily and respectfully celebrating your win that the Seahawks sadly, regretfully and unwillingly handed to your Patriot team on a silver platter at less than a minute before the end of the game, and that the Patriots only ended up winning because of a very costly bad decision made by the Seattle Seahawks coaching staff! The whole world knows that the Hawks would have won the game if it wasn’t for making that “bad decision”! Maybe that is why you are all acting so badly to have a clear conscience, because you all know that deep down that the Hawks would have won that game if it wasn’t for that bad decision! What a shame that you, the rest of you’re Patriot fans and your NFL Patriot team can’t seem to celebrate “the win” with dignity and respect! All Patriot fans and the NFL Patriot team are all a total disgrace to the whole NFL organization and the world! Shame, shame and a whole lot of disgust!!!!!

      • galwayjoyce

        HAHAHAHA!! Your team got beat on an amazing play–the Pats weren’t handed anything. I suppose the catch that got them in position was skill, however? The players you cheer for are the most disrespectful pro sports athletes on the planet and everyone sees it. The hypocrisy in Seattle fans feeling disrespected is amazing. How do you defend the things they say and do? What you feel now, is what every fan of every team in the NFL feels every week they play Seattle. And “act like “mini gods”? Sherman’s post game rant last year alone was worse than anything our fans did–and the pictures used by our fans were taken IN GAME as Sherman taunted a player for dropping coverage after Baldwin USED A REF FOR a pick. Seattle fans that complain about this are embarrassing themselves. Sheman Is the bully that got knocked out by the nerd–he’s the bad guy from EVERY 80’s movie, except with dreads, not feathered hair. This is BOSTON–we do not forgive, we do not forget, and we use every insult and word against you. We are not going to allow another team to attempt to humiliate our players and be quiet–If Sherman and your “LOB” didn’t talk crap for weeks and DURING the game, Pats fans would have no ammo–YOUR TEAM THREW PUNCHES BC THEY LOST, and you think it is OUR FANS that have the problem? HOLD YOUR PLAYERS ACCOUNTABLE.

        • Linda

          That is exactly the kind of reply that I expected from you! :) You are so predicable and delusional with a hint of denial! LOL Keep ranting and trying to convince yourself and anyone else that you can get to listen to your rants, because I am done with your ignorance and I refuse to waste anymore of my precious time on your many mental outbursts! I do feel really bad for people like you that really do not know fantasy from reality! I will say a prayer for you my dear disturbed Patriot fan! I hope that you will finally realize that this is just a place to post 1, 2 or maybe even 3 comments/posts and then just let it go at that…….it is not meant for you to make a career out of trying to convince complete strangers on here that your Patriots team are true respectful winners and that they and their fans deserve the honor and respect that they believe they have earned! You have a fabulous evening! No reply on my part from here on! Nighty Night :)

        • Two Pence

          I graduated from Trinity College, Dublin… so what? I use emoticons and acronyms in posts. Are you now superior because you graduated from Harvard? Probably the only reason why you’re a Pats fan. I do say Galway is a nice place for a short holiday, though I prefer the D4 district myself. Just my two pence.

    • galwayjoyce

      The Steelers are a fantastic team–rich history, loyal fan base, and usually very respectful. I am a little confused as to why you are chirping, however. I respect the Steelers, and Steelers fans are usually very respectful in return. And Again, the “cheater” comments just strike NE fans as desperate–it doesn’t upset us as much as makes us shake our heads at the stupidity. Spygate was not about cheating, and never was–something the NFL has tirelessly said over and over, and Ballghazi has already been debunked–had you read the earlier comments, you would know that. BUT, I suspect you are busting my ball. Also, my call is NE/PITT in the AFC championship game next year. It will be refreshing for the Pats to play a team in the playoffs that has respect and doesn’t make excuses, and a fan base that can give it AND take it, while having a beer with their rivals after. Good luck in 2015!!

  • Lisa

    It’s sad that some of the Patriots players behaved in such a shameful way. I’m very grateful for the Seahawks showing style in the respectful way they are handling the defeat. I hope they refrain from reacting back. Love you Hawks!

    • galwayjoyce

      Yeah, choosing to boo players during the national anthem shows class. Great time and place. there really is no defense or excuse for that. It was disgusting.

  • galwayjoyce

    Patriots fans: Trolled Seattle because their players are loud, disrespectful, and arrogant. Used Seattle’s own words, actions, and images against them-only used the ammunition Seattle provided–i.e. we used your words against you.
    It is shocking to me that not a single Hawks fan has brought this up or expressed shame. Now you have the gall to cry foul, claiming OUR parade was not the time or place. Amazing.

  • gohawks

    Actually fined years ago for cheating.
    Caught with deflated balls during a playoff game.
    Have a tight end on trial for MURDER!!!
    Won the Superbowl, by one of the small margins of victory in a Superbowl for a while now.
    And, this.
    What a classy bunch. Boston should be so proud of them.

    • galwayjoyce

      If you have an exam, and are not allowed to use the restroom during that time, and you DO–but you do not use that time to do anything other than urinate, have you cheated? no. Have you broken a rule? yes.
      The problem with Spygate, is NO one outside of New England has read the findings. I already posted this, but quickly; Goodell has said many times there was no cheating. The videotaping was legal, the cameraman was just 15 ft. too close. “Deflategate” has already been debunked, and the Colts are being investigated for fraud, as well as the Pats for tampering.
      And you are right–the guy no one knew was a murderer—we knew. We loved having a killer so much, we had to keep him. idiot. You failed to mentioned how he was cut before he was arrested, his number stripped, his name and likeness removed from any and everything the second he was investigated. You are throwing everything out there, but not addressing your team–there is no defense for booing during the anthem, throwing fists bc they lost, or sh*tting out a football. t5hey got what they deserved, and you people are acting like p*ssies. Seriously–the entire country is laughing at your city bc Seattle fans got their “feeling hurt”…lol–and the possible parade for losing? Bwahahahahaa! That’s like a participation trophy when you were 9!
      And HELL yes, I’ma blow this section up. I have a day off, and love my damn city.

      • Nikki

        Ok sweetie, we get it. You love your city and your teams. I’m a history buff so I can understand the pride you take living in that area. I would love to visit just to see all the historical sights. Seattle fans aren’t the ones posting this and every other article about the Pat’s parade. The entire nation is. I have read comments from Pat fans deriding what their players did during the parade. I have heard very little whining and trash talk from my area. The fans here have treated people with respect. There have been a few that call the Pat’s cheaters and act like babies but I let them know they need to grow up. It has been very frustrating to me that I cannot be a Pats fan. I love that part of the nation almost as much as I love my own but something has always held me back. Yes I know, we don’t have a basketball team here. Considering I don’t particularly care for basketball it doesn’t really matter to me. In the PNW, we have other things to do than obsess over every sport out there. I am rather disappointed that someone as articulate as you are (not to mention the fact you have a piece of Ireland in your screen name) is reduced to using your intelligence to basically talk smack, generalize, and “hate” on other people for the love they bear for their team. Use the Force wisely young padawan.

  • amands

    How unprofessional & disappointing of the New England Patriots, very poor sportsmanship indeed. Where is the NFL on this and just how many fines will they level at the incident? This is the sort of thing that needs to stop much more that not talking with the press.

  • laura4258

    lol well DARD the deflated ball thing was not the pats doing. do u not keep up with the currentFACTS oh just shut up seahickens LOST get over it…………….bye bye felicia……………LOL everytime the seachickens lose or whatever they find fault with every one else LOL typical losers

  • Maynard

    The #Seahawks and #12’s didn’t do that at our parade when we beat Denver last year . I guess our city has more class than the pats do. It sucks that grown men can do that when they are supposed to be roll models for kids….

    • laura4258

      Well, Maynard the seachickens Mr Sherman GHETTO boy is a rude idiot! or do u so called “12’s” always conveniently forget how he rips players/fans/coaches with his I AM THE BEST attitude? and Lynch boy, playing the “social anxiety” thing LOL ya lost get over it…..BYE BYE FELICIA… just getting some of the well deserved karma . i live here and i have had 12’s be very nasty to me…..because i am a diehard niner….but it goes in one ear and out the next bcuz we have the most loyal fan base of any NFL team..thats a FACT! suck it up buttercup LOL

  • laura4258

    LOL it is not worth it.they are classless and losers…… here i see it everyday, and to be honest, they are ignorant people……… they loss………………karma is a B*tch sherman lol

    • Nikki

      Again Laura, surround yourself with a better class of people and you will meet the real 12’s. Of course, you need a new personality to achieve that.

      • laura

        OH my really? LOL i have more class than you, but as i have found out, the so called “12”‘s leave games early LOL and not only that ya dipcrap, they are rude and nasty to other fans and players………again BYE BYE FELICIA ya lost………….suck it up buttercup……………:) and sherman? he is a loud mouth thug…madden curse 100% karma its is all about the karma…..Now please i have to go and do some important stuff and do not have time for your child like antics LOL ya lost

        • Nikki

          Your language, sentence structure, and crudeness all prove that you need a little bit more integrity. I have no problem with us losing the Super Bowl. I am proud of my team making it there. So far out of all the comments made on here, yours are the only ones that I take offense at. As a ‘Niner fan from the time I could talk I am appalled at your attitude towards other fans and human beings. You are the reason ‘Niner fans have a bad reputation. My daughter is a diehard ‘Niner fan and would never act like you do. She is too ladylike and has more respect for her fellow human beings. Learn some manners sweetie. Oh, if you don’t understand all the words I used there is a thing called a dictionary. Use it.

          • laura4258

            i do NOT have to talk the way “you” want me too…………as we watch the idiot Sherman talk and he is what educated? but his mouth is like a Compton thug! so before u go and criticize people look at the idiots u admire LOL out of this conversation………..i have a life……..and again BYE NYE FELICA and FYI: seachickens started all this in 2012??? when they started winning thats when the banWAgoners came out ……i know i live here……and ya’ll are rude so STFU! see ya losers

          • Nikki

            If you want people to listen to and appreciate your opinions you need to sound like you have a modicum of intelligence. So far the overall opinions on your comments have been that you are an idiot. Some of those were from non-Seahawk fans. Most of the fans I know have been with them for at least 10+ years so your argument is invalid.

  • Michael Harris

    I find it extremely ironic that a Seahawks fan is complaining about disrespect, when one of the pictures she is talking about is from a Seahawk player disrespecting the other team on national TV in front of 120 million people. She is more concerned about a picture which uses Sherman’s arrogance and disrespect against him a a case of pure karma. This looks ludicrous to anyone without a stake in the game, and it reeks or sour grapes, hypocrisy, and complete bias.

    Lets put this in prospective. . . Is there another person that disrespects the opponents on a daily basis than Sherman? After the win over the Pats in 2012 he seeks out Brady and says “You mad Bro?”. When Brady wins, he shakes his hand and says “You are a great player, an great player”.

  • Yakima Joe

    I’ve been a Seahawks fans since they were established. I don’t understand why were are being disrespected by all these other NFL Teams. We have never disrespected any NFL Team and we don’t deserve the many unkind remarks. We are the best team in the NFL and have been for some time now. We also have the most respectful fans and players in the NFL. Maybe because we are the best team in the NFL we are hated by others. Seahawks only defended themselves in the brawl at the end of the game and they didn’t instigate it. Baldwin dropped ball in end zone and that was it, he didn’t do anything else. Lots of bad calls against the Hawks during the game. The NFL didn’t want us to win. We deserved to win the Super Bowl and I think the Patriots cheated us out of the trophy. We were the better team and therefore more deserving to be repeat as back 2 back super bowl champs. I know there is some team infighting going on right now, finger pointing and losing some of our coaches, but the Hawks will bounce back and we will be just fine. Haters gonna always hate cause the Seahawks are the best in the NFL even if we lost Super Bowl XLIX. And yes Richard Sherman always conducts himself as a true sportsman and a fine gentleman who will take care of his son and his wife. He may get into the moment at times but he does it all in fun and is good natured. Seahawks have a history of excellence and are despised because of it.

  • Yakima Joe

    One more thing, Richard Sherman makes plays and prevents other teams from scoring. That’s why he is called disrespectful. Which he is not. He is a gentleman. He is called disrespectful because he doesn’t get beat by the opponent’s offense. If you can’t beat him you have to call him names. Seahawks ate the turkey leg at 50 yard line at Levi Stadium because NBC and NFL wanted that to happen but Seahawks get blamed for having no class and it was only a joke for TV ratings. Michelle Tafoya thought it was funny. I mean wow! get over it. WE are a classy teamed and would have gone back to back if not for bad calls y the refs. Seahawks do respect other NFL teams and players and we demand respect in return.

  • Yakima Joe

    Someone told me the Niners average a Super Bowl Championship every 12 years and the Seahawks average a SBC every 40 years and we will get five by 2174. That’s ok by me as long as we get them. That doesn’t really mean anything. It’s how good you are currently that counts, Seahawks are the best team in the NFL the way I see it. GO HAWKS!!!

  • Original Lex

    OMG!!! Classless!! The way you Seahawks fans handle yourselves is absolutely classless! Maybe once your team has won a few Superbowls you’ll realize how dumb it is to start talking dynasty after only winning one. How much it sounds like sour grapes when you complain about the fans of the team that just beat yours. Do you really, for one minute, think that any of these comments and complaints sound legitimate? Get over it! Your team lost! 8 more months ’till next season! Go Pats!!

  • The Butler Did It (In The Endzone With A Pick)

    Stop crying. Sherman with the “U Mad Bro?” pic from 2012, Baldwin pooping on the field as 115 million watched, Irving & the D going all sour grapes at the end of the game starting fights, the “12th Man” all watching the final 5 mins of the NFC Championship game from the parking lot. Classless. Did you think this stuff wasn’t gonna get thrown back at you when Carroll exposed himself to be the biggest cheerleader the NFL employs? Stop worrying about Titletown. Start worrying about what this may do to your franchise and psyche of your organization…

    • mark hanson

      i guess the nfl couldnt give the mvp to the undrafted rookie that saved the pats asses, cuz he wasnt white enough, brady didnt win that game, hawks lost it to the luckiest man on earth. racism is alive and well in the NFL!

      • Pats Dynasty 4 ever!

        i agree Mark Hanson, racism is alive and well, there’s for more blacks than white players and something should be done about it! For the record, Brady brought the Patriots back from 10 points down in the 4th quarter. A well deserved MVP and he gave him the truck anyways. As always, Brady proves over and over he’s all class plus the best QB in NFL history. 4 Rings and more to come!!!!!

    • mark hanson

      brady mvp? i dont think so, butler saved the patriots asses, u didnt think the nfl would give it to a nobody like butler did ya? talk about your red tape and manipulation, wtf? what a joke!

  • Tammy

    I don’t get why people are commenting more than once. I mean we get it, you don’t like the seahawks, we get it, you don’t like the patriots. i mean jeez! am I the only who sees that the super bowl is just a game?

  • James

    Wait. Im a Packers fan, but why was legarette blount wearing a bitch mode shirt. he literally got cut from a the steelers. Marshawn is SO much better than him its not even funny.

  • Mickie Buckley

    In 1978 the Boston Park Plaza Hotel took my money in advance and sold the room right out from underneath me and refused to give me my money back, and handed us some clean sheets for us to change the bed of someone who had quick one. I vowed never to return and haven’t. Appears nothing has changed right down to Boston’s football team and the community who condones this behavior. I cannot believe the coach or Mr Kraft their owner allowed this bashing during their celebration. I am glad I live in Seattle. I guess I’ll be avoiding buying Kraft products now.