MUST READ: An open letter to the New England Patriots from a Seahawks fan

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Malcolm Butler #21 of the New England Patriots intercepts a pass by  Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks intended for  Ricardo Lockette #83 late in the fourth quarter during Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Malcolm Butler #21 of the New England Patriots intercepts a pass by Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks intended for Ricardo Lockette #83 late in the fourth quarter during Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

TACOMA, Wash. — A woman sent this letter to Q13 FOX following news that some of the New England Patriots players appeared to take shots at the Seahawks during the Super Bowl Victory Parade on Wednesday.

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Let me start this letter off by saying that I am not a Patriots a fan. I was rooting for the Seahawks during Superbowl 49. I was confident in my team and was just waiting for that 2nd ring to fall into our hands. The Superbowl was an exciting game to say the least. Your team played well and was able to push back our defense which many teams have not been able to do. Even though we fought our hardest and in those last seconds of the game it seemed as though we had the win in our grasp, you swooped in with an interception to clinch the game. I will admit I was extremely disappointed and crushed because it really looked like the win was ours yet it just slipped right through our fingers. Even though I was upset, I walked away having a lot of respect for your team and how well you played. I felt as though we played a team that was able to give us a run for our money and that we had to work hard to keep up with. I was never a fan of your team but I gained respect for it after the Superbowl.

Let me move on to the point of my letter. I am not unfamiliar with the trash talking that occurs between teams in competitive sports. It’s the ugly nature of the beast and for the most part it just comes with the territory. The excitement and pressure that comes along with such a high profile and competitive job is inevitably going to bring out what I’d like to call the green-eyed monster. People will bash you when you are successful and especially when your success has become a threat to their own. However, there is a line to this harmless fun that should not be crossed and I think your team crossed it with your behavior during your celebration parade. Flying off at the mouth during the intensity and high stress moments of a football game is one thing, but going out of your way to parade around in front of your fans holding disrespectful signs and t-shirts directed towards the opposing team is simply bad form. The spectacle that players on your team have created not only rubs salt into an already painful wound but it tells those around you that you have no respect for any other teams or their fans. You are telling the world that it’s ok to beat someone while their down and that when you win you should throw it in people’s faces.

I would think you would want to be spending your celebratory parade actually celebrating your Superbowl championship win instead of dwelling on the other team. Any respect I had for your team before this incident was quickly lost when I saw your arrogant and unprofessional behavior. Am I saying that the Seahawks have been perfect in this area? Absolutely not. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we have never taken things to the level you have chosen to and I honestly find it despicable. I would have to say that in this case, a sore winner is much worse than a sore loser. You are the Superbowl champions. Focus on that and be proud of yourselves for your hard work. You don’t need to demean other people to do that. All you are doing in the process is hurting the organization you represent and losing the respect of many potential fans around the world. When you win, win with dignity and class no matter what other teams may say and do. Be the team that everyone looks at with respect and admiration. The NFL is a great organization to be a part of and I hope that you will do it justice by acting like a team that deserves to win by not only your physical attributes and skill sets but by the quality of your character. Be a team that everyone else strives to be like and not one that others see and shake their heads in disappointment. In the end, it is just a game.


Amanda from Tacoma, Washington

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  • itheblackguy

    God, you people disgust me exceedingly. (And I live amongst red stated Texans) Even here, where football is a religion, we know the value of good sportsmanship even after a disgusting loss to the most bitter of rivals. I hate both SEA and NE. I hate Seattle because of their trash talking. I hate NE for their trash talking and their arrogance. You see, SEA trash talks in the heat of battle (mostly). This has been the way since the beginning of warfare (or mankind, either or). It’s called passion for what you do. My problem is their being consumed by that passion; they become a nasty bunch. But NE, my problem here is that, like cowards, they keep fairly quiet throughout the entire Superbowl mania, and only when they win, is when they become THE most disgraceful victors I’ve ever seen. My most hated player, Sherman earns credit for NOW distinguishing the line between battle and after battle. This is key for good sportsmanship. If NE nation hated SEA for their trash talking, then how can you justify yourself doing the same?? And deliberately doing it better. It’s all disgusting. And lastly, I find it awfully strange that the totalitarian known as Belichick suddenly condones such behaviors and isn’t trying to maintain the dignity he claims to push for. I will now forever hate the Patriots for making defend Sherman. Grow up, folks.
    Sincerely, a neutral Texan.

    • HaloJetpack

      You’re insane. Keeping one’s mouth shut and allowing one’s play on the field do the talking, this is cowardly? You’re just another sore loser.

      • Lori

        Throwing insults back and forth is idiotic. This women is upset over nothing to so with her. Pats fans were sick of deflategate so they blew off some steam at the parade so what……….
        It was the fans parade, the fans signs, the fans t-shirt. They gave them to the players and they had fun. You mean to tell me, if the positions were reversed and the Seahawks won there wouldn’t be some signs of our player’s among them? Get real, Sherman should have had his big mouth going a mile a minute. No class, New Englanders are the most unified people in this country. We’ve been through so much and had each others backs. Stuck by our team, and they came through for us. So showing you maturity by insulting people you don’t know shows just how ignorant and uneducated you really are.

    • Patriots Fan

      I find a lot of behavior in the NFL disgusting, so I can understand where you are coming from, but as a Pats fan, who watches the team week after week for years, in the regular season, in the post season and every minute of coverage before/during/after this super bowl, I certainly see them differently than you do. And although you can say that makes me biased, but it also means that I have way more information than you do, to base an opinion on. I don’t see where you are saying the Patriots are so arrogant. If you have some specific example of where they’ve been arrogant, point me to it. They are proud of themselves for what they accomplish, which they are entitled to. And what trash talking are you referring to? Refresh my memory.

      I completely disagree with your suggestion that the ‘heat of battle’ justifies the trash talking. 100% disagree. I especially feel that if there is an issue between two players, they should keep it between them and not drag the fans into it. It’s irresponsible to start a ‘fan war’ over a situation on the field that only the two players are completely in the know about.

      This past incident with Edelman and Blount are the only issues I’ve heard anyone could have a problem with. And they did not say one word. And the sign and the Tshirt were in the crowd and were passed to them, by two individual fans. So there was no intent on the part of any Patriot. And there were 51 other Patriot team members that had nothing to do with it. The sign was aimed at ONE Seahawk member not at the Seahawks team or their loss. It was a response to the constant self promotion and trash talking to members of our team over time. If you weigh all of what Richard Sherman has said and done [having Tshirts printed with ‘You Mad Bro?’ and selling them?] he got off easy. And it was about time someone pushed back with Richard Sherman. So the sign had nothing to do with the Superbowl loss or the Patriots being sore losers, but 100% to do with Richard Sherman.

      The TShirt, is another matter. But out of an estimated crowd of 750,000 people, for one person to have a TShirt like that and hold it up, is not so bad. Every team has some fans that they would like to ignore.

    • Karma's a Bitch

      Oh. I see. When Sherman trash talks it’s just the heat of the battle but when anyone else returns the favor it’s called arrogance and poor sportsmanship. Yeah I read you Texas…Loud and Clear.

    • Carol

      New England didn’t talk trash before game, because we know the Pain of losing 18-1 ,will do that to you. But SEA HAWKS TALKED TRASH BEFORE, DURING , AND WOULD’VE BEEN AFTER THE GAME. SO WE EARNED THE RIGHT TO TRASH THEM BACK….at least for a little while. Ine hand shake at the end of the game showed a little humbling, … I mean after the FIGHT THEY STARTED! They deserved what the fans dished out…it wasn’t the players. In SEATTLE it was PLAYERS & fans!!!!

  • Joe Mc Clure

    Yup, because we all forgot the “You mad, bro” meme that Sherman’s always been so proud of. Everyone’s got an opinion. Altercations in the end zone the Seahawks started are all but forgotten because of a shirt and a cardboard counterpoint to a meme. Classy? Nah, but the northeast isn’t known for its class and decorum. We do know how to take a jab and give it back. So, let’s call it even.

    • invasive1

      Thanks Joe. I never got to see the actual footage of Sherman saying that to Tom. Sweet S.B. win. Let’s get number five next year. And we can say that without arrogance, just a very real possibility.

  • greg

    The overwhelming irony of a Seahawks fan bashing another team is awesome. The Seahawks are far and away the biggest trash talkers in football. All they do is talk smack.

    If you’re gonna talk that much smack you damn well better be able to handle it getting thrown back in your face. Otherwise don’t talk in the 1st place.

    You mad bro?

  • Todd

    Maybe Amanda should look at her own team, especially the two loudmouth Stanford clowns and then worry about trash talking. Sherman has at least toned it down slightly from his Crabtree rant last year, but Baldwin is a below average player who celebrates his only catch of the SB by pretending to poop out the football. He planned that Amanda. He said it was directed to certain members of the media, so that means he planned it. Not in the heat of the moment of a football game, he had been planning it all along. At least Sherman is a good player and (for once) showed some decency after the Super Bowl loss. Baldwin is a below average receiver who thinks he’s a hall of famer and is angry when people don’t treat him like one.

    Let’s remember it’s the Patriots fans that made those signs. Blount, who did almost nothing in the SB is a clown and took it too far. Edelman holding up a sign with Sherman’s expressions when the Patriots D won the game, is completely fair after Sherman’s attempted dis at Revis for the Baldwin touchdown. Let’s forget this bs about it being in the heat of the moment. Sherman is a Stanford grad – highly intelligent guy. He knows right from wrong. He also knows where the cameras are at all times and does his best to be on tv as often as possible. So suck it up Amanda, you’re favorite team is the most notorious and obnoxious in terms of trash talking.

  • NE

    Well for the last 15 years the Patriots have tried to be the team that keeps their mouths shut, is respectful, does the right thing, good sportsmanship, the whole thing. What did it get them? It got all you jealous meathead, sore losers talking about cheating cause they’ve been so good for so long. Teams get upset cause they get their asses handed to them by the PATS so the try and deflate a football and say the PATS cheated….. Every team in NFL video tapes other teams. The PATS get caught and punished, NOT FOR VIDEO TAPING, but for where they had the cameras. Now the sore losers pull out “spygate” bullshit everytime the PATS win. Why doesnt anyone jump on the colts for making up this bullshit. PATS score 17 points in 1st half. COLTS want new footballs diuring halftime. PATS come out and scored 28 points in the 2nd half with good footballs… Tom Brady goes out and ownes the so called best D in football, 37 of 50 ( record) 4 TD’s, 8 for 8 on his last drive. YET all these morons keep busting on him and the PATS. HAHAHA Greatness is greatness folks . Get over it and move on.

  • Brooklyn

    Because all the other fans don’t hate us right? They are all grown men and should know not to take anything too personal. Although the “b*tch mode” shirt was a little but still. Besides the cowboys, I’m pretty sure the patriots are the most hated team. Because of their success. And after how everybody said they wouldn’t make the playoffs let alone the Superbowl after that blowout loss to KC, I would’ve done the same thing. Not to disrespect the opposition but it was more like “you doubted me and said I wouldn’t make it, but I made it and won!”

  • Anders

    This entire letter is literally the pot calling the kettle black. Richard Sherman is the league’s biggest trash talker. He talks trash because of arrogance over his abilities. Your entire team is a disgrace, as showcased by the actions directly after the turnover.

  • phil

    how about the actions of your team when TB12 was taking a knee. What ever, I used to like Seattle until that moment….who cares what is said on and off the field, we are not the pros….seattle is known for their mouths running, Except Lynch….hahahaha…..GO Pats

  • ONTO RING # 5

    Lady you seem like a very nice person!! Sports at the professional level is all about respect our players acted that way because of bulit up tension!! That’s it!! I apologize for them!! I know they tweeted the same move on!!

  • wellbien

    First, I have to remember to not click on or read anything from Fox. Ridiculous to even waste time with this.
    Second to Amanda and the idiotic “ITHEBLACKGUY”
    You know nothing of the Patriots, what they’ve endured and their character. They are among the “least” arrogant, while your team is probably the most atrocious,which is a shame for Wilson, one of the only ones who seem to be a “nice” guy. Hopefully, they’ve been humbled, but probably not. Do you remember Sherman’s “are you mad bro?” screaming it at Brady posting it all over? MAKING T-SHIRTS!!!!! That was after a measly 1 point regular season win. And he likes to say, “oh Brady trash talks”, yeah IN THE GAME, he admits he’s highly competitive and emotional game time, I think a little crazy out there and that’s good, but he leaves that on the field….he doesn’t chase down his equally trash talking opponents with “are you made bro” after a win and post it all over. Did you see Baldwin pretend to “crap” out the football after he used the ref to pick off Revis for a measly 3 yard TD? They didn’t show it, but there are clippings of it online – go watch it – you tell me that’s not pathetic. He’s proven he’s not even on the pedestrian level. Pats D shut him down to the extent he had to use the ref to get free.. Did you see the arrogance in the camera with Baldwin’s gestures and Sherman’s mouthing and showing fingers 2 – 4, 2 – 4 only to have him look like a fool, celebrating too early? You think it’s arrogant for the Patriots to take a picture made by a fan, that turned Sherman’s premature cockiness into a sign that says how many SB’s does Tom Brady have? You really think Sherman doing that in the camera well before the game was over should have just been “left alone?” So Patriots and fans are just supposed to take all that, just lay there take it – and not have any satisfaction of all Sherman’s antics backfiring?!?….ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SAYING THAT? IT WAS WONDERFUL that it backfired – IT WAS THE GREATEST F’N THING EVER THAT HIS ARROGANT ACTIONS CAME BACK TO BITE HIM – SERENDIPITOUS!!!. KARMA!!! WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT!! .Give me a break, you can’t begin to compare the arrogant cockiness of the Seahawks against the Patriots who deserved to celebrate their SB win. And who deserved to indulge their fans who have suffered enough with their team from lynch mob, band wagoner hate mongers grabbing onto false information and never letting go, including Sherman. There’s a lot of arrogance on the seahawks, but Sherman was the only one the fans passed signs to the pats players. Julian Edelman loves his brother, his QB – and was SICK of all the the untrue downright mean things being said against him, including from Sherman. Sherman trash talked Edelman . After all they went through, it felt GREAT Julian and fans to blow off steam to tell all the haters to shove it. They had every last right. They are human beings – I’m tired of people on their high horses constantly passing their illogical, ill-informed judgment upon them. I’m sick of people like you. It had nothing to do with the team, it had everything to do with Sherman who so deserved to lose and so deserved to get a taste of his own medicine and have his 4 fingers thrown back in his face with a poster. Sherman thinks Brady’s heart was gone? Really? funny he came back with two game winning drives, biggest 4th quarter comeback in SB history!!! AGAINST THE SUPPOSED NO 1 DEFENSE!! Look like he had plenty of heart and ripped out the seahawks’ for good measure…..And it was actually sweeter that seahawks were so close to winning and then lost with the interception – patriots give up 80, 90, EVEN 99 yards and then they taketh away, just like that – not the first or last time they’ll do it, but I know that cause I actually watch all the games and follow and know the team and players and what I’m talking about. I hope someone makes mounds of posters and T-shirts of Sherman and the 4 fingers # of Brady’s SB’s. Why not? What’s good for the goose – isn’t good for the gander? Sherman was the only reason I didn’t like the Seahawks – (but now there’s of course Baldwin’s arrogant, gross antics too). You’re letter is so very ironic and lacks any depth of understanding the history. And ITHEBLACKGUY – who cares what you think on your invisible high horse…get real……

  • Matt

    Who cares what a couple clowns from Southie do? Focus on the fact that Richard Sherman gets in Bradys face after a win and says “you mad bro?” and Brady told Sherman that “he is a great player” after his win. Brady is a class act and Sherman deserves a few signs calling him a bitch

  • Jimmer

    Understandable that the Patriots didn’t want to have respect for the Seahawks (especially Richard Sherman). Did this writer not see Sherman’s comments about the Patriots being cheaters without any evidence? Saying Kraft and Goodell are too close for any harm to come to the Patriots and that they would get away with it? Now THAT is how you show you have no respect for a team. Believing the worst in them without evidence. The Patriots celebrations of beating a team that wouldn’t even give them the respect of believing in their integrity towards the game and accusing them of being rulebreakers is understandable to me. And it wasn’t everyone on the Patriots, just a few of the more vocal players. Just like Seattle has theirs.

  • Amackey

    this entire comment form completely contradicts what most of you are all auguring about …lol
    Sounds like a kindergarten fan bowl .
    Just about everyone on here should be ashamed of their negative behavior at this point .
    Congrats to the Pats
    I love my Hawks
    Proud to have gone to SuperBowl 48 & 49
    Win or loose – it was a great game played by 2 very great teams .
    Focuse on positive things and you will see past the negative crap humans will always do . There will always be fans of all natures in any Team event. It’s what you choose to focus on that let’s you dwell in that behavior . And Media certainly adds 99% of the fuel to the fire so fans can participate year around via Internet to do so.
    So again –
    Congrats to the New England Patriots
    I will always be faithful to my Seahawks
    And I would love to see these teams play again . I personally thought it was so kool the toughest teams in the NFL were given this opportunity and they both deserved to be there . They both are simply great teams and work together on the field for the ultimate rewards . It’s not easy I am sure to build a franchise that works so well and these 2 teams have it.
    Hope to see everyone in Bowl 50😉

  • tim

    I agree that some players crossed a line however many of the players that did are young and have never experienced this feeling. Also the excitement and alcohol more than likely played into this as well. This woman who wrote this letter is foolish if she thinks that this behavior is worse than the Seahawks actions at the end of the game in starting an all out brawl. That to me is showing no class, poor sportsmanship.

  • Mark

    To me, going over the line is pretending to defecate the football, grabbibg your crotch as you score, and delivering head to head shots to Julian E. I was in Arizona for the game, and thought that fans on both sides were relatively well behaved. I did notice an incredible arrogance on the part of the Seattle fans though. That ended abruptly with the final minutes of the game. so I didn’t see any fans going quote over the line on quote. But I did see incredibly bad behavior on the part of the Seattle players.

  • debbie

    I have read several articles regarding this superbowl and cant believe how the patriots fans have been nothing but classless and thugs with their responses. They talk about the Seattle fans. Look at yourselves and tell me your not doing exactly what your accusing others of. Your shame on you should now go shame on me.

  • A Humble Pats Fan

    Dear 12th Man:
    I understand your pain, in fact, perfectly. Why? Been there twice (2007 and 2011); on both occasions, we just got the lead with 2+ minutes to go in the 4th quarter, miracle catches, and finally hearts broken—sound familiar! May be the football God could not bear the Patriots’ fans suffering anymore and unfortunately, you all were on the wrong end!
    Wilson is young and the key defensive players are young; you have a great coach. There’s next (lots of) year(s). It’s not like Wilson is 37 and the clock is ticking. You have a great team and I truly admire the way you all cheer for your team!
    On the flip side, if I were you, I’d be concerned about the following:
    1.Salary cap: will Wilson make public statement saying that he doesn’t want to be the highest paid quarterback in the league, which he rightfully deserves, in order to leave money on the table to hire other weapons? Brady did it after winning 3 Super bowls and coming out of his rookie (6th round draft) contract. Will Lynch give you a hometown discount?
    2.Poaching: other teams (legally) poached out coaching staff after our 3rd Super bowl. Unfortunately for you, this is happening to you after winning the 1st Super bowl, especially, on the defensive side. It took us another 3 years of rebuilding to get back to the Super bowl.
    3.The Boom: will the defense be as physical as they were during the last 3 years after all the injuries? I doubt. Manning faced a more physical defense compared to Brady. You just can’t continue to be extremely physical year-after-year.
    What’s the probability of the Seahawks reaching and winning the Super bowl next year? My brain tells me that it is ‘high’, but my gut tells me that they won’t even make it to the Super bowl (see the 3 points above). Isn’t football fun? That’s why we all love this game! Looking forward to visiting Seattle…GO PATS!


      Dear Seattle Fans:
      I told you so! After paying the defensive stars, QB, RB, not enough money left in order to pay the offensive line. Love Wilson! Without restructuring all the contracts, the Seahawks likely won’t be in the Superbowl any time soon.
      I understand why everyone hates Brady-Belichick. Brady is playing for $7~9M less than what he deserves and Belichick is keeping the well oiled machine going by trading stars for free agents and drafts.
      Go Pats!

  • ivan

    Are you kidding me? Seattle’s fans and players are the most disrespectful people in NFL, other than the Raiders fans. Your letter was stupid

  • Oneoffewpatsinak

    Here in Alaska, it’s straight out Seahawks country. After that Super bowl I respected the Seahawks. Incredible team, and I’m an all out Patriots fan. BUT… I can’t get a long with the fans no matter who they are.
    Long story short- and this is just another example of how things are and how we are treated. (Pats fans) I went to a super bowl party with my friends and his family. His dad whom I’ve known since I was like 6yrs old, he asked me in front of everyone, what’s your prediction? Being respectful, I said the Patriots. Instantly everyone starts booing and saying goodbye. Half joking half serious. Then he says, I predict we beat the Pats 34-10. Wtf?! Such a slap in the face, Hawk fans always put their team so high above everyone, it kills me. Then you can guess how the ending of the game went! Lol! Then I noticed something else. Our local stores sure blow up the Seahawks win or lose. We won, fair and square. Where’s all of our store items at? I have to order online if I want anything to celebrate our Patriots win. Very unfair in so many ways. In all reality, Seattle had like 50 different ways to beat us, beast mode being the first. But we won. We are ALSO disrespected a lot.

    , New England Patriots 2015 Champs

  • Darrel


    You have authored a very articulate and we’ll written letter for which I commend you. However that being said, you might want to check your facts.

    As you stated there is a LOT of trash talking on and off the field. Most of which, well let’s face it, all of which prior to the actual game came from the Seahawks organization.

    When you have a team calling out players, making “jokes” about taking out and possibly ending the career of an opposing player, do you still call that “ok”. The Seahawks showed their lack of class and respect in countless TV, Radio and public appearances prior to the Game.

    The Patriots kept their mouths shut for the most part and when they did speak were always courtious, respectful and used tact, Your Seahawks did not.

    Bill Belichick and Bob Craft will not put up with this during the season, so yes, did they “strike back” using various forms of medium after the game, absolutely.

    Did they go too far, not at all. It seems the ONLY one offended are the Seahawks fans, who I might add were the same ones prior to the Big Game, that were goating, egging on and encouraging their beloved Seahawks in their utter disregard and disrespect of the Patriots players, staff and entire organization.

    Please, before you author your next letter. Do some research, Know the facts of the matter before authoring a story filled with more false information than a Barrack Obama speach.

    I remain,
    Darrel – a life long Patriots and Football Fan.

  • Me

    Seriously tell this lady to shut up..cause if the seawhacks would have won they would have done the same damn thing so get over it!!

  • Mike

    The NFL is all about hypocrisy, with their programs for youth saying” Hey aren’t we swell?!” Yet much of the behavior contradicts what they supposedly stand for. I have been a fan for nearly 40 years, but I am quiting the NFL like a bad habit. They hide spousal abuse, drug abuse, God only knows what else. Godell is a piece of !?”@&!! who treats people by double standards. When teams can bend rules, the game is lost. The NFL is garbage now. It’s politics as corrupt as the ones practiced in washington. This past season has cured me of a once beloved sport that is now diseased. The nfl is run by Narcisistic Freaking Liars. NFL

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  • Tiger

    Everyone knows for a fact you and all your Bandwagon “hawk fans” would be making fun of Brady and the Patriots so don’t even start. You guys got what you deserved, you talked crap, talked like you are the best and then got put in your place. So dont even try to act like that

  • Bill

    This sounds like another nonfan chick trying to talk football and sound like she knows what’s going on. Seattle is not some crazy dynasty intitle to anything and is less than classy. NE is a dynasty at the top of the class and if you don’t like how they win, beat them. Self righteous whining after the fact makes you sound like a prissy child throwing a tantrum. Someone call the waaaambulance.

    • Adrian

      New England Patriots a dynasty? Ahahaha! Google ‘Edmonton Oilers’, now that is a real dynasty! In fact the best dynasty in sports history all-time.

    • Adrian

      In addition, which city is voted the best place to live, work, and play in the world? That’s right, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And where’s Boston, Massachusetts, USA, at the bottom 10.

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