Mom accused of leaving 3 small children in filthy house without food reveals she’s pregnant, using meth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
(Credit: KCPQ/Q13 FOX)

(Credit: KCPQ/Q13 FOX)

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Neighbors say they are sick after hearing about the alleged abuse going on next door.

A Lake Stevens couple is accused of leaving three young children alone inside a locked home.

The home was filthy, with garbage everywhere, police said.  When officers first got to the house, police said, a 7-year-old girl repeatedly told them that her parents were upstairs with her baby brother. But there were no parents — just three small children all alone, possibly for days.

Prosecutors say Amanda Foley admits her children would have been safer living on the streets than in the deplorable conditions in the house where police found her children, ages 7, 2 and 11 months, locked inside with a padlock.

Foley, as well as Mark Dorson, the father of the infant, showed up to court for the parents' first appearance on Wednesday.

“Ms. Foley has indicated to officers that she is pregnant, that she is currently using meth,” the prosecutor said.

With another baby on the way and admitted drug use, prosecutors asked to keep Foley behind bars.

Acting on a tip, police rushed to the Lake Stevens home on Saturday where the two oldest kids were huddled under a blanket. Detectives found the infant upstairs in a crib behind a locked door suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.

“He is still exhibiting signs of dehydration and developmentally the age of a 3-month-old instead of a 1-year-old,” the prosecutor said.

The children had no heat and no food. The carpet was soaked in urine and animal feces. Authorities say it’s one of the worst cases they have ever seen.

Police still don`t know where Foley and her boyfriend, Mark Dorson, were or how long they had left the kids alone.

“Living in a place like that, it is horrible,” Becky Hensley said.

Hensley is the stepmother of Foley`s 10-year-old child, who does not live with her.

“She lies about everything, lies about everything I don`t believe anything that comes out of her mouth,” Hensley said.

Neighbors are also pointing the blame at the children`s grandmothers. Detectives say Dorson`s mother lives nearby and said she was supposed to help with the kids but contended she didn’t know where the keys were.

Foley`s mother lives in a camper right outside the home. She didn’t answer the door when we knocked.

“They should have held her accountable, you're darn right; they should have arrested her, too,” neighbor Greg Surdyk said.

It`s unclear if the grandmothers knew the kids were left alone.

“I can’t even imagine; it brings tears to my eyes, it's crazy,” Surdyk said.

Child Protective Services says the three children have been placed in foster care. Court documents state the family has a history with CPS and that the 7-year-old girl’s school  alerted CPS because the little girl smelled like urine.

Neighbors say CPS should have done more to protect the children. In response, CPS on Wednesday said they couldn’t talk about the details because of confidentiality laws.

As for the couple, they have an extensive criminal history. Dorson is a four-time felon and Foley did prison time for stealing a car.

Bail was set for $100,000 for both Foley and Dorson.

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  • Skip

    These people are not parents because they are too busy being criminal junkies. The children should be removed from the adults permanently. The criminals should be in prison. CPS should be investigated. Enforce the damn laws.

  • jane444

    OK, not a surprise that two low-life drug-addled pieces of trash would do this. But there are TWO grandmothers within shouting distance??? These poor children. Hope both sh*thead grandmothers end up in jail over this.

  • lydia castillo

    The bad Grandma should be behind bar too,I can believe it,how some sick people can have children this make cry
    is chocking,every day are cases like this crazy people doing thing like this to their children or pets,dead penalty for those abuser,,all of them.

  • Carrie

    I have been close friends with the mother of Amanda foley for years…have known Amanda since she was in high school…She wasnt a good mother to her first child but Amandas mother was a wonderful Grandmother and hearing this story completely threw me…seriously…im so angry…furious actually…especially with Amandas mother who HAD to know those kids were in that house..I think they ALL should be punished to the fullest…even Amandas mother…as painful as it is for me to say that about someone I used to have in my home (about 7 years ago)….allow around MY children and considered family…Amanda should NEVER be allowed to have children or see ANY of her children again..the fact she had more than the first one is dispicable…i could go on but im stilll trying to wrap my head around how things could have gotten so bad without SOMEONE doing something or noticing all this horrible behavior A LONG TIME AGO…UGH!!!!!!

    • Peggy

      Obviously the behavior had been noticed months upon months ago. the school had notified cps and so had neighbors.. more than once. CPS has to take responsibility for some of this. There’s kids right now living in what i’d call deplorable conditions. Living outside in a camper disgusting stuff pilled around it in the back of their grandfathers house. Cps has been called several times. Nobody does squat about it. parents hardly send the 2 that are supposed to be in school to school. Cops have been called before and been there even. yet they are still there.

    • shellie cooper

      I to have know Mark for years, what happened? this is not the man that sat at my table eating, this man turned into a animal! Drugs!!!!! that is what they do to you, makes you care about nothing but it, you hurt people you love and become someone you are not!!! Mark if you read this please please get some help for yourself