Edmonds woman nearly scammed out of $5,400 by fake IRS agent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EDMONDS, Wash. — An Edmonds woman was the victim of a terrifying scam in which a man identifying himself as an IRS agent called and demanded she pay over $5,400 immediately or face arrest.

The woman, who asked that we protect her identity, said he told her to stay on the phone with him while she went to the bank for the cash — and then to a Safeway in Lynnwood to buy prepaid vouchers.

"The whole time he says do not hang up or I will find you and you will go to jail," she said. "I got the vouchers for $3,000 and he said go to my car and scratch off the back and give him all the numbers."

He then told her to go to second Safeway, in Edmonds, and purchase the remaining $2,400 in prepaid vouchers.

An alert Safeway employee realized what was happening and confronted the man on the phone, then called police. While she was filing a report with the police, the same man called back using the caller ID from her daughter's cell phone.

"He said that he'd taken my daughter and she was in Washington, D.C., and that we would need the money for her."

As scary as it sounded, she knew that was a lie. She's hoping others hear her story and are more cautious.

"They'll trying anything to get you and they just claw at your heartstrings. If anything just doesn't seem right in your gut, don't do it."

Police believe the call was coming from outside the country. If you ever receive a call similar to this, police say you should contact 911.



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  • Kenneth Briggs

    yep you got to be dumb to do that ? what was the hurry for the money ? then what if you did not have that kind of loose money to give or send ? then why send it to some office you do not know . oh well thank the safeway employee for saving her money .

  • Nathan Roboticist

    I also got a call from a scammer on my phone too. The guy was talking via a looping robo call. He also had an accent and used vocabulary which is not US local. Calls himself Steve Martin. Uses the phone number 7605429652 which has loads of complints about his scam on the reverse lookup whitepages webs site. I also reported to the US Treasury Website. They have a link for reporting this sorta thing.