3 Lake Stevens children found with no food, surrounded by animal feces in home; parents arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Police said they found three young children abandoned in a home and “living in deplorable conditions … surrounded by animal feces and garbage with no heat or food present.”

Investigators tracked down the parents — both 33-year-olds from Lake Stevens — in Monroe and arrested them, police said. They were booked into the Snohomish County Jail for felony criminal mistreatment and abandonment of a dependent person. The parents were identified as Mark Dorson and Amanda Ann Foley.

“I’m just shocked. Why? Why do that to your own children,” said neighbor Victoria Vanackeren.

The discovery of the children came on Saturday, when officers were called to a home in the 9700 block of 11th Place SE to a report of possible child neglect.

“When they arrived, they spoke with a 7-year-old female who was padlocked inside the house, from the inside,” a police news release said.

When officers got into the home, the release said, they "found three children, ages 7, 3, and 11 months, abandoned and living in deplorable conditions. They were surrounded by animal feces and garbage with no heat or food present."

Police said it was unknown how long the children had been left unattended, but when transported to the hospital to be examined, one of the children "had a core temperature of 94 degrees and was treated for hypothermia and dehydration."

All three children were transferred to the custody of Child Protective Services.

"I didn`t even know they were being left alone," said neighbor Greg Surdyk.

Police said preliminary investigations indicate a history of CPS complaints at the home, as well as Health Department and Code Enforcement issues.

A family member called the allegations a misunderstanding.




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  • Shellie Cooper

    I I called CPS in regards to this family 18 months ago, before there was a baby! I called three separate times, CPS would show up and knock, When no one answered CPS would leave a paper on the door telling them that they needed to meet with CPS, and leave a date and time that CPS would return, each time CPS would returned no one was home Hum I wonder why? After this happened three times CPS quit coming as far as I know. And now this has happened. all i can do is cry, i should have done more, those poor poor little children, they never ask to be here, where is the extended family when this happened? I heard that the Grandmother lived in a trailer in the driveway, where was she ? This went on for a long time and no one seemed to notice or care, i should’ve followed through and made sure that CPS was there, but I had faith that CPS would see what i saw and get them out, but it didn’t happen Goddamnit! God Bless these three little ones, keep them safe, keep them together, they have been through more in their short lives than any of us ever should, Please everyone pray for these little angels, they need to know they are loved and wanted!!!!!! This just should not have happened, I am so sorry I didn’t do more, shame on me! :(

    • Norma

      You did whatever you had to do. I think the CPS could have showed up unannounced if that was possible. Don’t beat yourself up as you did more than anyone else, especially the family members if there was any. If the grandmother had any sense she would have taken care of them if she could. Don’t know any of those circumstances either. Prayers for the kids to have a better life and be raised altogether.

  • Mary J. Eakins

    I have posted many times that if you do not want the responsibility of children do not have them. There is such a thing called birth control Etc.

    • Tom Arnold

      Birth control doesn’t travel back in time. What good does telling someone they should’ve taken birth control if they didn’t want the responsibility. The kids are here! Birth control won’t fix what people don’t realize until after the fact. There’s no good solution in place. People don’t want to get in trouble for not wanting or not being able to take care of their kids and that’s what would happen. So they hide it all and take a chance on getting caught not taking care of them. Thank god they were found before they became part of the trash in the yard. I hope there were only 3 kids to begin with. :(

  • missnicolee91

    Did no one else catch the end where a family member said it was a misunderstanding? Are you kidding me! The parents were found in Monroe for gods sake! Leaving your kids in one town to go to another is not a misunderstanding. Seems like the entire family is a little messed up. For CPS to be called several times, show up and just leave a note is complete crap. I only hope these babies go to a family who will love them the way they deserve.

  • Joe

    Crack smokers, meth users or both, they’re priorities lie in getting wasted, but they know that with the emerging decadence in American culture, Obama and the welfare state were supposed to take care their kids, so they can just keep popping them out whenever they want some other pleasures to absorb in the lifetime.

  • Momof3

    Please the only thing that will happen is these kids will get put in a foster home or with another relative, who by the way obviously didn’t give a crap or else they would have done something about this, then their parents will go to parenting classes and the kids will get returned to them. Because otherwise the dirtballs won’t be able to collect their welfare checks. It happens all the time..loving families want to adopt them and the scumballs won’t give them up. Check out that story in Bellingham where everyone was so up in arms about the couple who said CPS took their kids because they had a home birth. Bull they took the kids because of domestic violence and because they were malnourished. Oh but the progressive left was whining and crying about the parents “rights” and now the truth is coming out about the whole situation. Damned if you do..damned if you don’t. Blame it on society, you want the government involved or you don’t can’t have it both ways because this is what happens.

    • uhavenoclue

      Honestly you have Bellingham wrong! The 3 kids where taken out due to the condition of the home. They had no running water no food the trash and dirty soiled diapers piled to the celing. The 3 yr old slept in his own piss n shit everyday, he had never seen the light of day and further more the police found 3 dead babies clothed in onsies wrapped in bags stuffed in back packs hanging in a locked closet! The mother is in jail on a million bond and the father is in jail on drug charges. As someone who lives 20 minutes from that home I am damn glad it was knocked down!

  • Kit

    Why did this dumb mother have time for Facebook and not for the kids? The stupidity of this white trash couple is amazing. This 2015 and not Appalachia in the 1930s. Remove the kids so they can do better.

  • Dan

    By law, CPS and Law Enforcement can NOT go inside the home unless they are allowed by the home owner. The “Law Makers” create laws that make it illegal for Police and CPS to help these children and thousands of other victims in similar situations. All of the blame and outrage is then directed at CPS and Law Enforcement when incidents like this happen. Get involved and know what laws are being passed….. and VOTE!!!

  • CDM

    I have a difficult time believing there wasn’t probable cause for the police to be notified by CPS and obtain authorization to enter the house especially knowing children lived there. All they had to do was take a whiff and look in a window. All we can do is pray whom ever hears this case will NOT allow these children to be sent back to the animals who brought them into this world. Never forget little Eli Creekmore… Pray a great family will take these children and keep them as far away from the trash they were born to. CPS, thank you for checking, but after checking so many times due to complaints, PLEASE consider looking in windows if you can, perhaps it may have helped your cause. As for the animals? Tie her tubes, castrate him and put them in the same conditions to live for their sentence, that’s assuming they do receive a stiff sentence. we can only hope.

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