Group of 12s start online petition asking Hawks to hold celebratory rally

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl XLIX runners-up. But to thousands of 12s the Hawks are still number one, and they want to celebrate it.

On Monday, the team announced there are currently no plans for an official rally or celebration to welcome home the NFC Champions and to honor them for a strong 2014 season.

However, fans of the Seahawks have started a petition urging the front office of the team to hold a rally to celebrate the team’s success. The petition, started by David Douglas of Ellensburg, encourages the team to give fans a chance to “show their love to the players and coaches.”

“We MUST celebrate our team’s amazing year,” Douglas wrote. “We won the NFC Championship AND made back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. A rally must happen so the fans can thank the team for all their hard work!”

As of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the petition had nearly 800 signatures. It sought to collect 10,000.

Petition signers vehemently agree with Douglas, and want a chance to celebrate the team publicly.

“The Hawks are everything we have and they are true champs,” Heather Donaldson wrote. “They deserve this.”

On Monday, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued an edict proclaiming Feb. 2 “Always a 12” day. The city also set up a web page encouraging fans to digitally sign a thank-you card for the team.

“All of Seattle is proud of everything they accomplished this year and we know they’ll be back next year,” the mayor’s office wrote.

The Seahawks returned home from Phoenix Monday to little fanfare. Meanwhile, a parade for the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots is slated for Boston sometime this week.


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  • Joanne Richardson

    Without my Seahawks I would not be a confident 12. Because of them I’ve grown stronger in who I am and what I believe and because of that I want to celebrate everything they have done for me. I’m a strong 12 and I still b3lieve.

  • Heather

    Love this! Added my digital signature. I just have a slight quibble with the statement, “The Seahawks returned home to little fanfare”. All I’ve seen online are pictures and news clips of the many, many 12’s out there welcoming our team home. And if I hadn’t had to work, I would have been right there among them. Glad to see such a great community turnout for an amazing team who well deserves it. Love the Hawks!!

  • coffeeisforclosers

    ummmm we didnt win get over it – rallys and parades are for winners. Does everyone deserve a ribbon now a days ? jesus

    • Woo

      Rally: a mass meeting of people making a political protest or showing support for a cause.
      Parade: walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way.
      Where does it say that either are for winners? Get out of here with your hate.

    • IanT

      So the only thing worth celebrating is winning the SuperBowl? It’s not like they went 1-15 and we’re holding a parade for their single win lol.

  • TeArra

    Go hawks!

    As far as the performance on the field, you men play the game well.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it. We got next year to turn it to our year.

    In my eyes your a winner.

    A Championest sport a warrior

  • TeArra

    Go hawks!

    As far as the performance on the field, you men play the game well.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it.

    In my eyes your still a winner.

    champion, warrior, a strong team players and a damn great show out lol.

    Your fan12 is proud regardless how you men played the game.

    And to you beast mode/ Marshawn Lynch, i love you! your my number favorite player i love your ambitious and drive to keep the game live.

    Always your fan im in xoxo:)

  • Brad Butler

    We just want to make sure they know that win loose of draw, we love them and we see them as winners regardless of the outcome a game. They are much more than Football Players to us!

  • Kolby

    i love the seahawks, I don’t feel a need for a rally, the players earned some rest. Not all the players stay in the area during the off season, let them go home and enjoy their families

  • E. R.

    This may seriously be the dumbest fanbase in all of sports. You lost — LOST! You were in the biggest game in all of sports, on the one yard line, and you crapped out mentally and choked. Winners get parades. WINNERS get rallies. Only a bunch of out-of-touch clowns would congratulate a loser. This is the same soft, soccer-mom, ‘trophy for everyone’ mindset that makes this the worst, most embarrassing part of the entire country. You SUCK Seattle. Own it.

  • Craig

    No parade please. Very proud 12 here but we will have a huge parade next year when we win the Super Bowl. Please don’t cheapen it. The team flew home yesterday and all you had to do was get in your car and head to Renton to welcome them to the VMAC. Many people did and it was appreciated by the team. Time to get back to work Hawks.

  • Loren

    I love that people (myself included) would be stoked to send the Hawks into the offseason on a high note, but they just got done with a long, grueling season that ended with one of the most heartbreaking finishes to a game I’ve ever seen. Let them forget about it and move on, spend time with their families and get ready for next year! They deserve a break. And they know we still love them, parade or other celebration for a great season or not.

  • Enrique Montelongo

    The Seahawks do deserve a ceremony in honor of their most incredible season. Making it to the Super Bowl back to back was an amazing feat among itself as well as the awesome miracle game against the Green bay Packers. If any of the team sees this in which I hope they do wheater it’s Pete Carroll or Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the Legion of Boom I personally thank you guys and let’s win it next year and bring it home for the 12’s I know we’re capable of this. We did it once we can do it again. GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  • sky walker

    Yeah we almost won and yeah we should have. But we lost. Nothing to celebrate. Go to work to improve for next year and win another super bowl – then we celebrate, not now.


    Hmmm…In this article it was mentioned the “Hawks returned home to little fanfare”. Am I to understand that there were no 12’s there to greet the team? If so I’m saddened by that. They had an amazing season and win or loose they deserved some kind of welcome home. If I weren’t still enjoying the sun in AZ my 12 arse would’ve been out at Sea-Tac. Forever a faithful 12, GO HAWKS!!!!


    Hmmm…In this article it was mentioned the “Hawks returned home to little fanfare”. Am I to understand that there were no 12’s there to greet the team? If so I’m saddened by that. They had an amazing season and win or loose they deserved some kind of welcome home. If I weren’t still enjoying the sun in AZ my 12 arse would’ve been out at Sea-Tac. Forever a faithful 12, GO HAWKS!!!!

  • Kathy Lameny

    I heard originally win or loose a parade was gonna happen and then we had a very unfortunate loss but a heck of a game and back to back superbowls and nothing for our guys!!! We need to be heard and seen showing our pride and love for our team…how amazing would that be to have a blow out celebration for our Seahawks and show just how much we love and support them…they had a amazing season and that play off game will go down in the NFL history books along with win or loose back to back superbowls…LETS DUE THIS FOR OUR TEAM, BECAUSE THEY MORE THEN DESERVE THIS. THEY PLAYED SO HARD AND PLAYED A AMAZING SUPERBOWL GAME ….. SHOWED HEART, STAMINA AND BROTHERHOOD EVEN THROUGH INJURIES AND DRAMA….GIVE THE GUYS A CELEBRATION!!! Go hawks!!!

  • Keith Sexton

    Hi 12s and Seahawks Administration,
    I’ve been busking at this venue for a long time, and CenturyLink Field security are aware of my contributions to their enents, so I offer, schedule something near the Team store under the west side of the stadium on Saturday around 2pm. Even if no players or team reps are there, the fans who feel a solid bond to this team as a community can start the rally for the next season, and if it rains, we even have cover.
    Don’t leave ’em hangin’.
    I’m willing to play music, emcee, help plan. Other than a restroom, you need not unlock even a door for this. I can even proved a sound system.
    I did aTV show for 6 1/2 years, none of this is difficult.

  • Roy Berlin

    i live in Pa, I am a 12. The Hawks have earned a celebratory rally! They may not have won the bowl but they have made it there the past two years! And let’s not forget how superbowl 48 went!

  • Karen heilman

    Not a fair weather fan. The Hawks have provided some wonderful memories since 1976. Our team, this year, was the top. We need to support them all the way. GO HAWKS!!!

  • Jason

    Stop trying to celebrate mediocrity! There should be no welcome home parade for the losers. We lost which means no parades, no ticker tape, no nothing. Seattle continually gets mocked nationwide for this crap. Celebrating good effort. In NE, it’s win or GTFO. That has to be the mantra. This is the 95 Mariners all over again, where 20 years later we’re still hanging on.

  • Really Hawks

    The Hawks showed no class. Sherman bragging about scoring “2”,”4″ points. The 4th string corner who got burned for two TD’s calling out his coach for a controversial call. Bennett and Irvin questioning Carroll’s decision on the pass when they committed two penalties that let the Patriots out of safety danger. The only three people that deserve a parade are Carroll, Russell and Lynch. They are the only ones that treated the game and their teammates with respect.

  • Fran Underwood

    I love my Seahawks. They have class, and represent not only Seattle, but the entire Pacific Northwest. We need a chance to say “thank you” for all the thrills they gave us this entire season. I am proud to be a 12.

    • carrie

      if you want to say thank you, send them a tweet, facebook, there are TONS of ways of do it that doesn’t FORCE them to stand on their feet for hours on end and listen to drunk fools rehash this game over and over. Move on, be a true 12 and put your needs behind the needs of the team!!

  • carrie

    you all need to friggin stop being so selfish! You don’t want a parade for the good of this team, you want a parade for yourselves! These guys want to GO HOME to their family, not be stuck on a damn parade “duck” for hours on end!! They give 1000% of themselves all season, plus summer for a “fan” camp where people are in their faces 24/7. Its time the 12s start acting like TRUE 12s and put the team first!!! They don’t want a parade, its obvious, and half of the fan base is totally fine with them getting their time off, resting up and going with life! These players don’t need us to validate their worth, or prove how much this city loves them, they all know it!! get over yourselves!!!

  • Me

    Really? Seriously? So instead of using to rally for truly meaningful cause and effect positive change in this world, you want to use it to throw a party. Instead of perhaps addressing Seattle’s rampantly growing homelessness problem especially those who are homeless due to mental illness. It wasn’t too long ago a man was killed leaving the CLink by a mentally ill homeless man. I’m sure he wasn’t effected at all by the countless Have’s walking by him and his fellow Have-not’s as they continuously make their way through downtown towards SODO to watch a ridiculously overpriced event every weekend thinking about how they could feed themselves for a month on the cost you spend on one Seahawks ticket. But who cares about all that, let’s throw a big golden calf party to celebrate the new Rome’s gladiators. Are you not entertained? ISIS and Russia and the whole Israel-Palestine thing are just destroying people’s lives, but you want a party to celebrate a bunch of millionaires who “battled” on a sunny grass field with sports drinks so they don’t dehydrate and timeouts because they’re tired. Forget about the poor youth who join the military because they really have no other option in life than to gamble it in the hopes they make it out ok and can now pay for college. Young souls who really battle for their lives and come back with PTSD, missing limbs, and sadly even in body bags. No, let’s not force the government to finally address fixing the broken VA system that has forgotten about them, or any other worth while cause that could really impact positive change in this world. No let’s gather up, throw a giant party to really show our support to our beloved Seahawks, and remind them that we are definitely entertained.

    “Plays, farces, spectacles, gladiators, strange beasts, medals, pictures, and other such opiates, these were for ancient peoples the bait toward slavery, the price of their liberty, the instruments of tyranny. By these practices and enticements the ancient dictators so successfully lulled their subjects under the yoke, that the stupefied peoples, fascinated by the pastimes and vain pleasures flashed before their eyes, learned subservience as naively, but not so creditably, as little children learn to read by looking at bright picture books. Roman tyrants invented a further refinement. They often provided the city wards with feasts to cajole the rabble, always more readily tempted by the pleasure of eating than by anything else. The most intelligent and understanding amongst them would not have quit his soup bowl to recover the liberty of the Republic of Plato. Tyrants would distribute largess, a bushel of wheat, a gallon of wine, and a sesterce: and then everybody would shamelessly cry, ‘Long live the King!’ The fools did not realize that they were merely recovering a portion of their own property, and that their ruler could not have given them what they were receiving without having first taken it from them.”
    – Etienne de La Boétie – 1548, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

    Side Note I hear the Superbowl is the largest day for human trafficking of the year, but who cares about that and what our role may be in it. Cheers, and have a blast at the party!

  • Margie Stearns

    I was born & raised in Seattle. (My family still live there.) I have followed the Seahawks since their inception in 1976. I have taught my son, now an adult in the service to love the Hawks. We attend several games a year though my son lives in Virginia & my husband & I in Portland(not far from Seattle). This last Sunday was a hard blow, but look at the fantastic year, and the miracle of the NFC championship game! We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, lift our heads high,(for we have NOTHING to be ashamed of,) & go forth into victory. We love you Seahawks, let’s celebrate this wonderful year of football! You deserve every praise, every congratulations,every thank you for you have conducted yourselves as the true champions you are. And quoting your star quarterback Russell Wilson; “God is good, all the time!” “God is faithful,He will bring it to pass”.Thess.5:24.

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