Family plans son’s 9th birthday like it will be his last, hopes simple act by others will help fulfill his only wish

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GRAHAM, Washington --  Most little boys dream big for their birthdays.  They hope for a new bike, a remote control car or a video game system.

But one Washington State boy has a much simpler wish for his upcoming 9th birthday.

Bubby Everson just wants a little mail.

“He loves mail,” says Bubby’s mom Brandi McNerney-Everson.  “Even if it`s junk mail we give it to him and we say here Bubby here’s your mail.”

A simple card can make his day.

And if there happens to be a sticker inside?

“If there are stickers in it he loves,” says Bubby’s dad Thomas Everson. “He’ll play with the stickers.  He’ll put stickers all over the place.”

Bubby’s parents let him put those stickers anywhere he wants, on the walls, on the floors on the windows because it is a reminder for them that each day he can do it is another day of life for their son.

Bubby has Cytomegalovirus or CMV.

Usually it`s harmless, but in  some cases it can be devastating.

In Bubby’s case doctors say it will be fatal, it is only a matter of time.

Bubby uses cochlear implant to hear and wears casts on both feet to help with the scoliosis, when he`s not in his wheelchair.

But that’s just where his troubles begin.

“The short list, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, deafness, scoliosis,” says Thomas.

On a bad day, Bubby can have as many as 10 seizures and uses a homemade safe space routinely.

“It`s very tough, I love him to death and I wouldn`t change him but knowing that could lose him at any time that`s hard,” says Brandi.

Doctors can`t give his parents an exact date, but they know he will die well before his time.

And that brings us back to Bubby’s upcoming  birthday.  He turns 9 on February 11th and his parents are hoping they’ll have mail they can give him on that special day.

Bubby’s parents know they must treat every birthday as if it will be the last they get to celebrate with their son.

“He`s happy, and loving and he`s caring and he`s a fighter,” says Brandi.  “I don`t think he`d be here if he wasn`t a fighter.”

Still Brandi and Thomas don’t want to leave anything to chance on this birthday.  That’s why they have begun asking everyone they meet if they would consider sending Bubby some mail for his special day.

They’ve set up a special post office box in their small town of Graham to collect what they receive so that on the big day they might be able to shower their son in cards and stickers.

“We`re blessed,” says Brandi.  “I`m so glad we have the child that we have….have the life that we have, because he`s amazing.”

When it’s all said and done, Bubby is really just an 8-year-old boy who is excited about his birthday.


EDITOR’S NOTEIf you would like to send a mail, cards, or stickers to Bubby for his birthday please consider sending them to the following address:

Bubby Everson
PO BOX 1142
Graham, Washington 98338 

The family is also trying to raise money for a special sensory room for Bubby, for more information on that visit their online fundraising website.

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  • Pam Britschgi

    My grandson was born affected by CMV – cerebral palsy, brain malformation (BPP), microcephaly, GERD, tube-fed, basically all the same things and no doctor ever said he would die. Why would they tell this poor family something like that? He’s at higher risk because of his disabilities but it’s not a death sentence.

    • Rose Shearer

      Actually many children DO indeed pass away from this… since Bubby was diagnosed the CMV families we have known have lost many of the children… he is indeed terminal… the virus continues to destroy the body. you can read some of the stories at

      • Pam Britschgi

        We’re all terminal. I was just referring to the comment that they don’t know how many birthdays he has left. It sounded like he go any moment. He could live to his 30’s or he could go tomorrow. CMV doesn’t kill them after the first few months. It’s usually pneumonia, infection, or seizures that take them. I know all the research, that’s why I commented in the first place. Yes I understand CMV caused the immune system problems in the first place. I really just hoped more emphasis could have been placed on CMV prevention but I totally understand Brandi’s comment about the article being shortened and parts left out.

        • Laura

          I highly doubt that you know “all” the research, since you’re coming across very ignorant. You have no idea what the ins and outs are of one child’s medical case are, based on your grandchild’s diagnosis. Leave your highly biased judgments out of things.

        • Rose Shearer

          The interview was 2 hours long… they aired what they aired… but tell me do you realize that MOST the children born affected like Bubby and other die at a very young age? She contracted it when she was 8 weeks pregnant… the WORST time to get it (she was told that by the Doctors) do you realize that these children can just lay down for a nap, not even sick, and just pass away?
          NOT ever child is the same and YOU have NO personal knowledge of how BUBBY is affected… or what HIS DOCTORS have told HIS parents… EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT… so please… do not assume you know everything because clearly, very clearly, on THIS subject, you do NOT.

        • liz

          Wow. They are doing something positive for their child. If you don’t have any thing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Let’s leave the negativity out of it.

    • swer39

      Did the person interviewing see the facts? I worked with this mother a few years ago and things are never exactly what they seem. I’d like to see some medical dx stating that the things said are true. Yes, he has always been medically fragile and it is clear that he continues to have medical concerns. I wouldn’t be sending any money on the information given.

      • Rose Shearer

        Seriously? What EXACTLY are you questioning… oh please just spit it out here cuz I am Nana Bear and YOU are full of crap… and I do NOT care what you think… of this situation OR my comments…
        Were YOU there listening to the doctors? Did YOU go to the appointments??? I know you didn’t.
        Did you not LISTEN to the video???? hmmmm you have no clue what you are talking about… none… but yeah…
        “Make A Wish” gave him a wish because Brandi told them lies… LOL… well, it was a WONDERFUL cruise based on lies then… but just so you know… THEY get their info from the DOCTORS and MEDICAL records, unlike YOU.
        So what ever YOUR problem is you REALLY should get your cats straight before posting comments like this on line.

  • Pam Britschgi

    And he didn’t contract it at birth, his mother caught it and passed it on to the unborn baby early in the pregnancy. It’s the only way this can happen. Doctors don’t warn pregnant women about this risk. 60-80% of us caught CMV when we were children but for those few who didn’t it’s devastating to have a first infection while pregnant. It’s something I try to tell everyone about. Most pregnant women catch it from their toddler.

  • G.W.

    Readers, Please consider checking with your local blood donation agency and find out if you are CMV-. CMV isn’t an issue for adults but it’s brutal for kids. It’s really important that there’s a strong blood supply that’s available that is CMV-. Newborns and young infants that require transfusions need blood from CMV- donors. A little stick and a few minutes time from a CMV- donor can save the life of a child.

  • W. Bfoot

    Le reddit armie is hear! Don’t worry lil bubby, it’s reddit to the rescue! M’letter! A tip of my trilby to you, RIP your mallbox as we make this go viral!

  • Ale

    Thanks to a generous donation from the company FELT, the first 100 people to use the code BUBBY can send Bubby a free card with photos! Just download the app Felt on IOS / IPAD, write a card, write Bubby’s address on the envelope (found above in article) and enter code BUBBY at checkout.

    Code: BUBBY

  • Gina McCulloch

    I am happy to send a card and stickers. My whole family will be. Also shared on facebook to shower him! Happy birthday Bubby!

  • carol

    Hi I’m carol from England I’m a x carer I’ve taken care of many different people with illnesses your son will give you lots of happy memories to always treasure and the people around him .a card and stickers on the way from the UK xx

  • Jared szakacs

    A large group of us in The truck performance industry from all over North America have put together several gift packs. Anything else we can do to help just let us know

  • sheryl mckinley

    I mailed my card to him today, stickers and all :) I also challenged ten of my FB friends to do the same and it was a success!!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday! :)

  • Theresa

    When i saw this story my heart broke. i know all to well about terminal problems with children, my eldest son who is 34 suffers from grand mal Epilepsy and has siezures multiple times a day, from mal petite to grand mal. I went out and bought Bubby a card and stuffed it full of stickers. I hope Bubby has a blessed, wonderful and very happy birthday.

  • Robert Hooker

    Don’t worry little buddy, no matter what anyone says hang in there..and to all you people who bash this story shame on you..a card, a few stickers??? Why comment at all..move on to something else..

  • Erin Fualaau

    Hey I’m sending a card with 3 kinds of stickers for bubby, I saw this and just have to. My kids saw and want to add their well wishes too. It’s the 8th so it won’t go out til tomorrow the 9th. Can you please tell me if they will continue to check the po box after the 11th? I’m in Oregon and I don’t know if it’ll make it by the 11th.

  • Devin

    Please let the family know I just mailed 3 letters from my two sons and I. The letters from my sons have hand drawn pictures of Batman and Superman that Bubby can color in if he wants. They also each have packs of super hero stickers. USPS said they might now get there until Thursday so if you don’t see 3 letters from Devin, Dylan, and Ethan in Kirkland, please keep checking.

  • Bonnie Duarte

    My 6th grade students are proud to have each written him a nice card and sent tons of stickers! And I’m proud of them for recognizing a world larger than themselves!! Happy Birthday, Bubby!!



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