Pete Carroll ‘shocked, disappointed’ the game got away (RAW VIDEO)

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SEATTLE -- A somber Pete Carroll spoke to the media in Phoenix early Monday morning, reiterating that he had faith in the final offensive play call of the 2014 NFL season for the Seattle Seahawks.

On 2nd down from the 1 yard-line, Carroll and company chose to call for a pass play instead of handing the ball to sure-footed Marshawn Lynch. New England Patriots Cornerback Malcolm Butler jumped the ball, and intercepted the pass from Russell Wilson to Ricardo Lockette, putting an end to Super Bowl XLIX and ruining the Seahawks chances at a repeat championship.

"We were confident we would get it done," Carroll said when asked by reporters about the controversial call. "There was not a thought in my mind we would make a mistake on that play."

Carroll also spoke about injuries -- specifically the to team's defensive backfield, played through in Super Bowl XLIX -- Carroll noted that Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas all played hurt. Sherman specifically played with torn ligaments in his elbow, and will likely need Tommy John surgery in the offseason, Carroll confirmed.

Click the videos above to watch Carroll's Monday comments.

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  • Rachel

    For those who don’t know it, there;s politics in football. Please don’t believe that this was just Russell’s choice, this decision went right up the line in the chain of command. It’s unfortunate too because they should have won. But, if they had we might have lost Russell as well as some of the other key players on the team due to salary caps etc. #salarycapssuck

    • GoHawks360

      i don’t think you understand the way coaching staffs work in the NFL….no one is blaming Russ for the call cause QB’s aren’t picking the plays….that’s what the offensive coordinator and head coach are for! It was a devasting end to the game and I ain’t gonna put the blame on Pete cause if it weren’t for that man we wouldn’t have been there in the first place. Ride or die go Hawks we bout to be back next year and for many years to come

  • JT

    Take out the equation of someone doing this for money. The men in control are not hurting for cash. Favors are debts money can’t buy and it can be cashed in at any time.

    A pass play? Really?? You felt so sure that was the best play. Is this why we would never pull that in the regular season. Horse and pony show. There was no excuse other than it was an obvious suicide. The chance of that working was so slim in comparison to running it in with the beast. I love my Hawks and it is really sad when a game is controlled by the man. I don’t believe for a minute this was a choice made by Pete or the team. It was executed with no real reason. Just a bunch of excuses and coverup as to why it ever happened.

  • Jim

    Like millions of fans everywhere, I still couldn’t believe the dumb play call on 2nd and 1 with the biggest game on the line. Lynch could have had at least 2 cracks at it. Although , I understand the coach & offensive coordinator ‘s decision, obviously it was wrong then and still wrong now, We were robbed. I thought I was gonna pass out literally! Dumb dumb dumb !

  • S.F Fan

    Stop crying all you fair weather fans! Most of y’all been fans since 2012 dice the movie free willie! It was a good game played but the ending was soooooooo much better!!!! Seattle deserved to lose and with the lost brings me much joy and pleasure especially loosing in the super bowl. Feeling deflated lately??? Let the good NW rain wash thoes sorry pathetic tears away!!!! Niner Fan For Life….

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