Keep back! Proposed decal would warn others to keep their distance from some drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An example of the new driver decal.

Olympia, WA — State representative Liz Pike proposed a bill that would require all drivers 19 and younger have a “New Driver” decal on the vehicles they drive.

Cars used in driver training courses already have decal stickers that read “Student Driver” and Pike believes the same should be required of inexperienced licensed drivers.

Pike said young drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes, and the decal could warn drivers to keep a safe distance.

The decal would be a sign the driver would place in the windshield on the passenger side of the car.

Teens caught driving without such a decal could face a fine of $250 under the proposed bill.

The state’s transportation committee discussed the proposal Thursday, but put it on hold for now.

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  • Melinda

    BC does this already with their “N” and “L” stickers for Learners permit and New Driver. It is certainly helpful to alert other drivers. They are a magnetic sticker that goes on the back bumper or back window. great idea!

  • Josh

    Idiotic idea. A sticker isn’t going to stop a new driver from changes lanes on you while in a blind spot! Nor a myriad of other scenarios! Sticker!? Seriously?

  • Jason

    Dumbest idea!! This will lead litigation happy people to target these kids. What is next, stickers or decals for the elderly? Don’t they have better things to worry about like fixing the roads and getting the Healthcare issue figured out? Waste of taxpayers dollars!

  • Ashley

    What about people who have been driving for a while and still drive worse than new drivers? Do we get to put “idiot” stickers in their windows, too?

  • Karen

    I think it’s a good idea. My daughter just completed driving school and she was scared to death the first time she was behind the wheel, as was I. She only has her permit for now so I’m with her on every drive. Her confidence is building but she still hesitates and sometimes goes a little slower or doesn’t feel comfortable turning at a red light so she waits for it to turn green, which makes other short tempered drivers angry. They then beep their horn, or drive right up on her bumper (even when she’s going the speed limit) and it’s terrible. People just assume they’re behind a long time driver and they act like complete asses. It really upsets me and it makes her more nervous, more prone to making mistakes and shakes her confidence when she hasn’t done anything wrong. Maybe people would be more understanding if they knew she was a new driver who’s just learning and trying to be safe. I was going to purchase a “student driver” magnet from the driving school but they are currently sold out. I still plan on getting one though in hopes that it will help people to be a little more patient and understanding.

    • Jenneleah

      Your daughter shuld NOT be driving if she is that scared. You should get her on some back roads, or in a large empty parking lot and allow her to learn before allowing her on the road. She has to learn to drive and not expect other people to do her driving!! She is a menace.

    • jena

      Your daughter should not be driving in high demand areas if she is that scared. Keep her in neighborhoods or put her through more classes. She is going to harm someone on accident.

  • Jenneleah

    Anything to divert the sheeple from the real issues! How about focusing and I do mean FOCUS on lowering taxes, and getting rid of onerous laws you are planning for us. We don’t need to support your failed trains, and now a huge hole in the middle of Seattle. You should be stopping that entire debacle now before we run out of money entirely, or the city caves in. NO a decal is not going to help anyone avoid a poor driver. They will find ypu whether they have a decal or not.

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