VIDEO: Russell Wilson on heartbreaking Super Bowl loss

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Reed Rothchild

    Where were the rabid “12th Man” fans at the Save our Seahawks rally in 1996? A grand total of about 50 people showed up. Fifty. Five Zero.

    The truth is that NOBODY cared about the ‘Hawks then, and nobody will care when they slip back into mediocrity. The poser fans (which is pretty much all of them) will find something better to do when liking the Seahawks is no longer hip.

      • Reed Rothchild

        I’m sure you have, Dwayne. Do you have one of those goofy “12th man” jerseys? You know… the slogan the Hawks plagiarized from Texas A&M?

        It’s so pathetic, I can’t even make it up! LOL

        • Kristi Bottineau

          Get a clue Reed. The only thing I see as pathetic here is taking time to hate on the Hawks and their fans. Plagiarism is passing something off as your own by not crediting the true source. Thanks for “enlightening” us, but we know we didn’t invent 12s. Did you think that was some sort of slam? I guess you just have. I’ve always supported my state’s home teams and will continue to do so. On a side note, since you don’t seem to get it…SEAHAWKS don’t give a rat’s ass where the fans come from (nor do true fans), the more the merrier. #bandwagonerswelcome #hatersgonnahate We’ll do our best to keep pissing those haters off! #12s #suckit

    • Jason

      check your stats dude. Our stadiums have been sold out for the last ten years. Win or lose we stand by our hawks. Best fans in the nfl. Ignorants is just that…

      • Reed Rothchild

        I didn’t see you at the “Save Our Seahawks” rally in 1996. And it would have been easy to find you as a grand total of about FIFTY people showed up. The Seahawks were good as gone, moving to Los Angeles until Paul Allen saved the day. When they plateau and are mediocre again, they’ll once again be forgotten, much like the Mariners.

          • Reed Rothchild

            Jason, I watched ESPN that day… they were laughing their butts off at how sparsely attended it was and how NOBODY cared that the Seahawks were leaving. I laughed and thought it was a sure thing they were going to LA. Seeing all of these big “12th man” posers now makes me laugh even harder.

          • K.Davis

            You must have an auto correct. Let me fix that. The one we PAID for. And as far as pathetic the way you feel about the Seattle Sea hawks is pathetic. Dude don’t like us but to go out of your way just shows how much you think about it. Nice try. See you next year. Probably while wearing one of our jerseys. Go Hawks.

    • Kevin

      Here is the truth. You like to come here to troll, and poke fun when your opposition loses. You despise and are jealous of the team and the fans, because they are new to the big limelight. You feel that since you have been there before when your team was popular, you think you know it all, and that all other new teams with bandwagon fans are something new, when in fact your team had the same type of fans. You get jealous when there is a lot of attention paid to the Seattle Seahawks. You don’t like the fact that a 3 year quarter back has made it to the superbowl twice so far. You are irate that Seattle is a young team, and has redefined the role of the quarterback. You live in the past, because you may be the one that says, our city has 5 super bowls, and are afraid that a new team is flirting with becoming in Dynasty company.

    • myself

      Yea smells like an ass to me, I loved the Seahawks before the last superbowl and I still love them today, don’t speak for all fans just because you’re a suzy choosy

  • Janet Gregory

    Russell you win as a team and you lose as a team . you gave 100 +% and that’s all any Hawks fans can ask for come back next year and kick butt

  • Reed Rothchild

    Right on Russell! Washingtonians LOVE the Seahawks!!! Until there’s something better to do and it’s not hip to be a fan anymore… so we’re behind you 100% as long as that’s the popular thing to do!

    • chris

      Such a tool, in 96′ I was 11yo pretty hard to go to a rally. Strange that a lot of the 12 are young as well . ignorance is bliss, obviously you’re a blissful fella.

    • nullbull

      Your troll schtick is stale buddy. Guys like you come in bulk on the Internet. You’re as boring as you are bored with your life.

    • SaM

      Reed you must be from a state that doesn’t have a team.. So I know why you are really mad. But you cant blame the seahawks and their well known fans for your city ir state to not have a team. I mean where else in the world where they have a nickname fir the fans….12th man forever baby…plus pats didn’t win that game we simply gave it to them. ..Brady was stressing out 90% of the ti.e in the game. And than he going to say that he never lost faith..Russel is very humble man he was just following the call that bevell made…

  • serenity

    I will always be a 12! No matter what happened tonight the seahawks played wonderfully, it was just a bad call. All you bandwagon fans need to go back to the teams you were originally cheering on before you saw how good the hawks were doing. Wilson I do not blame you for what happened in tonights game! You are still my ride or die team!(:

  • J

    If it wasn’t for russell then it wouldn’t have been this close of a game- but i do believe that he did make a huge mistake in passing…. please just go all the way through the 2 yards next time.

  • Jeff

    Why so much vitriol against Seattle and claim that a wide fan base illegitimuzes the fan? Give me a break and grow up. Does Dallas’ title as “America’s team” mean fans outside of Dallas aren’t real? My family moved to Tacoma, Wa in 1968 and grew up with my dad touting the virtues of Green Bay, the LA Rams, the Redskins and the Raiders. I became a fan of the Seahawks in 1976….the early days of Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. We were fans whether winning or losing. Besides, we are talking about a sport….a game that should bring people together rather than divide!

  • twilla

    I’ve been a Seahawks fan since the very first year the team existed. The thing about this team is the strong positive faith in each other. You are all winners. Doing wonderful things for the community. Your fighting ,never give up attitudes, are a joy to watch, and does more for getting a loyal fans united.
    all over the country. What a classy bunch of guys.

  • Susan D'Avanzo

    Russell Wilson is such an honorable Class Act! Not just a great athlete but a great person! Thank You and the Seahawk team for a fabulous season! Once a Hawk always a Hawk! Go Hawks!

  • Orion

    Hey seattle! As you spend some time digesting your humble pie, also remember you’re not invited to the back-to-back super bowl club! MWUHAHAHAAAAAA!! Oh what a glorious super bowl :D #suckstosuck #GoPatriots

    • Tiz

      How can cocks suck balls? And does this happen AS the cock is also eating “man ass”?
      Don’t worry,, sweety … next year, in your 4th grade health class, anatomy will become much more clear to you!
      You are such a cutie. (Tickle tickle)

  • Stephanie

    It just wasn’t meant to be. Yes, you threw it, it’s your job to do so as qb. Someone called the play. Some jack butt patriot got on the way. Lol. Put this behind you, like your fans already have. Don’t dwell on it. Enjoy your time off, and get ready for SB 50! IN RUSSIA WE TRUST, GO HAWKS!

  • Dave Fields

    Russell and all the Hawks and their coaches did their best this year. It didn’t work out quite the way we hoped, but nothing in life is perfect. I look forward to next years team and will be an enthusiastic supporter of them as I have been with this years team. God Bless you all.

  • Jason W

    No shame. It was a great game and one that was played by champions. If you think for a second that anyone doubts the decision, we NEVER DOUBT. If that ball had been caught you would have won and no one, even the haters would have anything bad to say. At the end of the day you guys have brought us back to back NFC Championships and a Super Bowl ring and I look forward to watching you again next year. Only 219 days left till the start of next season. Let the countdown begin. 12’s for life. We love you! #noshame

  • ShadowWalker59

    Russ, we’re still with you, we are not ‘fair weather’ fans… or lose, you’re our team, and the 12’s will always be at your back. We certainly don’t blame you……the coaching staff made the decision, and you tried to carry it out, but in the end……….YOU, and the rest of the team, WILL, be back in the SB. Of that, I have no doubt.

  • Jerry Ann Gray

    Did anyone read the article on Patriots returning home and no welcome home? Nothing. Seahawks returned home, 12s at the airport and more later! Seahawks, win or lose, are number 1 to us! All in here!

  • Tiz

    All bias aside; can it be said that, quite possibly, Pete Carroll is the best NFL coach in the history of the game?
    I am obviously not speaking in terms of winningest (yet) … just overall, coveted coach standards, principles, attitude and work detail.
    I have to vote yes! I think anybody giving an honest appraisal of Pete’s attributes would, when coach-to-coach comparisons are made under the afore-mentioned characteristics, have to agree that he is, at the very least, worthy of honorable mention in a very elite group of men.
    I know he’s the best according to my understanding of what coaches are made of.
    Sincerely, Mark Tisland

  • toni

    I think Seattle Seahawk fans should buck up. We’ve never such great football as we have had the last few years. It’s still here and will be next year. You’re forgetting what true fans are…. There til the end and there when it is.. Quite whinning and support your Team as a whole. Because we know you couldn’t do a better job…Go hawks. We love you all…

  • Claudia

    Russell Wilson, it is not your fault! You are so elegant and graceful for not blaming the person who is really responsible for the loss. Seahawks should have won!

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