Police searching for ‘armed and dangerous’ shooting suspect in Renton

These heartbroken fans traveled down to Arizona and bought tickets… but they’re still not getting into the game (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • bngl206

    The same thing happened to my family. We were notified yesterday by Paul Jones, owner of sbtickets.com, that we would not have tickets after flying down from Seattle with confirmed tickets. Paul Jones sent us an email on Thursday saying that we were “guaranteed tickets to the big game”.

    • Tina Y.

      BNGL206- We were subjected to the same abuse by Paul Jones and SBtickets.com. It appears the company will not be willing to reimburse its “customers” for travel expenses incurred despite their guarantee for previously purchased tickets. We will probably need to take legal recourse. Let us know if you want to pool resources. Many others have been finacially harmed by this scam artist.

      • kham lin

        I already sent Paul Jones email to tell him that if he does not refund my expenses and some I will hire a lawyer to go after him. Contact me at kham.lin@shaw.ca and we can pool our resources to go after this guy. He sold our tickets for more money.

  • Carrie

    I think that who ever this broker is they should be made to cough up tickets I know they have a way ! My opinion is that they saw a way to make more money on the tickets for this guy and chose to tell this man that they didn’t have anymore.

  • Katy

    That is a friend of mine. He has been a Seahawks fan his entire life and yesterday was his birthday. It is heartbreaking that this has happened to him.

  • james

    That’s BS…I feel bad for the guy… fly all the way down there then gets told 24hrs before the game that they don’t have his tickets….. sue the broker….

      • detoxnaguh

        I’m also a Brady Edelman fan btw. Nor Cal’s finest. But nothing is more satisfing than seeing those douchebag cornball Seahawks fans cry about their loss. Classless Richard Sherman fans. I lived in Washington briefly and you guys are not real football fans. Never have been. Real football fans exist in cities like Philadelphia Boston New York San Francisco Dallas Pittsburgh. Fans with legitimate perspective and an baseline understanding of the game. Your claim to fame is showing up to your football game and cheering like a bunch of wwe wrestling fans. Might as well be tractor pulls. With your blue green dyed Hamburger Helper, 44oz pops, and BBQ beef chimichangas.
        Your team taunts their opponents after they win like baffoons. When they lose they start fighting out of frustration. You should be ashamed of yourselves Seattle . Had you enough sense to realize it in the first place.

  • The World is Ending

    this just proves what i have been saying all along, that ticket brokers are crooks. Ticket brokers are legal scalpers, and get away with it because the government gets a cut.

  • sheila Hinsz

    He did not just still his dreams but he took from a man who has been a loyal fan for all his life. He is my family and this person should not only give him his money back but what he made off the ticket that should have been his.

  • Nick Walters

    Karma is a bitch isnt it. Dick Sherman was pretty quiet after that defeat, normally he is running his mouth well after the game. They lose and they try and start shit with opposing teams players. SORE FN LOSERS!!!!!! only in seattle.

    • itsjustagame

      Wow. Way to judge an entire city based off a sports team. Geez, you guys are so full of hate over a SPORT. That’s not very sportsmanlike. I hope you’re not passing on these trivial values (and silly parameters for judging others) onto your children.

  • John

    BUYER BEWARE! I assisted a group of people who purchased 10 tickets from Paul Jones at sbtickets.com; we got confirmations for all 10 tickets. Everyone in the group made flight and hotel arrangements to fly to Arizona. On Friday at 4pm, after everyone was in Arizona, I got the first notice from Paul that our tickets were not going to be fulfilled. On Saturday at noon, the group arrived at the ticket pick up location and no ticket representative was available to explain what was happening. There were no solutions offered by Paul. At that time, with the current ticket prices, it was not possible for people to purchase replacement tickets. Paul stopped responding to messages after Saturday at 5:33 p.m. and his phone went directly to voicemail. At my request, the original game ticket money was returned by end of day Monday. However, Paul never communicated disappointment about this group missing the Super Bowl, nor did he offer any information on reimbursing the group’s travel expenses. These 10 people are heartbroken and angry at missing this once in a lifetime opportunity with nothing to cover their out-of-pocket costs for sitting in Arizona, not at the game. At the time of this posting there is no further resolution.