Carroll explains play call: ‘We were going to run the ball and win the game — but not on that down’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Pete Carroll reacts to the last-second interception of a Russell Wilson pass in the Super Bowl Sunday night. The interception sealed the 28-24 victory for the New England Patriots. (Getty Images)

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Sunday it was his decision to call the pass play at the end of the Super Bowl that was intercepted by New England, but that he called it to try to get a better match-up against the Patriots on the line of scrimmage.

In a post-game interview, Carroll said of the pass play: ‘They jumped it (the route) … and did a fantastic job.”

“We were going to run the ball and win the game but not on that down,” he added. “And that was it.”

Under questioning by sports reporters, Carroll explained: “Here’s the deal. We sent our guys on the field — wide receivers on the field — to spread them out. They ran on their goal line (package), they got all their big guys out there.

“At that moment, I didn’t want to waste a run play against their goal line guys, throw the ball and come back on 3rd or 4th (down) where we could match up. So it was really a clear thought … but it didn’t work out right. We throw the ball … and they make a big play.

“It was just because of the match-ups,” he repeated. “They’ve got extra guys on the line of scrimmage so we didn’t want to waste a run play.”




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      • Jim

        I’m not a Seahawks fan, but I was rooting for them & you couldn’t have said it any better. It’s not like they called a double reverse flea flicker goofy play. The DB made a great play & you tip your hat to him. You guys stunned Green Bay & got stunned by the Pats. Only 1 team had a better season than you, so enjoy it.

      • Dirk Wiggles

        WORST CALL Ever……I want Bevels’s head on a platter. Fire the worthless bastard. Thanks Darrel, for ruining it for the 12’s. Do us all a favor and do the right thing, a rope works well.

  • Carlos Torres Jr.

    As a retired soldier the Seahawks have exceeded the standards to excellent this a true football team at its greatest. You never lose when know you have won already. And in my heart the Seahawks are winners. 12 man.

    • john

      Who cares if you are a retired soldier or not. Is that a sympathy play to win over your opinion? Get a grip on life retired soldier. That play will go down as the stupidity play in Superbowl history. And by the way my grandfather and father are retired soldiers and fathered bless their souls, they both would agree stupid play!

  • JP

    taking in the national sports media tv coverage…and wow they are killing that back slappin’ Birkenstock wearin’ tree huggin’ punk enablin’ gum chewin’ legend in his own mind Pete the Poodle. We had him before you and I couldn’t stand him then either. The Seahawks were the 2nd best NFL team, but they were lucky that they dodged a bullet against Green Bay to get to Arizona, and they were lucky with that 10 bounce catch near the end of the game. But luck runs out……Oh and don’t even GO to Deflategate…that issue is losing air every day and deservedly so……

  • macknife1

    “It was just because of the match-ups,” he repeated. “They’ve got extra guys on the line of scrimmage so we didn’t want to waste a run play.”
    He is either lying or he’s dumb. its already been reported that the lineups MATCHED!…He had 3 receivers out there and the Pats had 3 corners….it wasn’t the Pats “goal line package” so try to come up with another excuse….

  • RT

    Super Bowl win last year, and a stellar performance this year. I’m definitely disappointed by the last play but lets be real about this……Pete is not going anywhere, and I for one am glad. He has given us the best years the Hawks have ever had and I trust we will be just as competitive next year.
    That being said, my son who is plays mighty-might football knew we should have let Beast Mode run with it!!! Bennetts encroachment sealed the deal, and Irvings brawl was just stupid.