Poulsbo teenager makes waves with charity Seahawks art (VIDEO)

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POULSBO, Wash. -- She’s a 14-year-old with an impressive art portfolio, but it’s Isabelle Dorr’s most recent drawing that’s making her into a household name.

“It was hard getting the shape right,” Isabelle said.

A balanced marriage between a Seahawks logo and an eagle took about a week to perfect.

Every line and every feather is Isabelle’s work. She uses a digital art tablet to bring all the colors and shapes to life.

“I was expecting to draw and be done with it,” Isabelle said.

But it was just the beginning after Isabelle’s mom decided to post the drawing on Facebook.

"My computer started dinging,” said Isabelle's mother Michelle Dorr.

Hundreds of comments and thousands of shares later, the hype won’t stop.

“People asked if they could use it as a tattoo; I thought that was fun,” Michelle said.

Seahawks fans are now clamoring to buy their prints.

“We have more sold than we have in stock,” Michelle said.

With the Seahawks spirit in mind, the Poulsbo family is donating the sales to Strong Against Cancer.

“Considering Russell Wilson is behind that it made sense, they can reduce the usage of chemotherapy and radiation,” Michelle said.

Isabelle says it feels good to make a big difference all because of a little imagination.

The orders continue to pour in. The family says they will donate 80% of all the sales to cancer research.

For more info on Seahawks art and how to buy, click here.

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