5-year-old disciplined at school, walked out and found along highway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PARIS, Tenn. — A mother said she was horrified to hear her 5-year-old son was spotted along a highway after walking out of school.

“When they picked him up, the semi was coming right towards him,” said Sharon Younger of Buchanan. “It could’ve hit him. When they contacted the school, the school didn’t even know that he was gone. He’s only 5 years old.”

Younger’s little boy, Christian, is her first child in his first year in school.

She said she was already in a constant state of worry that he’s OK, and it has become so much worse since an emergency phone call from Lakewood Elementary on Monday.

“This teacher was just falling apart and then I started falling apart because I didn’t know what happened,” Younger said.

Henry County Director of Schools Sam Miles said Christian’s teacher told him to sit in a desk right outside the door to do make-up work.

Younger said Christian got up, walked out and was spotted along the highway by Tracy and Mike Raymer.

“It’s constantly on my mind what could’ve happened if it hadn’t been for Tracy and Mike Raymer,” Younger said. “My baby may not have been here today.”

Miles said he understands Younger’s worry and procedures have been put in place to make sure teachers’ eyes are on the children at all times. Miles said that includes not sending any child out of the room for make-up work.

“I really think there should be alarms on the doors to notify the office whenever a door opens,” Younger said.

Holding tight to a fall school picture with Christian back at Lakewood, Younger said she just can’t shake the worry for her son.

“Parents should not be afraid to send their child to school over anything,” she said.

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    • Magnus

      I agree with you Kenneth. What 5 year old has make up work at school? They should be playing and learning through that, maybe some structure (Reading, ABCs etc), but nothing like elementary…

      • Rita

        And I agree with the both of you. My daughter is in kindergarten and she has homework every single night….even on the weekends!

        • sheila

          That has also been my experience. I am a grandmother now and was shocked to learn how much homework was being loaded onto my grandkids in kindergarten and first grade. I was also shocked to learn that all kids are expected to already know their ABC’s, how to read and do basic math before they start kindergarten. Why do we send our kids to school when parents are responsible to teach the kids so much before they even start school? When I was a child we learned about colors and shapes and how to write our names ‘in’ kindergarten So much has changed and I’m not sure it is for the ‘better good’ of everyone.

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