UPDATE: Police arrest woman after shocking road rage incident caught on camera

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Youtube screen capture

Youtube screen capture

ASHEBORO, North Carolina – A North Carolina woman was arrested Monday following a road rage incident caught on camera Saturday.

Kristin Leigh Phillips, 40, of Randleman, was charged with reckless driving to endanger, assault and battery, injury to personal property, driving left of center and two counts of communicating threats reported WGHP-TV.

The terrifying video of the incident was captured by Sherri Hastings and turned over to law enforcement.

Hastings told WGHP she was driving in Randleman when a woman driving an SUV attempted to “slam into her” in a 35 mph zone.

“I knew what was going to happen. I wanted it on tape. Twice the lady tried to pass me on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill. She about ran me off road first time. She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again. I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number… I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard — hands free,” Hastings said.

The woman exits her SUV and approaches the vehicle around the 3-minute mark in the video.

Editor’s note: Language and gestures may be offensive to some.

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    • sheila

      Who needs a license to drive? Most people with suspended licenses still drive, some get caught but most don’t. So little consequences to their actions that they continue to do it. I don’t know the answer to this problem but suspending their license doesn’t seem to work either.

  • jkl

    Hey, thanks to diversity, this entire society has been getting less and less civil for decades. Why should females not be part of the general uncouth rude behavior that is so applauded when it’s done by blacks, mexicans and muslims? Or are females to be the only underclass with a separate set of rules they must follow?!

    • jw

      If you think back to the days of torture chambers and other bizzare methods of punishment, I would have to beg to differ. I think we have come a long way since then

  • Owen Thomas

    Okay, the man/woman/thing road raging is absolutely in the wrong. I also notice that the grandmother driving the car was driving unusually slow. On a two lane road with someone behind you driving up your tailpipe, the safest and most prudent thing is to pull over and let them pass, if you can do so safely. You never know why the person behind you is in a hurry, they might be a total jerk, or they could have some emergency. It’s now recognized that deliberately driving slow when you know someone behind you is in a hurry is also a form of aggressive driving, you’re not their babysitter or driving instructor. It’s common sense, let them pass. It doesn’t matter if they’re wrong, keep yourself safe, ESPECIALLY when you have a child in the car with you.

    • Schmo

      Owen Thomas – The grandma was driving slow because the lunatic was already in front of her when the video starts. She had already nearly run granny off the road and when crazy lady did pass she began doing the whole random stop/start thing. So, the grandma was driving slow so that she was backed off of the crazy driver in front of her and because she knew she may have to slam her brakes on due to this nutjob stopping in the middle of the road for no reason.

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