Two girls urge library to change policy on computers that can be used to view explicit material

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. — Two young Snoqualmie girls are trying to bring change to their local library after they saw something they say totally shocked them.

Eleven-year-old friends Alyx Barlament and Ann Kauffman say they witnessed a man viewing images of naked women on a computer at the Snoqualmie Library.

After learning it was legal, Alyx’s mom, Meg, started a Facebook page and an online petition signed by hundreds of parents.

During Wednesday night’s King County Library System meeting, the girls spoke before the board of directors and several supporters.

Data pix.

The library system says they don't censor adults from accessing or viewing materials that are protected under the First Amendment. And the default setting for adult computers is restricted, so that means an adult must ask to have the filter removed.

"We hope for them to put filters on the computers and that way filters can't be removed by someone asking them to, so something l like this won't happen again," Alyx said.

The library system says they have found that keeping computers in a central, visible location usually deters people from viewing explicit material.




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  • SafeLibraries

    “The library system says they don’t censor adults from accessing or viewing materials that are protected under the First Amendment.” According to the US Supreme Court, porn is NOT protected by the First Amendment. As this case is 12 years old and was LOST by the American Library Association and the ACLU, KCLS knows it is intentional misleading people. What are the consequences when library trustees do not act in the public trust? What are the consequences when the local government fails to stop public boards from acting outside the law?

    • Joyce Gilbert

      Why do we need to let gross men look at pictures of naked women in public? Seriously? Where is the learning in that? A library is for learning, not for pictures of naked women!

      • SafeLibraries

        Correct. And state law requires libraries be for the use and benefit of the citizens, not for absolutely anything. SCOTUS precedent adds that libraries have traditionally blocked porn and using filters is no different from not shelving porn. Yes, the American Library Association is now recommending libraries start considering shelving porn, but that is not the case now. So Internet porn in Washington libraries is literally illegal. Porn is for misuse and it harms the public; it is not for the use and benefit of the people as state law requires. The problem is many libraries absolutely will not give up pushing illegality per ACLU/ALA diktat until forced into it by the citizenry. Hence the need for the library to keep the citizenry in the dark about the law. Hence the KCLS continues to maintain the opposite of the law, falsely claiming that porn is a First Amendment right in public libraries. Most people having been fooled, and especially the media, and the porn stays puts despite the law.

    • 03sv1g

      If you don’t see anything wrong with a dude watching porn in a public library full of kids, there’s something wrong with your head…I take it you don’t have kids, at least I hope you don’t. I have nothing against porn, I just don’t want some guy watching it in front of my 9 year old.

    • Joyce Gilbert

      Why do you people have to wear clothes in public:? Nudity is nothing you’re supposed shove in front of children. You want to see “the humany body” go home and do it away from my kids!

  • Lora Smith

    Viewing porn is NOT a constitutional right and has no place in the library. KCLS deceives only itself thinking “public” computer placement is effective. I have been exposed to someone else’s trashy choice in the Kent library and in the Covington library. In the Kent library it was directly on my way to the children’s book section! Step up, KCLS! Who are your true patrons? Readers and learners will find other, less offensive, places to get information… and you’ll have the rest to deal with. Librarians elsewhere have filed law suits over this.

    • Joyce Gilbert

      I think the problme with libraries started whewn we let them put in dirty books in the first place. We should have held the line before computers and internet came to the library. If we already had a clear “no trash, porn or nudity” rule in place this never would have gotten this far.

      everyone can yell and scream aobut free speech all they want. I don’t care. I don’t want books with naked people in them in my library for my kids to see. I don’t care if you rhink it’s an ‘art” book. If we didn’;t let you hjave your “art” books we wouldn’t have to be fighting about this now!!!

  • kacie

    In today’s day and age, any child over the age of about 10 has already seen nudity, sex, you name it. No way to stop it, the internet is everywhere and so are other kids who have it on their phones, etc. So many parents say “oh, not my child” and almost every single one of them is wrong. Not saying this is good, just saying it is how it is.

  • sparky

    Sex in a library is king. When I was young and agile, I used to crawl under the study tables and look up the skirts of hot chicks. I had to be so quiet and so clever but it was so flippin’ hot. I’m guessing the stains I made are still on the floor 35 years later!

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