Frightening road rage incident in North Carolina caught on video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


RANDLEMAN, North Carolina — A terrifying road rage incident in North Carolina was captured on video.

UPDATE:  Arrest made in shocking road rage incident caught on camera

Sherri Hastings told WGHP she was driving in Randleman when a woman driving an SUV attempted to “slam into her” in a 35 mph zone.

“I knew what was going to happen. I wanted it on tape. Twice the lady tried to pass me on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill. She about ran me off road first time. She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again. I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number… I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard — hands free,” Hastings said.

The woman exits her SUV and approaches the vehicle around the 3-minute mark in the video.

Hastings gave a copy of the video to police, however she told WGHP she does not know if charges have been filed.

Editor’s note: Language and gestures may be offensive to some.

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  • Primer

    She would fit right in with a lot of the Seattle drivers, most who are a bunch of hate filled liberals who use their turn signal as an excuse to cut you off the road.

    • Kn0man

      @PRIMER I’m guessing the handle “troller” was taken? Or are you merely incapable of commenting without reducing everything to a Librul=BAD! Conservative=GOOD! False Dichotomy? I mean I KNOW she’s wearing a Camo hunting cap and them damned libruls just LOVE that kinda crap! ;-)

    • NeverScared

      “Cut you off the road” is not a thing. “Hate filled liberals” is an oxymoron, especially when used as a blanket statement. Try driving in LA, then talk to me about bad drivers. I’ve lived in both Seattle and down there, and drivers up here are downright polite across the board by comparison.

      • Mark Dietzler

        I wouldn’t call it polite. Slow, maybe. Oblivious, definitely. Completely unable to properly merge into traffic at any kind of on ramp, you betcha.
        PacNW drivers suck in general. Too timid, too slow, and this California trained driver has zero patience for your driving-exactly-the-posted-speed-limit ass in the left lane.

    • medina

      wow are you from Seattle Primer?? I was born and raised in Seattle so I am pretty sure we do not drive like that and I have driven through Seattle all my life. Now living in Arizona and always driving through California I have been cut off way more in those states than in Washington. So north carolina drivers must be like Seattle drivers then….interesting

      • myles

        Read my comment at the bottem 911 was so a conspiracy I’m not involved in your convo but you gotta be a real closed minded person to think that

  • Wendy

    I really pray chargers were brought on this women! No excuse for that behavior, poor baby was terrified. Please follow up on this story

  • heather

    That’s about the time i would have gotten out of the car. Someone wants to show their ignorant road rage and scare my children, then I’m gonna defend them and knock the crud out of them.

    • Kris

      She was using a hands free device as stated in the article… It was obvious too as it was a very smooth video and every time she stopped the device fell forward… Shouldnt make accusations without reading…

  • Gimmer

    From personal experience: make the 911 call and get the hell away. If you have a dashcam, great, but the key is *separation*. In my case, I found out later when the person(s?) was picked up by the SP that the vehicle was stolen and they had a shotgun.

  • dustypan83

    So youre gonna chase someone that is obviously crazy that you dont know with your kid in the car not knowing what was gonna happen…?? Good idea. What are the cops gonna do for you when you and your kid is dead lmao. Some ppl are morons.

    • Mary J. Eakins

      Dusty what if that’s the rout she was taking as you could see she gave that person plenty of space could she help it if the road rage person stopped? Nope she was right to have get it on camera, bet they have had problems with that person before. That ?? would have had a fist in her face if it had been my daughter and my grandson.

  • Taylor

    I would have shot her stupid ass if she reached through my window at me like that. ESPECIALLY with my child in the car. There are too many crazy people like this around to not carry a gun. The lady taking the video is lucky she wasn’t injured or her child wasn’t injured.

  • Donna

    Wow, so many negative comments…it is truly mean to see people rip a person because they are fat or they talk different…you should be upset about the way she almost ran the lady off the road and then tried to hit her….add to that the poor child in the car….why does it matter if she was a little over weight? If she talked funny to you?

  • Johnny Ricco

    In the state of Georgia where we can open carry a firearm, her fat ass would have been looking down the business end of a .45; if she would have approached my vehicle in the manner she did and assaulted me through the window. In the state of Georgia the Revised Code reads your vehicle is an extension of your home.

  • jeremy

    am I the only person who noticed that the kid in the car had no idea that the suv had tried to run the off the road.
    this never happens to people who aren’t asses, no matter how slow they drive.

    • myles

      911 was a conspiracy anyone who say diffrent is a dumbass when people say they here explosions and you can see the dust and smoke escape right before collapsing it was a controlled demolition explain tower number 7 those are the only and will be the only sky scrapers to ever fall like that from “fire” history dosnt lie

  • kdkt206

    All of you assholes hating on left hand lane drivers should be slapped. If your going 60 in the fast lane and no one is in the lane next to you change lanes instead of being a twat brake checking the person behind you going 65. Fun fact impeding traffic witch is actually a ticket. The DOT needs to go look at the autobahn if faster traffic stays left and slower stays right cars aren’t pacing at 55 having people behind them wishing the people in front of them fly off the road into a ditch hence less crime and road rage.

  • ac

    If you’re videoing and the other person gets out of the car and leaves the door open…..RAM your car into that doOr! Insurance has the Rest! Best $300 deductible ever spent!

  • susan

    Road rager clearly intoxicated.. all over the road red eyes. She deserves what she gets. Especially for tramatizing that child..

  • M. Mouse

    Am I the only one who noticed that this backward heshe is falling down drunk ?? Fucking moronic hick. I’d have got out & kicked her ’til my feet bled if she scared my child like that. Fucking piece of human shit.

  • Zach

    To all you people saying you would get out to beat her ass… FALSE. You have a child in your car and that is your first and foremost obligation. This person is crazy enough to stop and get out of their car, run at you, and pound on your car. The safest thing to do by far is stay in your vehicle and get as far away from this person as possible. For all you know they could have a gun or a knife. Use some common sense.

  • bb

    Someone exhibits road rage behavior and you end up following THEM? They stop their vehicle, you stop too and wait for them to walk back to you? Obviously no excuse for the deranged woman, but the person with the camera is a clueless idiot that place herself in further danger then need be

  • kym Conry cheney

    She looked to me just like a common bully from a deep gen pool of common white trash she seemed to be within her comfort zone acting Like that and probably acts like that all the time. But the woman who was recording has an issue with stupidity of her own that needs to be dealt with as well. She called the cops she gave them the plate number doing the right thing , but instead of pulling over at the first opportunity and getting away from the freak show she decides to continue driving behind her putting not just herself but the child in more danger. She said herself she knew what was going to happen and she wanted to get video of it. This could have ended so much worse then it did for both of them it’s on the news all the time. One was blinded by her ill manored stupidity and the other by her arrogance and self righteousness and unfortunately that little girl was traumatized because two grown adult women can’t look past their own nooses

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