Report: Deflate-gate investigation takes a turn as NFL interviews person of interest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bill Belichick

PHOENIX — The NFL has zeroed in on a New England Patriots locker-room attendant in connection with improperly inflated footballs used by the team in the AFC Championship game, FOX Sports reported.

According to the report, surveillance video allegedly shows an attendant taking footballs from an officials’ locker room into another room at Gillette Stadium before bringing the balls out to the field.

The person of interest has been interviewed by the league, and the NFL is trying to determine whether or not any wronging occurred.

The NFL confiscated 12 Patriots footballs at halftime and determined 11 of them were under 12.5 PSI, the league mandated minimum pressure. Under inflated footballs are easier to throw, many suggest.

Both Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick allege they had nothing to do with the incident.

The Seattle Seahawks play the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1.

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  • Lusty Sloth

    It took them this long to find a fall guy? After all the excuses about air molecules shrinking in hot an cool weather? I think it was only obvious it was an actual person if not multiple people tampering. Must not have had much faith in their teams abilities if they felt the need to cheat, or will they now claim sabotage? Let’s hope the super bowl is scandal free. This scandalous drama nonsense that happens in the NFL is best left to real housewives and bad girls club.

  • 12th Man Sux

    All you Seattle bandwagoners are already preparing your excuses when Tom Brady rolls over your sorry butts in the Super Bowl!

    • Lusty Sloth

      You likely jumped on the Hawks haters bandwagon when you realized your team sucks. Also, must I point out thus far the hawks are scandal free while your pats are in the news not for being great, but for being a known cheating team? You’re also likely compiling a list of excuses for when the pats lose. Super bowl loss amongst ANOTHER patriots scandal? Cant wait to see Brady cry again! :) Go profess your deep lustful love for Brady elsewhere creep. I bet you live in your moms basement and drive a chimo van.

    • SheHawk

      Bandwagon BS. Whether someone has been a fan since the beginning or just became one last year, who really cares! The players have earned every fan they have through their play on the field and their character off. Clearly you’re a sad little man who is jealous of the Hawks and all they represent. BTW, we don’t make excuese! We don’t have to! We don’t cheat either….hum???

      • Max

        I most certainly agree the investigation and officials who found the Pats guilty before who only fined them chump change has also allowed for them to keep running game in the NFL and all football FANS. What will be the penalty if caught more then once. What kind of look is the NFL giving the FANS of teams who HAD been cheated. I say FINE each team player, suspend the team, make the team put in some CHARITY TIME, VOLUNTEER THEM ( for every GRIMY duty ) AND fire the head coach of football team Patriots. What is the look the NFL is giving the youth who are fans too !! A DEFLATED DREAM ? What’s the penalty this time? They forfeit their game just bench the whole team. Sure we know major shifts will take place in the NFL it will be an Historical play in the NFL playbook. I say the NFL should make that call and send a message to football lovers that they have no toleration for cheating that’s not the true meaning of NFL SPORTS.

  • seahawkacholic

    Well, hopefully this will all be over and the patriots will go on to cheat agian, why break old habbits. This may help for the excuse train they will be on after losing the superbowl yet again!

  • Kevin

    You heard it from more than one QB that the equipment manager would never do any thing to the balls without the QB know of it in this case that would be Brady

  • christina

    Very sad they should of checked all balls. People have a job they need to do it and think the ball would of tbled possibly a little more….

  • Go Hawks!!

    As you should know by now… Lower personnel only obeys the command of the supervisor, and the supervisor from his superior. Chain of command. Brady can DENY IT that he didn’t do it… but might land on him EVENTUALLY.

  • dbashaggy

    I see they are now leaving out the statement that the footballs were perhaps 2 psi under the official range now that they may have been as little as 1 psi less. So what is it guys?

  • Jaddy Baddy

    First off, Deflate Gate logistics: can a Paytri8ts
    equipment manager disappear off camera into a room
    with twelve footballs and deflate a single psi of
    air from eleven of them in forty five seconds? How
    do you Know the twelve footballs he took off
    camera, are the same twelve footballs he brought
    back, on camera? Even if the footballs were not
    switched, who says there were not four or five
    other people waiting in that room, ready with
    needles in hand, to deflate those footballs? One
    person could easily deflate one pound of air
    pressure from two or three footballs in forty five
    seconds. Four or five people could easily deflate
    eleven footballs in forty five seconds.

    At first, I thought, if they did deflate the balls,
    that couldn’t completely account for that lopsided
    of a game. If you have ever played football, ever
    caught, thrown or run with a football in a real
    game of tackle football; you know how much
    difference it makes in how you run with the football,
    in how you throw the football, in how you catch the
    football. Deflating a football is like giving every
    one of your players a new pair of extra big hands.
    An under inflated football changes the Kinds of
    throws you can make with the football, the Kind of
    moves you can make running with the football, the
    kind of catches you can make with the football. It
    changes how fast you can run and make throws with
    the football, if you could only improve your grip
    on the football.

    An under inflated ball can improve a player’s grip on
    the ball two or three fold, allowing him to run
    faster, spin faster and take more chances in his
    runs and pass routes, if he doesn’t have to worry
    about losing the football. It changes fumbles, and
    the propensity to fumble, it changes the bounce of
    the ball on tips, interceptions, catches, pitches
    and screens. If Dez Bryant had been catching an under
    inflated football in the Greenbay Dallas game, it
    might have been Dallas playing Seattle for the
    conference championship. An under inflated football
    changes Everything you do, and can do, with that
    football. An under inflated ball for one team,
    changes the entire game, maybe even making a game
    between two evenly matched teams, a walk off, for
    the team with a better grip on the ball.

    Further, how do you Know this is the first and Only
    game the Paytri8ts tampered with the football? Maybe
    they made the conference championship based not on
    the moves of their players, but on the moves of their
    equipment managers. Maybe a straight up football keeps
    New Angleland out of the playoffs, altogether. Goodall
    needs to go back and look at all the Paytri8ts games.

    At the very least, the Paytri8ts should give up their
    first round pick in the 2015 draft to the Colts.

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