Police: Mother who stabbed 3 young children was stressed, overwhelmed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Olympia home where police say the attack happened. Photo: Brandon Davis/KCPQ

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Olympia woman accused of stabbing her three small children is scheduled to make an initial court appearance Monday in Thurston County Superior Court.

Police arrested 29-year-old Christina E. Booth early Sunday for investigation of attempted murder after arriving to her house and finding her three children, a 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins, bleeding from their necks.

A crying woman called 911 at 1:17 a.m. and said her kids were crying and wouldn’t stop. A man came on the line a minute later and said the kids were bleeding from the neck and needed an ambulance.

The children were immediately taken away for treatment, and are now at Tacoma’s Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, where all three have undergone surgery for their wounds.

Lt. Jim Costa said Monday that detectives still have a lot to do, but in talking with her husband and neighbors they’re getting a picture of a woman who may have been overwhelmed by her children.

Her husband is a soldier who is frequently deployed. He was home over the weekend.

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  • Janey Siegrist

    Can’t help but wonder if the empathy shown for this woman today would have been exhibited had she been of a different race. No…Im not race baiting…but the question should be addressed. Has she been native…Mexican…black or Muslim…would the focus be on mental health…or race on race violence…prolly get a lot of flack for this…ill try to keep up.

    • Jackie Oborn

      I think your point is valid, but more so if it had been a different gender. Women commit more than half of child abuse, yet are rarely held accountable for it.

    • Anna

      Have you looked at the pictures? She is dark skinned and frankly your question is race baiting and not relative to the situation. Seriously? Go cause your drama elsewhere. Race nor religion played a part in how she was treated good or bad.

    • ppfftt

      First, islam isn’t a race, it’s a sick ideology. Second, had she been another race, no one would probably think it was unusual for her to be violent like that.

    • Susan

      Remove the race colored glasses. They “prolly” AKA PROBABLY have nothing to do with it! I just rescanned the article and cannot find a mention. What does this tell you?

    • Jessi

      Men cannot suffer from postpartum psychosis being that they were never pregnant. It has to do with hormonal imbalance, is temporary and can be treated. Women need more care and help after childbirth. It is not an excuse for her actions and should be held accountable for her crime, but the gender card does come into play for PPP. If she received attention and care, this tragedy could have been avoided.
      And about the race comments, she was most definitely a woman of color, so- what are you even talking about?

    • Ewa

      What makes you think that Christina is white? Why did you connect in your mind a mother slashing throats of her children with white woman?
      Your racism is really disgusting, Janet! Think about it!

  • Darcie

    There is no excuse for this! I have 4 children and have experienced stress and been overwhelmed but there is no way that would lead me to stab my children. She needs to be put in prison and her parental rights taken away. Too many times women get away with this kind of crap by pleading insanity!

  • Charles Andrews

    Nonsense, had this been a man they would have called him a monster, or a demon. It’s the same way with a lot of crimes that are done by women verses men, she shouldn’t get a pass just like men. Finally, the defense may try to use this a insanity defense all because of a personal opinion.

  • Brooke

    here’s a thought get your tubes tied use birth control and don’t have kids if you find them overwhelming! Really???yeah that’s a real damn genius to go oh pregnant, oh I’m pregnant again, oh I’m pregnant a third time! How about don’t get pregnant three separate times if you can’t handle children you stupid b**** ! She needs to go to jail for three counts of attempted murder. End of story!!!!! there is never an excuse to murder someone let alone innocent children who did nothing wrong other than being bored which was never their choice in the first place! Flat out she needs to go to prison for three counts of attempted murder which should end up in a life sentence if she serves them all consecutively which she should

  • Lusty Sloth

    Some of you must not know how to read. The article says she had a two year old child and 6 month old twins. That equals two (2) pregnancies. She didn’t just decide to run out and have a third child after two existing already. She had a single pregnancy and a multiple pregnancy. Don’t rant and get in the middle of an issue if you are not going to educate yourself in the facts provided.
    This event makes me wonder more about the father. Was he not helping out? How do you have three children overwhelming one parent to the point they try to kill them, while the other parent is present? And police talked to the husband and neighbors and from what they all said the woman was overwhelmed with the children, why didn’t the husband do more to help prevent this if he saw red flags? I don’t believe in the insanity plea, definitely life in prison with no possibility for parole, and if (heaven forbid) any of the children don’t make it, death penalty in the same manner. It looks like this is another postpartum depression mother that fell through the cracks. The tests the doctors give you are a load of BS anyone could lie and pass on. An its disgusting more wasn’t and isn’t done to weed these parents out. And despite possible postpartum depression being the case, its no excuse. I wish these children the best of health, unconditional love, and amazing long lives to come.

  • Liana

    She’s a military wife? If that is the case all she needed to do was call her FRG leader and ask for help, the wives are always willing to help a fellow spouse who is in need of time away for an hour or two. The husband is suppose to make sure he gives his wifes phone number and email to the FRG leader.

  • Lece

    hey lady, have you ever heard of finding a babysitter or family member to help and get out of the house for a bit…I have children and it NEVER crossed my mind to try and kill them NO MATTER how overwhelmed I am!!…I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU!!! I hope you rot in hell and the jail cell you will hopefully call home!!

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